26 jui. 2008, 20h05m

One year ago, I had the pleasure to meet Dr spherickal, which has changed my life in ways you can't even imagine. This summer, it was high time to finally meet the Boss, Mr Rules, the God of Music: Kotsa.
We were supposed to meet at Brussels Midi Station. Due to an unexpected problem with his limo, our director was late... and i saw no limo as it had to be taken to the garage. The day started not so well... Luckily, it appeared that Kotsa is someone very generous and to compensate he invited me for a glass of Champagne outside a very posh restaurant. We quickly talked about the clinic, about the patients and about the new treatments we could or should experiment with.
Then we had a walk in a deserted city - I learnt later that, using his influence, he had convinced people to stay home for us to be in a quiet environment to talk. We also attended a special sound and effects show, which combined waterfalls and lightning. A great sensation!
Later on, we were invited to the Palais des Beaux Arts for a special exhibition, introducing the artwork of Pete Doherty and Kendra Pfahler. That was a real shock to us and it immediately made us think about how we could use art to try to save our beloved patients. After a short buffet at the private view - because we were on the VIP list, Kotsa invited me for lunch.
We went to a world-renowned restaurant, "M". The caviar was excellent as well as the wine. As Kotsa knew the boss, we had extra services for a cheap price. The meal was really delicious.
It is obvious that Kotsa's got money. He never pays attention to prices and he even orders things he's not gonna eat, just because he can. He's also a very busy person. His phone rang all day. As a renowned doctor, he's called by people from all over the world, asking for advice.
We decided then to have a walk in the city, the sun was finally there. Dior, Chanel, Christian Lacroix and another Swedish haute couture shop, we saw them all. And Kotsa even found me an expensive silk top. After that, we had an appointment at an experimental new lab (the picture you'll see soon is from there) where i bought new items for the DC. Kotsa didn't. He was apparently not in the mood. As we were there, i tried to submit new ideas i had, but he apparently considered they were all rubbish...
After that, we went outside an elegant and quiet café to have a last drink of that famous Belgian nectar. We (at last!) agreed on several things about the SLC levels, there will be changes.
I must say we had a great time, and despite his famous face, we were not too much annoyed by the paparazzi. We occasionally noticed that some people followed us to see which cool places important people like us visited, but it was fine. I even obtained a rare and precious thing i could never have dreamt of: a picture with kotsa! To finish, (and Kotsa i know you were sorry but i have to tell it,) he was unfortunately unable to end the day with me and left me alone at the station. He had a business dinner with famous Belgian and English doctors. But as a doctor myself, i could understand that and we already plan another meeting, maybe in France next time.

Mr. Kotsa himself:



  • Llauren84

    Oh, I can't wait to see the picture of you and Kotsa in the new lab.

    26 jui. 2008, 21h23m
  • Attic

    i'm afraid to tell you it's only kotsa in the new lab, he and i are on another top private picture, you need an SLC 4 to see it ; )

    26 jui. 2008, 21h38m
  • VampyreAngel

    It comes as a shock to see you are working at the same clinic, yet only met for the first time today.

    26 jui. 2008, 21h43m
  • kotsa200

    I've got the means and the ways to make it possible.

    27 jui. 2008, 14h44m
  • mat35

    I heard Kotsa is so hire powered that not only do you need a SLC 4 clearness to see him, but you need to have had this the highest of clearance for a number of years.. And arrange a meeting months in advance. This is pure rumour as it is rumour you need a SLC clearance to even read the "higher rules" as they are rumoured to be called. I've also heard rumours we may get a photo of one of his elbows.

    28 jui. 2008, 11h39m
  • VampyreAngel


    28 jui. 2008, 18h35m
  • kotsa200


    28 jui. 2008, 18h54m
  • Llauren84

    I would like an SLC4, please!

    29 jui. 2008, 0h35m
  • mat35

    All this time I had a photo of kotsa on top of my DVD player and yet I never knew!

    29 jui. 2008, 5h01m
  • Attic


    29 jui. 2008, 7h39m
  • spherickal

    The Detox Titans meet at last! SLC -5 for me I think.....

    1 août 2008, 15h55m
  • Attic

    i don't think so...

    1 août 2008, 16h23m
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