• My Belated Best & Worst of 2010

    25 jan. 2011, 18h29m

    I know, I should've posted this 3 weeks ago, but anyway here we go (I'll keep it short & to the point):

    Top 3 albums of the year:
    Hans Zimmer: Inception
    Deftones: Diamond Eyes
    Apocalyptica: 7th Symphony

    Favorite album cover of the year: this one's a no-brainer

    Music video of the year: Scissor by Liars (I'm not even a fan of the group but this video is awesomecakes)

    Runner-up: Diamond Eyes

    Favorite track of the year: Time

    Favorite newcomers of the year: Hurts

    Disappointments of the year:
    How to Destroy Angels - Trent Reznor, dude, what were you thinking?!
    A Thousand Suns by Linkin Park- dudes, what were you thinking?!
    Eminem collaborating with Rihanna - yeah, the perpetually pissed rapper who used to diss retarded mainstream pop whores in every other song recorded a duet with that whiny cunt. Is this even the same guy? Will the real Slim Shady please stand up!

    Biggest WTF moment of the year: Ke$ha topping's yearly chart. No... words...
  • Double Fantasy: 7th Symphony / A Thousand Suns

    13 sept. 2010, 20h30m

    2 of my most highly-anticipated albums of the year, from 2 bands I absolutely love. One of them has met my expectations, one didn't...

    Apocalyptica: 7th Symphony

    The album title references Ludwig van Beethoven, plus the fact that it's Apo's 7th studio album. Their previous release, Worlds Collide is one of my all-time favorite albums. I quickly warmed up to this one as well, despite being underwhelmed by the 1st single, the lackluster End of Me which is an average radio-friendly rock song and a pale echo of their biggest hit, I Don't Care from Worlds Collide. I understand that guest singers are necessary to attract new fans and appeal to a larger audience, but once again the instrumentals are infinitely better. Broken Pieces, a dull ballad featuring absolutely unimpressive vocals by Lacey Mosley of Flyleaf, is by far the worst track on the album, plus all the lyrics are mediocre at best. On the other hand, instrumentals like the mysterious and haunting On The Rooftop With Quasimodo, the short but unforgettable Beautiful and the thundering epic Rage Of Poseidon show an artistically mature band that has found a voice of its own and created a genre of its own. I'll be listening to this record a LOT.

    Rating: 8.5/10

    Linkin Park: A Thousand Suns

    Frankly, I'm at a loss for words. What happened here? What kind of extraterrestrial brain-leech infected these guys & made them think that this is any good or on par with anything they've released before?
    When they unleashed The Catalyst, I was kinda put off by how weird it sounds compared to earlier LP singles, but I thought "OK, don't freak out, it's one track out of 15, just wait for the whole thing, it's bound to be awesome". I was wrong. Sadly, The Catalyst actually does a good job at representing the album.
    What we have here is a 15-track album that clocks in at below 48 minutes, because 6 (!) of those tracks are merely intros and interludes, one of them being 18 SECONDS short. What kind of self-respecting band puts an 18 SECOND piece of noise on its album and gives it a separate title??
    LP clearly suffers from overgrown egos and delusions of grandeur. ATS is a disjointed mishmash of several genres that tries to be innovative, but just as a bunch of delicious foods end up tasting like vomit if they're mixed together, the end result simply doesn't work. Everything that was great about LP (those trademark roaring guitar riff-catchy synth combos which made their songs timeless & instantly recognizable) is either absent or drastically reduced. Chester sounds more like Michael Jackson on speed than his usual self (see Blackout); he's a top-notch vocalist, but here his voice is strangely restrained, overprocessed, often pushed into the background. Gone are the ferocious roars and screams which made LP so intense. Mike Shinoda raps a lot but it's neither passionate nor engaging, his "motherfucker" bomb feels forced, and he sings far too much.
    The album is overall quite slow, most of the songs wouldn't feel out of place on a random boy band's record. The 2 highlights, When They Come for Me & Wretches and Kings are quite similar, driven by a cool industrial/hip-hop fusion groove and synth groans reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, but the rest of the album falls flat on its face. Not a single melody stays with you, and those epic riffs are badly missed.
    I am not going to pay for this album. It deserves to be & should be a flop, to make LP realize that they're not evolving but devolving. Chester's solo project, Dead By Sunrise wasn't meant to sound like LP but it still sounds more like LP than this album, which is saying a lot.

