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    30 oct. 2008, 20h39m

    In my opinion is definately not without it's faults, what follows is a guide in which I will highlight what I see as some of the drawbacks, I'd appreciate any feedback on this as all I have at the moment is my own view of and it's plugin and access methods.


    Scrobbling is an integral part of how works and it's worth familiarising yourself with what it is and how it works if you want to make work for you. builds a profile of each user's musical taste by recording details of all the songs the user listens to, either on the streamed radio stations, on the user's computer or on some portable music devices. This information is transferred your's Library or Scrobbled.

    With most listening methods you can turn Scrobbling off and configure it in various ways, this option isn't available if you're listening to a radio station on the website itself, but it is for instance an option with the Firefox add-on 'Fire FM'.
    NB While listening to a track on the site, if you skip or stop a track before about the 60% mark, it doesn't Scrobble it.

    If scrobbling is off this has the knock on effect of not adding the track to your Recently Listened Tracks and therefore not updating your Chart of Top Artists or the Charts of any Groups you might be a member of.

    I like to listen to my My Recommendations radio station to find new music, I have to have Scrobbling turned off for this, if I like a track on there I go onto the site and add the artist/album/track to my library manually, I don't want to have every track I listen to added to my Library.

    I think there should be a separation of listening history and library additions, as things stand they are one in the same thing and it's a major drawback IMO.

    Listening Methods/Plug-ins
    You can listen on the site itself, on the home page - - there are 4 radio stations listed
    Your Library - Only plays music which is listed in you library.
    Your Loved Tracks - You can mark a track as 'Loved' with the heart symbol on the player when listening to a track
    Your Neighbourhood - When you have enough listening history will start to find other users with similar taste, this plays tracks from their library's.
    Your Recommendations - Tracks similar to your listening history

    You can also search for music, either by genre or artist/track etc, and in bottom half of the the player on the top right of a page (as shown in this picture) there's a radio link, in the case of an artist, this would be tracks by this artist & similar artists

    There's a PlaystationLeague Radio Station
    If you go to the PlaystationLeague group home page you can listen to the collective libraries of the PSL members.

    Media Players & Devices
    If you already have your listening all sorted out you may want to use your existing player but get it to upload your listening habits to If you use iTunes, Winamp or Windows Media Player you can download the official application at - - there's also support for the iPod & iPhone here.

    NB Unless you're listening to a radio station then you're listening to tracks which you already own, only monitors your listening habits in this case, there's no major downloads/uploads going on here.

    You can use the application as a configurable radio player, with this you can configure how far through a track you have to be before it Scrobbles the track.

    Some applications create their own plug-ins rather than it being supported by themselves.

    Firefox has an Add-On in for it called Fire FM -

    Once installed, go to Tools > Add-ons, highlight the Fire FM application and choose Options, here you can move the player controls down to the task bar

    I use MediaMonkey to listen to things locally on my Laptop and sort out tracks for my MP3 player. I downloaded a plug-in for it from the MediaMonkey website, as you can see it's an invisible integration into the player, the only difference being the extra option in the options menu, there's not too many options but it's good enough for me.


    Posting Article to Group
    To post a Journal entry to the PlaystationLeague group on go to the group home page and click 'Articles' down the left hand side
    When posting a journal entry to a group it ticks the wrong boxes, so when you hit 'Post' it will only publish it to your personal page.

    This is how it first presents itself (least it does for me)

    Weirdly to get the tick boxes right you need to click on the 'submit this entry to one or more of my groups' box 3 times, the first time it gets rid of the group name all-together, then you have to uncheck and check it again before the boxes are all ticked correctly !!

    I've just noticed that Scrobbling doesn't work from the PS3, the stream isn't so stable either, you get a few little scratched CD style skips and sometimes it pauses.

    Any more questions please let me know and I might add something to this

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  • Happy 1 Week Anniversary Tomorrow (Thursday 30th).

