A master list if you will


10 sept. 2006, 0h32m

Reasons why college life is difficult:

-Room is bloody closet. Sometimes wonder if there is actually enough space to breathe.
-hip-hop music is the pre-dominant music of choice.
-idiot a few rooms over insists that he is a "dj" and messes about a turn table like he's the next Tiesto (only with a lot less flair and a lot more "oh fuck"s)
-idiots that share fire escape only know how to press one button on the Usher CD they've got, "repeat"
-nobody appreciates my music . . .at all.
-the majority of freshman seem intent on getting as plastered as possible, even if they have mix Cuervo with Sprite. YUCK!

Reasons why college life is brilliant:

-roommates are freakin' awesome
-somebody a few rooms over puts the boondock saints soundtrack on continuous repeat.
-There are more Rolling Stones fans that I can count
-film studies class is actually planning to analyze soundtracks, including "Garden State", Shins here I come!
-have joined music publication that interviewed Mick Jagger

So does it balance out?


  • Audaxregina

    Yeah, it was pretty awful, we had to call campus security on them for sheer awfulness

    10 sept. 2006, 6h13m
  • RUExperienced

    It seems like a large part of todays youth has been brainwashed by electronic music or by hiphop and rap. Sometimes I think: you're all losers, this is just a bunch of crap, why don't you listen to (real) rock'n roll music? But I don't say anything because I know the argument they are going to use: Everybody can have his own choice of music An argument you can't compete with, I guess.

    10 sept. 2006, 12h38m
  • Audaxregina

    Hey, I'm not a loser, I listen to rock n'roll

    10 sept. 2006, 16h43m
  • RUExperienced

    Yes, I know, I wasn't talking about you.

    13 sept. 2006, 7h17m
  • Audaxregina

    Well, I just had to clarify.

    14 sept. 2006, 17h00m
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