    Rating: 5/10
  • Muse @ the Sziget festival

    29 août 2010, 17h50m

    Budapest, 15/08/10.

    This morning I looked out the window and I saw rain. If you're a festival-goer or a mountainbiker, rain is the last thing you wanna wake up to. I braced myself for the worst, but the rain wasn't too intense and it stopped pretty soon.

    Several hours later I'm riding the suburban railway to the festival entrance, surrounded by people wearing wristbands of various colors. A teenage girl stands near me, earbuds blazing. I immediately recognize Matt Bellamy's voice, and soon the song as well; it's Uprising.
    We're complete strangers with a common goal.

    The festival is like all festivals. It's hot, crowded, smelly. I hate that smell. The nauseating stench of the overused mobile toilets mixed with the odor of all the greasy crap that people eat. Me, I don't want to eat. My appetite is stifled by the heat, the humidity & the excitement which grows with every passing hour.
    Everyone's sweating but the sky is overcast, gloomy even. I'm still hoping it won't start to rain because I'm wearing light summer boots instead of the sturdy steel-toe ones I should be wearing.

    There's not much to see on the island („Sziget” means island, and it's just that, a patch of dirt in the Danube river which is crawling with music-hungry people for a week each year). Apparently preventive measures have been taken, so there aren't any mosquitoes. THANK ZEUS! I hate those little bastards, they've tortured me so much during this insane summer! It's the final day of the festival & the kids who've spent most of the week camped out under the droopy trees and partying around the clock are looking all kinds of nasty & dirty. Some of them came from as far away as Canada to sleep in tents and sweat and eat shitty food for days. My love for music is endless but I'd never degrade myself like this.

    I wander around for a while, holding my breath & quickening my pace whenever I'm passing by rows of mobile toilets. I snap very few shots, saving the cam's batteries for the events to come. I especially like this photo of French circus performers relaxing between shows.

    Other memorable things I see include this amazing Carbon Saurus (representing fossile fuels & greenhouse gases) made of scrap metal near the Greenpeace tents; and a pair of charming hipster bikes.

    I'm determined to take decent shots of the biggest event & the rest of the evening's performers, which means I have to get my ass in front of the main stage early-VERY early, in order to secure a front-row position. My companions aren't willing to suffer, so they stay behind. By the time I get there the 1st row is already tightly packed with devoted fangirls (with almost 5 hours to go!), so I have to stand right behind them. I hate them because they got there 1st. They stand shoulder to shoulder, leaning on the security railing, determined not to budge. Oh well, at least they're much shorter than me...

    Heavy noise is already slamming against my chest-Danko Jones are halfway through their performance. I wasn't really familiar with them until now, all I've seen was the hilarious & disturbing King of Magazines video (cool song, BTW). I greatly enjoy their no-bullshit, ballsy hard rock. Jonesy says a lot of funny shit & shows us how long his tongue is. Daaamn.

    After DJ is done, an excruciating pause follows as a tech crew swarms the stage. Busy bees. The crowd grows thicker. Everyone around me is chainsmoking. I hate their guts for it & hope they'll all end up coughing up pieces of their lungs.

    At long last Billy Talent's show kicks off, I've never heard their music before. They're OK, nothing extraordinary but entertaining enough to make time go by faster. Frontman Ben Kowalewicz reminds me of Mel Gibson in his Mad Max days of glory (ie. I think he's handsome). The songs kinda sound the same but it's fun nevertheless. The spectators are diggin' it, euphoric crowd surfers appear, hardcore fans (including Canadians) sing along to Ben's every word. The reactions please BT & the band promises to revisit Hungary.

