The Festival Summer 2008 (List of bands I've seen)


2 juin 2008, 18h05m

Hässleholm, Sweden
29-31 May

Like last year this years festival summer starts in may with smaller festival Siesta in Hässleholm. And again just like last year, even though it has become a lot bigger, it has been really cosy with a nice camping and lots of good artists. I was a volunteer worker this year so I missed a few things I wanted to see but had a really good time anyway :)
Especially the concerts has been really good I must say. I'm really surprised of the high and even quality of the great gigs I've experienced this weekend!

Doktor Kosmos
I really like this band and it was cool to see them but if I was in charge, the setlist would've been very different.. hmm :)
What am I supposed to say? Damn, I love this band. Best gig of the festival
Håkan Hellström
This boy threw out a damn good show depending on a setlist full of hits
Eagles of Death Metal
Haha this band is fantastic! For a starter I love the irony of the name and then I love their stage appearance and the moustache and the music. Great. 2nd best gig of the festival
Vienna Heat
By mixing the best of Mando Diao and Sugarplum Fairy in a dirty compote this band totally stole my heart. I remember telling my friend something like; "Now I'm suddenly not sad anymore for Mando Diao growing up"
It smells like the sixties and it sounds like smalltown swedish boys. I really hope to hear more of this fantastic band in the future.
best new find of the festival
The Ettes
This band looks fucking great and I love their sound. They deserved a bigger crowd really.
This is a band that really has been coming back to me during the spring and I was really looking forward to the gig. Was it that great then? Yeah, well, almost...
Jonas Game
I love his old band, Bad Cash Quartet and I love bandmate Martins Hästpojken, never heard mr Jonas solo though and well he was surprisingly good. Great show and I loved his songs and personality. Cool.

Also threw an quick eye on:
(watched a few songs but not the whole or almost the whole concert)

What's the fucking hype all about?
I was working and only managed to catch the end of this gig! At least I came in time for Jerk it Out and the rest of the concert seemed really fucking good, alot better then last time I saw them!
Jive cancelled so me and a friend threw a quick eye on this guy who seemed to be quite good, if you liked his music. I didn't.
Florence Valentin
Originally I planned to watch the whole thing but Vienna Heat had me totally locked down at the Playa! stage at the time. What I saw looked and sounded really great though.

Roskilde Festival
Roskilde, Denmark
29-6 June/July

Better weather was the foundation of a better festival. Even though we managed to end up living far away like fuck AGAIN it was great. We drank beer in the sun and met alot of nice people of course but nicest of all was the music. My friend, who did his first year, said that for once the music was better then the campingparty and yeah though I loved the warmup and everything around the music really was top class this year. Can't see what people were complaining about before the festival...

Too small stage for them but I'm quite thin and managed to get into the action anyway. Fucking hell. This band is great and probaly even better on a smaller stage. It was awesome. Especially my favorite song which of course is Time to Pretend :)
I really tried to like this concert for a long time and sometimes it was good but most of the time I just found it boring. Perhaps that had something to do with me being too far away from the stage... The Who managed to shine through all the way to the back though...
Kate Nash
She is cute, cool and has some great tunes. The concert was good!
Band of Horses
Great gig! This band has a few great tunes, perhaps not always so danceable but definitly nice for just listening. The in-between talk was very genuine and nice as well. I don't have that much of a clue about who he is but I like him. The frontman!
Fucking hell. Nick Cave <3 We were in the pit together with some real nice people, raving around and watching the man with the moustache completly owning that stage. 3rd best gig of the festival
The Streets
Fucking hell. Again! Mike really got the whole crowd going and made an close to perfect performance. For me it could've been better if I were closer to the stage though but I was too tired :/
The Ting Tings
Totally stole the show, the whole festival. I love it when a smaller band comes from nowhere and does that. Fucking hell, they're good recorded but live it's totally crazy. They managed to both look and sound great and the setting was perfect for me. I was in a great mood and I just loved it all! Best gig of the festival
Neil Young
This man got some magic tunes and after all the years he knows exactly how to deliver them. Great show!
The Chemical Brothers
RAVE. Totally. Great show though they burned like all tunes I know very early on which was abit boring.
The Duke Spirit
Good tunes but didn't really deliver on stage I think. And they don't look as good as MGMT or Ting Tings did. If you play this kind of music it's important that you look good on stage I think, haha...
bob hund
This classic swedish pop band did a comeback from years of exile and I happend to be there. The show happend to be great. Thomas Öberg happens to be a world class frontman totally rocking that stage and making me laugh several times during the in-between talk. 2nd Best gig of the festival
Don't try to be like us. Be worse!
Hot Chip
We were abit late getting there and I was abit stressed since we were leaving just afterwards but the show was great. I raved to 'Over and Over' and that's what matters!

