• Circus Black Released and Amberian Dawn Network opened!

    1 mars 2012, 16h52m

    The highly anticipated latest album from Amberian Dawn, Circus Black, is now available! The album is released in its physical format in Finland and digitally (Amazon, iTunes) available in most countries (except the US and Japan).

    Release dates are as follows:

    Finland: Feb. 29th
    Europe: March 3rd
    Canada: March 6th
    United States: April 24th (digital release only)
    Asia & Japan: May (no specific date yet given)

    You can check out the album sampler here:

    Amberian Dawn Network is the international fansite of Amberian Dawn, available in 5 different languages: English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

    We hope that you are able to enjoy the site in your language. We're still looking for Dutch, Italian and German translators; so if you're interested, have the time, and have the motivation required to help us make this website even more complete, please contact: contact[at]

    Thank you!

    The site includes:

    • Regular news
    • A complete biography of Amberian Dawn and its members
    • Discography / Videography
    • Lyrics, translations (where necessary) and background explanations of Amberian Dawn’s songs
    • The international forum of Amberian Dawn, created and moderated by the staff of AD France
    • And much more information!

    We wish you a great visit and hope you’ll enjoy the site.
  • Khaelys +Diary Of Destruction + Desideria 16/04/11 Review

    3 mai 2011, 12h39m

    Sat 16 Apr – Concert au Snooker de Strasbourg

    I think the show only progressed that evening.

    Desideria (French band, artist page needs to be updated) I didn't pay much attention to, as I suffered loss of interest. To be honest (and I'm not trying to be rude at all) all their songs seemed to flow into each other, but not in a good way. It was as if everything sounded the same. I was sort of bored. The male growler wasn't bad at all.. the guitar style was good but too similar every song. There didn't seem to be enough forethought in the setlist, as mid performance one of the guitarists had to change guitars (I assume for down tuning etc) for one song (I think it was only one, as I said I wasn't very attentive :/). It was an obvious distraction and made a weird cut in the middle of playing (they even mentioned the need to change guitar). The female vocalist should be considered a back up vocalist in my opinion and just didn't seem to fit with the rest of the group at all. Neither in style nor attitude. The was an obvious great disinterest with the audience as well. I felt bad for this band.

    Diary of Destruction was good. There was energy the crowd and room got excited, and unlike for the previous band people went up to the stage and remained there. Audrey was a bit sick and you could hear it at times during some of her grunts, but it wasn't anything horrible. The band had energy, the songs were more varied and interesting. There was an obvious level of experience, compared to the previous band.

    Khaelys probably the best band of the evening. I actually went to the show for Diary of Destruction and to see how Khaelys would do. I had heard Sté in Naos (which disbanded) and heard Khaelys in the World of Glass Compilation. I enjoyed Sté's singing in Naos and the music of Khaelys (not so much the style of their vocalist) so I was curious to hear the result.

    Sté was nervous (I knew it from speaking with her that evening), but you would have never known. She owned the stage. She had great energy and audience interaction. She was very professional as well. I could see her easily taking a much larger stage. The band was also very good and the music was nice. The audience was VERY into it, with great help from Sté I think. Khaelys had their mic curse continue as the bassist (male vocals) mic didn't work and that left odd holes. The tech tried to fix it, but it continued on. However, the audience wasn't upset by it. Sté lent her mic for his parts after it was accepted that the problem would not be solved.

    So all in all a good night and great start for Sté as vocalist of Khaelys.

    Here's a video taken of Khaelys from this show:

  • Amberian Dawn Page Needs an Update!

    10 jan. 2011, 10h16m

    Hey AD fans,

    I think the AD page on is in need of a bit of an update, the most noticeable being the picture. Did you know that the picture that is shown for the band is the one with the most votes?

    I think it is time we worked together and voted up a picture from their latest album at the very least.
    AD has a new album out, a new line up and we still have this picture from last year? tsk tsk.

    Amberian Dawn
  • New AD Interview at Metal Sound

    8 nov. 2010, 15h30m

  • Amberian Dawn River of Tuoni album and song title misconceptions

    24 mai 2010, 8h43m

    I'm sure you've seen it..

    You're ripping your CDs to your computer or browsing youtube and suddenly you see a new AD song: "FaCe of the Maiden", only to learn it's "FaTe of the Maiden" and someone has the name wrong.

    I'll admit it really bothers me.. My Only Star suddenly gains the emo title: "My Only Scar".

    It's even here on

    I've even actually argued with someone on youtube in the past about the song title and they still weren't convinced.

    Since there isn't an article for it here already and it is something you will often come across (via youtube or even bad info sent to your mp3s from windows media player), Ive decided to bring the proof necessary to show that these really aren't the song names.