    Kasabian is up next. Another tech crew, another loooong wait and my feet are starting to hurt. It's pretty gross to be sandwiched in between so many sweating bodies. I stare at the stage & attempt to visualize what's to come.
    Another band I'm not familiar with, Kasabian is a pleasant surprise, even though this has gotta be far from their best performances. Their use of a trumpet player once again proves that classical instruments add tons of depth & substance to modern music. The songs are good but the band looks a tad slow, even sleepy. Singer Tom Meighan spits a lot and wears an unnecessary jacket over his shirt, probably to conceal his small paunch. Overall it's a decent show, although it's almost ruined by the screaming psycho fangirl behind me. I kinda wanted to hurt her.

    Major case of HERP DERP on Tom

    Kasabian bids farewell & another crew takes over the stage, but this bunch of guys is special. Everyhing they do is wonderful and amazing because they're preparing the stage for Muse. The minutes go by very slowly and the air vibrates with tension and anticipation, it's like subtle electricity. There's shouting, clapping and chanting, again & again. MUSE! MUSE! MUSE!
    By the time the stage is prepared & the lights go down, it seems like a compressed century has passed in our microcosm. There is an overwhelming, immense mechanical roar, like a giant machine powering up, everyone screams like their lives depended on it, the hexagonal screens come to life and a small figure appears in the blue light, merely 4-5 meters away from me but he could just as well be on another world.

    Uprising is the opener, of course, and the ensuing insanity before the stage defies description. It's not just the smell of festivals I hate-it's the crowd, especially intoxicated, massive assholes pushing and shoving their way through people who've spent hours waiting to see their favorite band. Soon I find myself wedged in between a shirtless neanderthal (he rubs his sweat all over me) and a female whose stature puts Brooke Hogan to shame. I sure as hell haven't seen them around during the many hours I've spent in waiting, but they act like they own the place. Luckily I'm strong enough to stand my ground, nothing matters now; I'm close enough to see Matt's every gesture, the way his fingers dance on the strings of his guitar, the passion on his gaunt face as he closes his eyes & lets his voice soar. He wears glittering silver pants + a white T-shirt with a death's head moth on it (now I want one too). He seems to change his guitar after every song & each instrument is more extravagant than the last. Dom Howard's tight gray costume makes him look like a superhero academy reject, while bass player extraordinaire Chris Wolstenholme is clad in a cheesy zebra suit which doesn't really conceal his belly and growing double chin. Time to hit the gym, Chris!

    The setlist is a standard Greatest Hits deal, no big surprises here, but this is a festival gig after all. Supermassive Black Hole blows all my discomfort away, and from that moment on I mosh, jump, dance (although it's more like squirming because I'm like a sardine in a huge can) and flail my arms all the way to the end, without giving a fuck about anything. It is all perfect, it is all as it should be, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world.

    Matt is the antithesis of the „rock star”, with his teenage-boy-physique and strange facial features, but his stage presence, charisma & passion makes up for it, and then some. His apparent frailty makes him even more otherworldly, dare I say angelic.

    One of the few shots I got of Dom, it kinda sucks because the stage was so large & tall and he was always far away

    Before the last 2 songs the band pretends to withdraw. Of course they have no intention of leaving just yet, they merely wanna torment us a bit more. The encore is spectacular. The intro for Knights of Cydonia is a cool spaghetti western-style harmonica solo by Chris (a la Ennio Morricone), followed by 6 minutes of bliss and insanity. Then they wave goodbye, for real this time, and leave a gaping emptiness behind. The great machinery powers down.

    As much as I wanted it to go on forever, it is over now. Best gig of my life? Quite possibly yes. My feet feel heavy as lead while I shuffle along with the slowly advancing human mass that is leaving the area before the main stage-my head feeling huge as echoes of wonder and dazzlement flash across my retinas. Soon I detach myself from the bulk of the crowd and somehow end up in a more secluded area that smells of piss. The stench pushes me back into reality and I crash-land in dirt. I look down-the sand beneath my feet is soaked with urine. Damn beer-drinkers.

    PS: Less than an hour later the mother of all rainstorms swept across Budapest. We got SO lucky.

  • How To Destroy Angels: A Review

    9 juin 2010, 12h02m

    BEFORE YOU READ ON: This is a negative review of HTDA written by a woman. In case you're planning to leave a comment along the lines of "Ure just jealous because Trent didn't marry u", that means 2 things: A-you're an idiot, B- you're incapable of critical thinking and more willing to suck Trent's dick than I could ever be.

