Rate Your Music Sucks


28 sept. 2007, 4h33m

[19:15] Uninterpretative: it honestly does look like discogs for retarded people

It wasn't too long ago that I started seeing lots of folks on last.fm linking to pages on a site called "Rate Your Music," primarily for things like favorite album lists, but also in their profiles for no specific reason. Now, of course, for the longest time, I never followed or payed mind to these links at all. But as I started seeing more and more of them, I became embarrassingly intrigued as to why users on a music-oriented social networking site (of sorts) would be feverishly linking to another music-oriented social networking site. So, one day I pointed my Firefox to www.rateyourmusic.com and set up an account to see what it was all about.

After using many of the site's features, I can say with total conviction that I'm not at all sure what it is all about.

Rate Your Music ("RYM") appears to be a poorly conceived, unpleasant chimera of MySpace, last.fm and Discogs. It encourages the same sort of music discussion as last.fm, but with giant, ultra-generalized cluttered forums and no "shoutboxes" on artist pages, any real conversations are likely carried out through bullets back and forth from one user's page to another's. Otherwise, the conversation seems to consist primarily of someone writing a lousy, poorly worded 2/3 paragraph "review" of a record, and someone responding with another "review" a couple of months later to call them a fuckkin faggot dipshit dumbass.

Adding a new release to the database can be quite a chore. Indeed, to add a split release (like I wanted to do with the Merzbow / MSBR 7" "Destructible Foundation / Drain") you can't have the release link to each of the artists separately: I had to add a new artist entry for "Merzbow / MSBR." What the hell. I'm not sure how one goes about submitting a compilation featuring various artists; I never dared to do it myself. And yet despite many inane restrictions and hoops you need to jump through to enter releases, specifying things like label, catalog number, media, tracklistings and other integral information is not required.


Users are also permitted to submit releases that they don't own, and in some cases, releases that they have in all likelihood never seen in their entire lives.

Visually the site is an eyesore, and can be very difficult to navigate. Organizing your collection is much more trouble than it's worth, and isn't as easy to refer to or to export as it is on Discogs. When marking releases that you own, you are told to specify the format that you own it in. Which is uhhhh COMPLETELY assbackwards since if a release has more than one format, it should probably have multiple entries. (This option seems to exist primarily for the purpose of openly encouraging users to mark albums which they own illegally or digitally in their "collections.") Though the site is quick to link you to places where you can (might be able to) buy the albums it has entries for, their is no way to list items of your own.

I could go on and on, and indeed originally I intended to! But the long and short of it is that Rate Your Music tries to do too many things at once, while at the same time leaving out key features that are necessary to make what it's trying to accomplish relevant. And even the things it does do, it does poorly or in a very roundabout manner that's covered by and exceeded in quality by other sites. Please stop giving them advertising revenue.


  • Bowstring

    It's nice to rant every once in a while.

    28 sept. 2007, 10h03m
  • mysticslayer

    You have a nice journal written here!

    28 sept. 2007, 11h03m
  • AppleKabukiSuri

    Man I love quoting this jerk as of late RYM is infinitely better than this deteriorating shithole. - backofyourhead

    28 sept. 2007, 14h15m
  • maplejet

    RYM is a bad place for music. Overall ratings reflect indie-ism and boredom bullshit. I never used that site especially after seeing the mess it was.

    28 sept. 2007, 14h23m
  • AppleKabukiSuri

    you never used that site because your a racist maplejet

    28 sept. 2007, 14h34m
  • maplejet

    Don't call me a fucking racist bitch. I only used the site for a few albums and then realized it was nothing but elitist indie shit. Now, I use last.fm.

    28 sept. 2007, 15h12m
  • Jelze

    I use RYM for keeping tabs on my music collection and comparing to friends, I use last.fm for everything else. RYM does have its bad bits, but it's ok, last.fm better of course

    28 sept. 2007, 15h16m
  • AxemRangers

    Bowstring: Every once is a while...? mysticslayer: Thanks brah. AKS: hahahahahahaha oh wow what an idiot. He's free to come in here himself and leave his thoughts, though. :G maplejet: Basically! AKS: what maplejet: what Jelze: The fact is, though, that last.fm has the social aspect of RYM more than covered, and that Discogs has beed doing music collection management better than RYM has before RYM even existed. I'm not going to badmouth you personally for using it, of course, I just don't get the point of the goddamned place.

    28 sept. 2007, 15h25m
  • marflord

    I've never actually had an account on discogs but from what I know of the site RYM exists simply as a more manageable (I don't think that's the right word) alternative for a more casual/perhaps lazier music fan. Also I think once you get used to the little quirks RYM is much more user friendly then discogs. Yes, the split artist thing is backwards...but I've found RYM a useful place to catalog my collection. Compilations are added under various artists in case you're wondering. Then they can be linked with the artist shortcuts to the individual artist pages, it's not that much of a hassle. And for what its worth, aside from audioscrobbling, last.fm isn't worth much as far as information on artists, etc...

    28 sept. 2007, 17h33m
  • Benladen2


    28 sept. 2007, 18h40m
  • SoylentBlack

    RYM is actually run by Dick Cheney so he can see what music you own.