    So let's start where the misconception comes from, the back cover of the River of Tuoni album.

    The font, while beautiful, seems to be the culprit.
    T's kind of look like the letter C.
    However if someone were to actually pay attention to the other song titles they would see that the C's actually have a quite different font than the T's.

    And just to put it simply, here are the song title's from AD's website:

    Amberian Dawn's List of Released Songs

    Maybe that will help put an end to some of the odd song titles, we'll see ;)

    Have you heard any other strange song titles? Doesn't have to be from River of Tuoni. I saw "He Sleeps in a Grow" and thought that was funny too.
  • Sunlight, Steel, and Thunder: An Interview with Amberian Dawn

    19 mai 2010, 15h13m

    This interview is from from their online magazine: "the 'Zine".

    You can check out the article here:
  • Amberian Dawn Songs Available on the Rock Band Network

    19 mai 2010, 8h20m

    As you may know already Amberian Dawn has made some of their songs available on the RBN (Rock Band Network).

    The RBN is a downloadable content (DLC) service designed by Harmonix Music Systems with the help of Microsoft to allow musical artists and record labels to make their music available as playable tracks for the Rock Band series of rhythm video games. The RBN is only available on Rock Band 2.

    Amberian Dawn's tracks are authored (charted for game play in Rock Band) by Rock Gamer Studios.

    Amberian Dawn has mentioned that they plan to release FULL DISCOGRAPHY to the RBN.

    At the moment the RBN is only available on the xbox 360, however effort has been made to release popular RBN songs to the Playstation 3 as DLC.

    These are the songs currently available for purchase from Amberian Dawn on Rock Band (*= also available on PS3)
    You can click the song title for an in-game preview of the song:

    River of Tuoni (March 4, 2010)
    He Sleeps in a Grove* (March 4, 2010/ May 18, 2010 for PS3)
    Valkyries (May 18, 2010)

    Future songs currently being peer-tested for release on the RBN:

  • Tarja Concert Pratteln 6.30.09

    1 jui. 2009, 11h59m

    Tue 30 Jun – Tarja, Tarja Turunen

    I just came back from Switzerland and this concert that occurred yesterday. Let me say first off it was the BEST concert I have ever been to.

    I came horribly unprepared though, I wanted to buy a shirt but didn't have any of the local currency to do so. I wanted to take pictures but the venue website said "No cameras" (Z7) While Tarja's site said that all fans were allowed to take as many pictures and videos at they wanted. So I just took my cell phone, turns out they DID let people have their cameras and these are both mistakes I won't make again.

    Arrived at a little before 7pm local time (concert was set to start at 8pm). There was a line outside the venue but they started to let people in at about 7pm. I was lucky to have a spot in the 2nd row front center (standing of course). Then began the LONG wait. My ticket said "Tarja and Special Guest 8pm". Well 8pm rolled around and nothing. It was really hard to wait too, the temperature that day was at least 90F, we were stuffed in a small building with a couple hundred other warm-bodied humans and in was closed indoors. I felt like I was going to die. Without local currency to buy water and with the security taking outdoor drinks away from people anyway I was doomed. I made a fan out of a sheet of paper and waited.

    9pm rolled around still nothing. Crowd is getting pretty impatient and smelly. At about 9:15/30 the show finally started, no special guest, just Tarja and I didn't mind.

    The show was spectacular. The band was great, and Tarja was energetic (despite the heat which was easy to tell was taking a toll on her too) and wonderful. She paused several times to address the audience personally, reference the heat and suggest that some water be handed out (the security later came around with bottles and cups to try to get some to the crowd).

    This concert had everything the Nightwish concert I attended last summer (Colmar, Foire aux Vins 2008) lacked; a great vocalist, an excited crowd and music you could FEEL. I personally was moved to tears as the intro for Sleeping Sun started up.

    The band had it's own moments to shine as well and boy did they ever!

    The cellist was awesome. I was even amazed to see a cellist at all! So this was totally cool.

    The drummer put on quite a show as well. I have NEVER seen anyone hit those drums the way he did. He wailed on them in that heat at a fast pace for at least 5 minutes, twirling and juggling his sticks all the while! He was impressive, I swear I thought he would drop dead at some point, I was truly concerned for his well being (It was VERY hot).

    The bassist was great as well, even playing with his teeth at some point! And the guitarist had his own little solo too.

    They were all very great. I think the most under appreciated band member was the keyboardist and back-up vocalist. But she did very well, she just isn't as easy to see behind her instruments.