    "You know that feeling you get when somebody embarrasses themselves so badly YOU feel uncomfortable?"

    The above words were posted on Trent Reznor's Twitter account last year. The now-infamous mockery was aimed at Chris Cornell's Timbaland-produced shitfest called Scream (a fitting title, considering I'd probably end up screaming my lungs out if I had to endure the whole thing).
    I find it a bit saddening that a lil' over a year later, the same thing can be said about Trent Reznor himself. Awkward, considering he loves bashing other people and the Grammys. Boy, does he love to bash the Grammys. He's been consistently making mean comments about that embarrassing and irrelevant award show for the past 3 years. One can't help thinking this might be a severe case of the sour grapes. Since the Grammys are apparently dedicated to awarding the worst kind of greasy, smelly sonic sewage that seeps out of the tubes and the radio waves and into the hungry empty minds of the masses, the latest project of Trent might even be nominated for an award or 2.
    Yes, How to Destroy Angels is bad enough to win a Grammy.
    I dig Nine Inch Nails, of course. It has become a part of my day-to-day life, just as much as my toothbrush or the coffee mug I'm drinking from right now; but I could never entirely overlook the flaws of the person behind it. I love music, but let's face it-the vast majority of famous musicians are manipulative, lying motherfuckers (as a general rule, the "bigger" a band gets, the bigger assholes the members become). Trent has been in the business for quite some time and has built up a loyal army of fan(atic)s he can earn a living from. At this point he could sell his bottled bathwater and people would wage bidding wars for it on eBay. I myself have spent a leeetle bit too much money on NIN stuff... but it's OK because NIN is good. Trent, on the other hand, has always been a weird person. Sometimes likable, sometimes a total jerk. It was hard to tell which one was the real him, and I honestly can't say I cared, because the music was good... but then 2009 came along, and this happened.

    He met some chick from an LA indie band called West Indian Girl, became engaged & got married in a little over half a year. He also made a fool of himself by behaving like a pissy teenage douchebag over the Internet and posting stuff like this:

    "Mariqueen and I are an unstoppable force of greatness - so SUCK IT."

    Most NIN fans never seem to get enough. They're constantly like "OMG it's been 6 months since the last LP, gimme more, gimme gimme gimme more!" I would've preferred it if he went off the map after touring his ass off & getting married. I would've preferred to NOT hear anything from or about him for at least another full year; but alas, he was so intent on proving that they are, in fact, an unstoppable force of greatness that he released an EP of "experimental" material (ie. throwaway shit they probably recorded in a week), hired a new artist for the cover job cuz Rob Sheridan has been stuck doing the same thing again & again for over a decade now-and created the main title theme for the upcoming HBO series Married Without Children.

    The EP was released as a free download on June 1st 2010 (of course if you're a REAL fan you MUST buy that 50 $ T-shirt with the goat on it), after feeding the fans a bunch of clue pics and teaser vids where Mariqueen pretends to play instruments. The tracklist:
    The Space In Between

    The Believers
    A Drowning

    The "band" consists of: Trent Reznor looking dull, Atticus Ross looking awkward and Mariqueen Maandig, Mariqueen Reznor or Mariqueen Maandig Reznor (it seems to change every day) looking... blank.

    Oh wait... wrong artsy B&W promo pic! Here's the real deal:

    The "singer": eh, what to say now? Trent has spent the months prior to the announcement of HTDA selling what seemed like a truckload of equipment on eBay. A couple 100 bucks should've been allocated to get Mrs. Reznor a few singing lessons. As it stands now, she reminds me of the times when my cat (RIP!) was in heat and spent most of the time crawling around on her belly with her eager ass in the air, meowing and moaning lustfully. There is not a single line of clean, crisp, powerful vocals in any of these songs. Her voice is wisely kept in the background and/or Auto-tuned, distorted, echoed, layered and whatnot, but no amount of fancy effects can cover up the fact that she simply can't sing. There's a reason why WIG was fronted by a dude and Mariqueen was merely doing some sporadic backing vocals, pouting of lips and shaking of the tambourine. Not even a 3rd rate indie band deemed her good enough to pull off lead singer duties, and of course there isn't a single recording of her doing some acoustic singing ON HER OWN while playing an instrument cuz she can't. There is, however, a video of her chainsmoking and acting like a moron. While the comparisons to the romance between John Lennon & Yoko Ono are mostly flawed for various reasons, they get one thing right-the only reason why Yoko and Mariqueen got into a studio to record "vocals" was the hubby's starpower and eagerness to please/promote wifey.

