• Fireworks/The Swellers/Man Overboard/Transit

    15 août 2010, 17h52m

    Sat 14 Aug – All I Have Left To Offer Is This Tour Tour

    Transit started off the show. They played for about 30 minutes. One of their guitarists was gone at a wedding so they just had one but they still put on a great show. The crowd was really into them. They had the new album and Stay Home EP, not sure if they had their first full length.

    Setlist (not in order):

    Stay Home
    Please, Head North
    Nameless (Songs to Static)
    A Living Diary
    For The World
    Stays The Same

    Next up was Man Overboard. They were also down one guitarist but the guitarist from Transit filled in after learning all the songs for their set today. The crowd wasn't too into them except me and a few other people singing along up front. They also played for a half hour. They were selling a bunch of Defend Pop Punk shirts and some shirts that said Man Overboard with the logo and underneath said Real Talk. They also had some cassette tapes and Real Talk vinyl as well as CD version. They also had a True Things vinyl I think? Shirts were $10/$12.

    Setlist (not in order):

    World Favorite
    Fantasy Girl
    The Real You
    Real Talk
    Love Your Friends, Die Laughing

    Next was The Swellers. They actually had all their band members haha. They sounded great live and the crowd was pretty into them. They had 45 minutes. They were selling both full lengths and their EP.

    Setlist (not in order):

    Do You Feel Better Yet?
    Fire Away
    Feet First
    Welcome Back Riders
    The Flood
    May 16th by Lagwagon
    Tunnel Vision

    I think they may have played another song from their EP but I'm not too familiar with those so I'm not sure which one it was.

    And last but not least, Fireworks. I couldn't have asked for a better set from them. They had a great crowd. They had AIHTOIMOC on vinyl and a couple shirts, a tank top, and a hoodie. No We Are Everywhere EPs for sale.

    Setlist (not in order):

    I Support Same Sex Marriage
    When We Stand On Each Other We Block Out The Sun
    You Weren't Born With A Bag Of Sand In Your Hands
    Michigan Boys Need To Get A Clue
    From Mountain Movers To Lazy Losers
    Come Around
    Closet Weather
    2923 Monroe St.
    Show Me Your Vanishing Act One More Time
    You've Lost Your Charm
    Geography, Vonnegut and Me
    Again and Again

    That's not in order at all but they played every song from All I Have To Offer... except Holiday and they may have also played The Midnight Society but I can't remember.