• i wish the west texas highway was a mobius strip.

    31 jui. 2007, 4h49m

    giving into peer pressure is the thing to do these days.

    list seven songs you are into right now. no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now.

    uno, Grace Kelly by Mika. the rest of his stuff is total crap but this is so catchy that it makes me want to dance around my computer room every time i listen.

    dos, No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age. oh my god, one listen and that guitar bit at the beginning will be stuck in my head all day. guaranteed.

    tres, Apple For Evan by Arrah and the Ferns. arrah's voice is so different and this track is so eclectic.

    cuatro, The (After) Life of the Party by Fall Out Boy. i'm not going to lie, i'm still listening to them. and for some reason i find this song to be one of the saddest ones i've ever listened to. the line "cut it loose, watch you work the room" feels so empty, i guess. it feels like the protagonist got so close to success but now they're essentially prostituting themself in order to survive. i think that's one of the most depressing things that could possibly happen, but maybe it's all just me.

    cinco, This Could Be Love by Alkaline Trio. this is so dark and i love it. the chorus is insanely infectious and i find myself singing it when i do the dishes ... my mumsie comes up to me and goes, "DID YOU JUST SAY SOMEONE CUT OFF YOUR FINGERS?!"

    seis, Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. yeah, mostly the lyrics. it's a classic, whatever the hell, but i just like the words.

    siete, Game Shows Touch Our Lives by The Mountain Goats. it's so hard to pick just one mountain goats track, they're all so beautiful. john darnielle is, in essence, writing the soundtrack to my life.
  • top fifteen.

    17 sept. 2006, 0h09m

    Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

    I am doing this according to my rolling 6 month chart, because I believe it best reflects my music taste at the moment. Sort-of.

    Jack's Mannequin
    First: The Mixed Tape
    Love: Dark Blue
    Favorite: La La Lie
    I am forever indebted to Amber for sending me their album, I guess. Andrew McMahon = love.

    Tegan and Sara
    First: Speak Slow or Monday Monday Monday
    Love: Living Room
    Favorite: Underwater
    I love how androgynous their tracks are, when I found out that they were lesbians it really fascinated me.

    First: Ocean Avenue
    Love: Empty Apartment
    Favorite: Sure Thing Falling
    I am forever indebted to these guys for introducing me to modern day music. Yes, it was in the summer between sixth and seventh grade when I discovered Yellowcard, put down my old boy band albums, and I quickly made the transition from them to Dashboard Confessional to what I listen to now. Kudos to them.

    Bright Eyes
    First: A Perfect Sonnet
    Love: Lover I Don't Have to Love
    Favorite: Landlocked Blues
    If only I could utilize my terrible voice the way Conor Oberst does. Woe. Angst. Emoity. Is that a word? Emoity?

    Dashboard Confessional
    First: Hands Down
    Love: Several Ways To Die Trying
    Favorite: Reason To Believe
    Along with Yellowcard, Chris Carrabba & Co helped me dive into the wonderful world of emo music. Once I picked up A Mark A Mission A Brand A Scar it was all over.

    Green Day
    First: Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
    Love: Extraordinary Girl
    Favorite: Scattered
    It took me about seven years to really get into Green Day, which is ... really sad. I adore Billie Joe Armstrong though.

    Death Cab for Cutie
    First: Photobooth, don't quote me on it. It's been a while.
    Love: Passenger Seat
    Favorite: I Will Follow You Into The Dark
    More like FOREVER my favorite. When I received Plans for my fourteenth birthday last year and heard this song, I knew it was all over and I would never love a song the same way again. I can cry to it, I can smile to it, I can relax to it. I sing myself to sleep with this song.

    Regina Spektor
    First: Samson
    Love: Braille
    Favorite: Oedipus
    Regina has the most beautiful voice. I really do not like that she is going all mainstream with Fidelity now, though.

    Fall Out Boy
    First: Chicago Is So Two Years Ago
    Love: Sugar, We're Goin' Down
    Favorite: Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year
    I like Fall Out Boy, and I'm actually kind-of ashamed of it.

    Alkaline Trio
    First: We've Had Enough
    Love: Enjoy Your Day
    Favorite: Dead End Road
    I honestly don't remember how I started listening to this group. Their lead singer's voice really captivates me, though.