    28 sept. 2007, 19h59m
  • Impreza22B

    While RYM is far from perfect, so is last.fm. And if I'm looking for album recommendations, I'll choose RYM before last.fm. Sure, the album ratings make it easier, and that does come with a price(since their do seem to be an abundance of elitists who have a limited taste in music- and not just indie elitists), but I would say there are more elitist assholes here on last.fm. Just take a look at some of the shoutboxes/journals. It's one thing that I really don't like about last.fm. Back to the point... RYM makes it easier to compose lists and keep track of your album ratings, which is something that last.fm does not have. RYM's message boards are not exactly impressive, though. That's why I like to use both sites, last.fm for active discussions and journals and RYM for album ratings and composing lists (which can then be posted on this site). The only other music site that I am aware of that is similar to RYM is Sputnikmusic, which I used to use until I started using RYM. Imo RYM is much better than sputnikmusic. They do have somewhat better message boards, but everything else basically sucks. I opened a Discogs account a while back, but I never really liked it either. Just personal preference. Any other note-worthy sites like RYM that you would say is better than RYM?

    28 sept. 2007, 21h22m
  • IamFlood

    music-oriented social networking sitelitest

    29 sept. 2007, 1h40m
  • AppleKabukiSuri

    Re: my second comment I was reminding him of this http://www.last.fm/user/brya1290/journal/2007/09/15/525854/ Basically maplejet writes terrible journals and has now taken to deleting comments which contain a viewpoint he doesn’t agree with.

    29 sept. 2007, 2h09m
  • Jazz13

    bunch of pitchfork wanna be writers at RYM playing with thesaurii. i'll tell you what doesn't suck, ghostlinking.

    29 sept. 2007, 6h58m
  • Noisehat

    why the hell would you submit Merzbow to a gay site like that STOP DESTROYING NOISE

    29 sept. 2007, 11h43m
  • Benladen2

    MORE LIKE [size=12]N[/size]ICE [size=12]O[/size]NLY to [size=12]I[/size]DIOTS and [size=12]S[/size]TUPID [size=12]E[/size]LITISTS

    30 sept. 2007, 1h21m
  • Benladen2


    30 sept. 2007, 4h05m
  • brya1290

    i'm glad i banned you, but i've accepted your pertinent, incisive journal to my bullshit group anyway. you aren't missing much, there's more atmosphere on mars. maybe i should hold a poker tournament maplejet, nice to see you are still flirting with nazi ideology, you goose-steppin' freak

    30 sept. 2007, 12h02m
  • mindlessdrone

    So basically you have a problem with RYM because it's not a social networking site? Dude, it's a rating your music site, it never wanted to be much else (unlike last.fm, which is run by businessmen). I'd remove this journal if I were you, since it makes you seem like you're not smart enough to understand this very difficult distinction.

    30 sept. 2007, 12h20m
  • DragonDance

    user: maplejet is quite hostile

    1 oct. 2007, 2h37m
  • Z_e_t_a

    Yes, it has a crappy design, and yes, it can be painfull to add a release (I don't know Discogs but it's the same or worse in MusicBrainz) but RYM's recommendatiosn system is MUCH better than Last.fm's and specially the friends/favorite feature is great: you add them yourself (it's better than having inacurate neighbors and there's a tool to compare rates) and then it shows you an extra specific rate made by the people with your same taste. Also, despite the format thing, it is very useful for keeping track of your collection. And of course people are allowed to add releases they have never seen, it'se the logic of every user created database. Anyway, I think they complete each other nicely. They're developing some cool features using the data the have (like telling you about upcoming releases of artists you have rated). By the way, what did you mean by their is no way to list items of your own?

    1 oct. 2007, 4h22m
  • AxemRangers

    I don't understand people that need a [i]website to help them find new music[/i]. That generally seems like a pretty horrible and amazingly lazy way to go about things! Zeta: In response to, of course people are allowed to add releases they have never seen, it'se the logic of every user created database. hahahaha NO. What a bad idea. It's bad enough that people are allowed to submit entries without all the integral information, but to submit entries where the only info you have for the is [i]secondhand[/i]? That's a pretty asinine thing to allow!

    1 oct. 2007, 4h35m
  • mindlessdrone

    Dude, I don't understand people who apparently think that new information is just randomly put inside your brain every day when you wake up. What the hell do you mean by lazy? Once again: your whole problem here is based on misunderstanding how the current shape of the internet came to be. It didn't happen the way you think. I know this may be shocking, but bear with me here. Back then they were not the fantastic social networking machines that they are right now! Quelle surprise! They were much simpler, you see. One of them wanted to collect some interesting data on what you've been listening to. One of them wanted to collect some solid data on the albums released in the last 50 years. And one of them just wanted to collect your own personal ratings for the music you personally enjoy. All of them grew in some ways, but the basic idea always remained the same. It's impossible to compare them. You only choose which ones you're gonna use during your quest for better music discoveries. Unless you don't need to discover anything, on the account of having it all in your brain already (or magically acquiring it every morning, of course). Then you're free to bitch and moan however loudly you want.

    1 oct. 2007, 9h28m
  • EvermoreRocks

    lots of words 0.o lots of fighting wow your journal is cool.

    1 oct. 2007, 10h09m
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