    The show "ended" with Nemo. But naturally we got our encore and it was so worth it! The real end of the show was Die Alive which I knew would be because of the gesture Tarja made before starting (and announcing that it would be) the last song. She walked a bit towards the back and gave the "cut" signal. It was very obvious that the heat was taking it's toll on her though.

    The concert itself ended at about 11pm. Myself and a few others hung around for memorabilia (set lists, drums sticks etc). I got none, but those begging "please!" got lots. One guy even walked away with 3 items (drum stick, guitar pick and setlist). I was personally annoyed at my lack of begging assertiveness for some but oh well. At Midnight the security kicked us out and went around back and hung around with the others waiting for Tarja and the band for autographs. And man did we ever wait!

    We watched as the band members basically ignored us and walked on to their bus. I would have loved their autographs as well but I get the feeling they either thought we didn't care or just wanted to leave.

    By 1 am we were still waiting and no sign of Tarja. The equipment was loaded up onto a van and hauled off and we still waited. The security guards started coming out in their civilian clothes and we still waited. We were informed by one that Tarja was in back talking with either fans and/or some people she had known for a long time and was probably going to be there a while. 2am still waiting... some of the waiting fans are getting really ugly and many are leaving, I will post more about the behavior of the fans below because this REALLY irked me.

    2:05ish am who I am assuming was a stage manager of some sorts came out and made the comment to someone she was with that we had been waiting for hours. She went back inside with determination.

    2:15am 3 older people who I had seen in the row in front of me left the building. I am assuming these were Tarja's guests/fans/friends.

    At about 2:25am the woman from before came out and announced that Tarja would be coming "soon" and the mood of the waiting fans lightened a little.

    2:30 am Tarja emerged. She said "aww" to see that we were still waiting for her. Her attitude and voice sounded extremely sincere. I don't doubt that she was, and honestly believe she probably lost track of the time.

    We all got an autograph and she even stood and took pictures one by one with everyone. I was very happy, yet disappointed that I only had my crappy phone to take a picture with.

    But there is something about this concert that I did NOT enjoy and this was the attitude and comments of some of the fans waiting for Tarja. In particular I will reference a group of French-speaking (the concert was in the German part of Switzerland) females with a male who was holding a French flag that had the logo of the official French Winterstorm Fan Club for Tarja.

    Not only were they extremely annoying, (talking loudly, making stupid and not funny jokes, singing loudly/badly, and speaking in very poor exaggertated English like that made them smart) but they were bad mouthing Tarja the WHOLE time. One girl complained that it was her birthday and that Tarja needed to make more of an effort. She proceeded to call Tarja a "connasse" (roughly "stupid bitch") amongst other obscenities. I was shocked. These people were waiting hours for someone they supposedly were a fan of and kept bad-mouthing her.

    Their attitude didn't go unnoticed in the crowd. Many were irritated by their lack of respect and childish behavior. One annoyed fan finally spoke the mind of others and told them to "shut up" (in a more vulgar way) and that the girl who was supposedly having her birthday to turn 22 (we could all hear about it because of how loud she was) was acting like a 12 year old girl. The altercation was short lived and made the crowd a bit uneasy, but the group eventually quited which made the majority happier.

    When Tarja came out this same group (and this specific girl) proceeded to kiss up to Tarja like I have never seen. The birthday girl sweet talking Tarja: "It's my birthday can you write that for me?". I was disgusted. So much to the extent that I took it upon myself to post in the French fan club forum in regards to it:

    Over all was an enjoyable concert. A lot of waiting (for it to start and for Tarja to come out at 2:30am). But what brought me here was a bit of disappointment, not with Tarja or the concert itself, but with some of the French fanclub members. I heard some things that NO ONE in a fan club of any one should be saying. There was a group of females with a male who had the fanclub flag who said some really horrible things about Tarja. I heard one call her a certain obscenity that I will not repeat but was truly shocked. One of the girls was angry that Tarja wasn't "making an effort" because it was her birthday. Even more disgusting, not only bad-mouthing her while waiting, but when she finally came out in the dead of the night, pretending to be all nice and sweet. "Oh thank you" etc. I'm appalled at the behavior of these so-called "fans". Tarja owes NOTHING to anyone. She didn't have to sign autographs, she didn't have to take pictures with everyone, but she did. And quite frankly I was ashamed to be myself visiting her from France (where I have been living for a few years) and hearing people talk and behave in such a way. I don't mean this as an attack, but I think that it is something to be reflected upon. As part of her French fanclub it would be best to put your "best face" forward and show some respect for not only her but the other attendees of the concert.

    Tarja will be at the same venue in September. Money-willing I will be there again. This time with cash, a camera and a pen. And maybe, just maybe, these immature fans from before will be too busy with college or school to disgust me again.