    Something Corporate
    First: Drunk Girl
    Love: Me and the Moon
    Favorite: Bad Days
    Forever indebted to Jordan for this one. Again, Andrew McMahon is love. I will fight!

    Jonathan Larson
    First: Seasons of Love, duh.
    Love: One Song Glory
    Favorite: Finale B
    Dude, nothing beats RENT. Nothing!

    skipping Rufus Wainwright because all of the answers would be Hallelujah, duh.

    Franz Ferdinand
    First: Take Me Out
    Love: The Dark of the Matinee
    Favorite: You Could Have It So Much Better
    Wow, I’m surprised at this one. I thought I liked Sufjan Stevens more than them, too.

    James Blunt
    First: You’re Beautiful, duh again.
    Love: Goodbye My Lover
    Favorite: In flowers
    He is kind of talentless, but I seem to enjoy talentless artists.

    First: Golly Sandra
    Love: Memories
    Favorite: Just Like We Do
    Really great Springtime music. A lot of the time, I wish I were a DuPree.

    10 sept. 2006, 22h57m

    before i begin this entry, i would very much like to apologize for royally fucking up the coding on my last one. that being said, here are my ten favorite songs at the moment (in no particular order) :

    ONE: The Black Parade Screw it. I really like this song, probably because it's one of those things that I can listen and dream up a music video to in my mind for hours. The possibilities are endless. I kind-of like imagining yelling "DO OR DIE, YOU'LL NEVER MAKE ME" to all the people who have contributed to my rage in the past. Whee, revenge?

    TWO: International Small Arms Traffic Blues I really like these lyrics. "Our love is like the border between Greece and Albania ... There is a shortage in the blood supply, but there is no shortage of blood." I like relaxing and thinking to this band.

    THREE: Somehow Talentless, he is not! [/Yoda] But really, for serious. This song is so moving, and kind-of fun to rock out on one's bedroom floor to. I don't know, I guess I am one fucked-up kid. But this is the best song on the [album]Telegraph[/album] album, in my opinion.

    FOUR: Pure Morning I enjoy this one a little too much for my own good. It's so ridiculously dirty, and ridiculously against my morals. Yum.

    FIVE: Rainbows in the Dark Obviously, my music tastes are all over the map. How whimsical! "So my sister went kissing a maple-skinned boy, finally held up her fists, said, 'I'M DONE BEING COY!'" Pretty much explains what I'd like to do at the moment.

    SIX: Don't Wait I hated this album at first. Hatehatehated it. Every track on it sounded exactly the same to me, but now that I've been listening to it for a while I'm finally starting to appreciate it more.

    SEVEN: Dracula From Houston "Oh no, we gotta go! We're not gonna live forever. Why, why? WE GOTTA DIE!" Kudos to you, Zach Braff. I wake up to your show's album every morning now, soundtrack to my life.

    EIGHT: The Trapeze Swinger This is such a beautiful, calming song. I like to listen to it just before bed and reflect on my day. "The pearly gates had some eloquent graffiti like, 'We'll meet again' and 'Fuck the man' and 'Tell my mother not to worry.'"

    NINE: Come Here Boy My current mood is something like 'I love love, I love being in love' so I am listening to a lot of sexy music. What the hell, right?

    TEN: Who Knew Exactly describes my friendship situation at the moment. It's also a fun one to sing along to. Or, at least I think so. Whatever.

    This was productive.

    16 août 2006, 3h07m

    Why are you taking yet another shuffle quiz?
    Song: [track]Goodnight Saigon[/track]
    Artist: Billy Joel
    Comment: Um.

    What's currently in your fridge?
    Song: [track]Those To Come[/track]
    Artist: The Shins
    Comment: Creepy!

    Your biggest nightmare?
    Song: [track]The Accident Underwater[/track]
    Artist: Northstar
    Comment: Semi-true, no?

    What place would you like to visit?
    Song: [track]Anywhere[/track]
    Artist: Evanescence
    Comment: I suppose it's relevant?

    A reason to commit suicide?
    Song: [track]Walk Away[/track]
    Artist: Franz Ferdinand
    Comment: Depends on who's walking away. Dominic Monaghan? Yes. Kevin Federlineline? Maybe not so much.