Also threw an quick eye on:
(watched a few songs but not the whole or almost the whole concert)

She was not that interesting but definitly OK
They are really good so it was too bad I was only able to watch a few minutes of it before going to MGMT
Tokyo Police Club
Well... It rained! Nah, but it sounded okey as well! :)
The Fashion
Not my cup of tea...
The Raveonettes
This band is cool and I love the name! Would've been really cool to watch more but I had to go and meet a friend

Helsingborg, Sweden
24-26 July

Now this is a guy with a very own expression. The tunes are not really for me but I find him being a really cool guy and fuck what a voice!
bob hund
It was time to watch Hunden again and this time I was really focusing on watching which was perhaps why I experienced this gig abit less good then the one at Roskilde. Still it was fucking awesome of course! :D

Way Out West
Göterborg, Sweden
8-9 August

Way Out West, a new swedish festival growing incredibly fast thanks to being ran by Luger who just got more money and better reputation then everybody else in this country and therefore has no problem booking better bands then everybody else.
Bad thing is the festival was much more commercial then anything else I've experienced. Everything costed a fortune and there were ads everywhere. I didn't quite enjoy that but I enjoyed Gothenburg and all of it's people and yeah, the music, of course.

Mando Diao
It's been a while since the last time I saw them and it was good nostalgia for sure but I still haven't really forgiven them fully... For getting old. Perhaps it's time to forgive them soon...
Franz Ferdinand Best gig of the festival
I've wanted to see this band live for ages and well... It was fantastic. Damn, it was definitly one of the best gigs I've been to but I agree with some critics that the show was abit too much on routine and too many new songs were played. It wasn't quite Björk at Roskilde 07 in other words, but close.
Broder Daniel
The goodbye concert of Swedens perhaps biggest band ever.
It was epic.

Håkan Hellström
Gothenburgs darling in Gothenburg. I'm not very fond of his latest LPs but the guy is still an entertainer never the less.
Neil Young
I loved the concert at Roskilde and I kinda missed the ending so I decided to go back and see him again.
Still totally epic.

Also threw an quick eye on:
(watched a few songs but not the whole or almost the whole concert)

The Sonics
It was good, not The Who good though. This band has some great tunes but I had to leave early to get a good spot for Franz Ferdinand.
Sonic Youth
I won't pretend I understand this band I just want to say that I've seen them live!
The Flaming Lips
Dude? I'm not a very big fan of the songs but I've heard about this bands stage appearance and yeah, it lived up to the hype!

Malmö, Sweden
15-22 August

Always a nice way to end the summer. Music and a couple of beers in the parks of Malmö is the perfect bridge from summer freedom to school.

Yeah, I only saw half the gig at Siesta right? I went back to finish what I've started and it was quite nice!
Andreas Bertilsson Feat Thomas Öberg
This Andreas guy and his band played some quite nice slow, half psychedelic, nice which was the perfect frame for Thomas Öbergs appearance.
He just enters the place,with a softness I found abit surprising, the intelligence in what he says and does is what it always has been though. He don't have to stay on the stage for a very long time, the impression from this special hour is still: Amazing!
Best gig of the festival
Moto boy
This guy is cool though his songs might not be ideal for an early evening festival stage.
Veronica Maggio
Wonderful appearance from this artist. Some of her songs were really surprisingly good and I left with a feeling of regret. Why didnt I pick her music up earlier?
Miss Li
She is a very cool girl with great songs. Definitly danceable!
I do feel she was abit sharper last year though, especially at Emmaboda which was a very special gig.

Their songs has never said anything to me when recorded but damn this band was good live!


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