    29 oct. 2008, 19h11m

    Hi all,

    Happy Anniversary
    So after creating this group last week and figuring things out for a couple of days we put a thread up in the welcome area of PSL on the weekend, we all know it can go a bit quiet around there at weekends and I was kinda hoping that when people came back on Monday they would pick it up and sign up to our group, well what a response, better than I expected, so warm welcome goes out to all the not so new - new guys !! At the time of writing Funar is out lucky number 13th member, and what a member lol Sorry Funar, couldn't resist. PSL Admin Team
    I knocked the group up so I automatically get loads of rights, though I do have an 'Abdicate' option which often sounds so tempting that one day I might actually press it out of curiosity 'Take me away Bob Dylan'
    As owner of the PSL 'brand' and web whizz I thought we best give Keyop (pslkeyop) full right to the group, the thwarted intentions to embed something in the PSL site still being a dream that lives, but alas a dream it remains.
    Jobbie (Jobbeh) & badds (baddss), as existing PSL Moderators and early joiners to the group seemed good choices so have also been given full rights to administer the group, add/ban members, moderate shouts and journal entries and stuff. Jobbie's been around the farm for a good while now, and I've got him to thank for introducing me to Archive and that Epic song Again. badds has been a massive contributor to the music thread on and he introduced me to Tunng, which has been consistently played for about the last 3 or 4 months. Because I got to them after their 3rd or 4th album I've got some catching up to do and I've probably been giving more of a listen to the older album Comments of the Inner Chorus than the more recent release Good Arrows. But great shout, thanks guys, and thanks for stepping up. Site Feedback
    I've spent a lot of time figuring this site out over the past week and I think I'm about finished for the time being, 2 things have come from this..
    1, I'm going to be posting a kind of guide/what I've learned, I wouldn't have thought it would need it, but there's a few niches that it's probably be best to know about, and you know, might cut off a few questions
    2, I've put up a few threads in the feedback forums here at
    Option to turn Scrobbling off when Listening on the Site -
    Group Radio Widget -
    Group Notification Options -
    Too Many Clicks -
    Oh, and I might have chipped in on another thread in my own err, style.. oops
    All the cool people gone, forever? -

    Posting Journal/Article Entries
    This is something I'd like someone to try for me to see what permissions we all have, but there's a few glitches for me so I'm gonna include it in the guide over the next few days then if some of you could attempt to create an entry that would be good thanks, just a piece on someone you're listening to at the time would be good, doesn't have to be a novel..

    On that note, have a good week.
  • About PlaystationLeague

    23 oct. 2008, 18h49m

    I thought I'd write a quick note to let people know where we came from, just in case any non PSL'ers come across the group.

    On March 23rd 2007, the PS3 was released, alongside it was a cracking little racing title by Evolution Studios called MotorStorm. The servers & official forum were always full of racers looking for fun, however it quickly became apparent that there was a Boost Cheat Exploit in the game. PlaystationLeague began as a group of friends looking for fun & honest games and to avoid those using the exploit.

    On 15th May 2007 a post began on the official Playstation forums which was the beginning of a Motorstorm League, an event which is still 3 leagues strong and played weekly to this day. rose from the ashes of a similar but more limited site in August 2007 and assumed the running of the leagues shortly after. Today it is a place where friends meet daily to swap information and find news or just have a little banter. There are friendly gaming events held 6 nights a week and the forum posts are so diverse they range from Health Issues and Car Modifications to Movie and Gadget reviews. We are of course mainly a Playstation 3 site and the site is brimming with informed and helpful gamers so if you ever need a hand with your PS3, just holler.

    PlaystationLeague is a site aimed mainly at UK gamers of 18 and above, we organise and play in events and fun sessions on various PS3 games and titles as demand dictates. We're not a clan that play other clans, it's all based around gaming for fun and gaming with each other. The site is run by PS3 gamers, for PS3 gamers, we welcome any UK PS3 gamers to join our site and play games, we also welcome European members who share our fun & friendly attitude towards gaming though event times will always be aimed at the UK gamer.

    A thread about what Music we're currently listening to is one of largest and most popular threads on the site so it only seemed natural to start a group. (Though we were hoping we could embed a widget on the site to listen to PlaystationLeague group radio. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know)

    Thanks for reading and Happy Gaming/Listening

    PlaystationLeague (PSL) - Meet, Talk, Play, UK