    Why are we here?
    Song: [track]Cavanaugh Park[/track]
    Artist: Something Corporate
    Comment: To fulfill the ultimate goal of getting high and being blown away by destiny and feeling totally happy? Okay, I guess that makes sense.

    Something you never dared to say to anyone...?
    Song: [track]Don't Know When But A Day Is Gonna Come[/track]
    Artist: Bright Eyes
    Comment: That my beliefs in God are shaky? Well, I've never dared to say it to anyone at church ...

    One thing the world really doesn't need?
    Song: [track]Questions[/track]
    Artist: Jack Johnson
    Comment: My iTunes seems to have this whole thing ass backwards.

    What's your biggest unfulfilled wish?
    Song: [track]Hang 'Em High[/track]
    Artist: My Chemical Romance
    Comment: ... Okay, mayhaps not so much.

    If you could invent something, what would it be?
    Song: [track]When You Say You Love Me[/track]
    Artist: Clay Aiken
    Comment: This could mean a number of things, however most predominantely I believe it is a desperate plea to Clay asking him to come back over from the dark side and marry me already. Gay rumors be damned!

    The last thing you say before you die?
    Song: [track]Don't Confess (This Thing That Breaks My Heart)[/track]
    Artist: Tegan and Sara
    Comment: " Oh, Clay, don't confess! " *isded*

    What's your destiny?
    Song: [track]Man and Wife, The Former (Financial Planning)[/track]
    Artist: Desaparecidos

    What do you do when you're alone in an elevator?
    Song: [track]Turn Into[/track]
    Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Comment: ... But what do I turn into?

    Why do people go fishing?
    Song: [track]Know Your Onion![/track]
    Artist: The Shins
    Comment: People go fishing to get to know their onions. That totally makes sense, man.

    What would you do with your slaves?
    Song: [track]Upside Down[/track]
    Artist: Jack Johnson
    Comment: I would turn them upside-down. Genius.

    Is there a man on the moon?
    Song: [track]Blowin' In The Wind[/track]
    Artist: Peter Paul & Mary
    Comment: The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind.

    How does hell look like?
    Song: [track]Hallelujah[/track]
    Artist: Rufus Wainwright
    Comment: I am so confused.

    About what would you like to write a book?
    Song: [track]Miss America[/track]
    Artist: Something Corporate
    Comment: No thanks.

    The best thing ever is...?
    Song: [track]Lithium[/track]
    Artist: Nirvana
    Comment: Word.

    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Song: [track]Found A Way[/track]
    Artist: Drake Bell
    Comment: Because he found a way to. Again, genius.

    Why do you listen to music?
    Song: [track]The Mixed Tape[/track]
    Artist: Jack's Mannequin
    Comment: Because I like mixed tapes.

    What do you do when you're alone and nobody's watching?
    Song: [track]In Bed All Day[/track]
    Artist: Tilly and the Wall
    Comment: I like to stay in bed all day!!

    Why are other people so stupid?
    Song: [track]Tears And Rain[/track]
    Artist: James Blunt
    Comment: DAMN YOU, JAMES BLUNT!!!

    Had to stop here, bedtime!
  • Top fifteen.

    21 jui. 2006, 17h15m

    Because we all know that I am a total trendwhore, here are my fifteen favorite songs of the moment, in no particular order.

    ONE : Casimir Pulaski Day

    TWO : Acoustic #3

    THREE : Timothy

    FOUR : The Trapeze Swinger

    FIVE : Who'll Stop the Rain

    SIX : Stab My Back

    SEVEN : Young Pilgrims

    EIGHT : Pollyanna

    NINE : Hide And Seek

    TEN : The Secret's In The Telling

    ELEVEN : Girl

    TWELVE : Consider This

    THIRTEEN : Come On

    FOURTEEN : Bad Days

    FIFTEEN : Life Is Short
  • First.

    10 août 2005, 17h22m

    It's been a while since I checked this place out.

    I haven't been listening to too much lately, because we've been having an addition done on our house. Exciting, no ? Yes, I have shirtless, sweaty, dirty men working in my backyard. Envy me, girls.

    I've discovered a few new artists that I think you might find interesting. The Academy Is..., MAE, and Straylight Run are pretty flippin' awesome.

    That's about it for now. Maybe I'll update the next time I make some great musical discovery. Until then, ta !