    The lyrics: impressive vocals aren't necessarily required if the singer has something to say. What does Mariqueen have to say? Not much. In fact, this might be some of the stupidest, lamest bullshit I've read in my entire life. It's like she combined Lady Gaga with the worst moments of Trent to create gems like
    "I am just an animal
    Just a fucking chemical
    Once again and again and again"

    "Listen to the sound of my big black boots"

    " Yes, I can feel you
    Yes, I believe
    Yes, you can have me
    Yes, I can breathe"

    "Get down
    On the ground
    Don't move
    Make a sound"

    It's amazing how she managed to fuck up the grammar in the painfully short and simple lyrics of BBB. There's also serious stuff like

    "Undertow has come to take me
    Guided by the blazing sun
    Look at everything around us
    Well, look at everything we've done"

    "Undertow has come to take me blah blah blah"?!!!? That doesn't sound like Mariqueen to me. Oh wait, I know... In order to please the large nr. of NIN fans who are allergic to silver, sunlight, garlic and bright colors, she has been promptly transformed into Morticia Addams.

    The music: now here's where Mariking usually shines. Not this time. Without a strong vocal line to tie it all together, the whole thing degenerates into a heap of shrill over-produced noise, the weak melodies get lost amidst the multitude of effects and computerized beats. It's an incoherent, forgettable mess, and the listening experience quickly degenerates into boredom. Even worse, most of the songs sound like they were entirely constructed of recycled NIN material, without any of the things that made NIN great in the 1st place. Mariqueen has denied this, but it's her word against my ears & I'd rather believe my ears. If this is all freshly made, it's even worse news-Trent is so drained of creativity and new ideas that he's basically ripping himself off. The only song that sounds genuinely good (apart from the god-awful Auto-tuned vocals) is The Space In Between, but even that one's ruined by being cut short before it can reach a satisfying climax. Trent is usually the master of build-ups... WTF?!

    Bottom line: this project is a gigantic waste of talent, money and, well, everything. Trent has already announced that they're working on a full-length LP, which is a damn shame cuz it means HTDA is sucking away time & resources from NIN. If he was looking for a break from NIN, a real change of sound and a fresh collaboration, he could've done so much better. Mariqueen is nothing more than a prop who looks reasonably pretty in promo shots but you could replace her with a cardboard cutout & it wouldn't make any difference; with Trent being a self-centered control freak, his ego probably couldn't handle a long-term collab with an equally strong-willed, renowned and gifted artist.

    Final score: 1.5 out-of-tune African marimbas out of 5

    30 avr. 2010, 11h58m

    This morning I woke up with 1 of the best songs in music history, Never Gonna Give You Up stuck in my head. While drinking my obligatory cup of coffee I browsed Youtube for a while, which led me to conclude that Rick Astley had a clear view of the distant future. I see no other explanation for this. I mean, how many *other* songs can you imagine that can be perfectly blended into Metal, , & POP?! Rick has created THE Song, the alpha & the omega, the ultimate masterpiece, as evidenced below. Get some tissues ready because Rick Astley's voice is well-know for its orgasm-inducing effects:

    Rick & Nine Inch Nails...


    ...Dream Theater

    ...Guns N' Roses

    ...Michael Jackson



    ALL HAIL THE ASTLEY! He is 7 shades of awesome!

    PS: This isn't Rick, but I'm posting it anyway. Because I can & because it's awesome.

    NickelbackCreedMetallicaChris CornellAudioslaveSoundgardenNine Inch NailsSlayerNightwishRadioheadIron MaidenBlack SabbathOzzy OsbourneRammsteinKMFDMThe BeatlesLady GagaBritney SpearsFoo FightersLinkin ParkNirvanaMarilyn MansonAdam LambertMadonnaImmortalDream TheaterCarlos SantanaAC/DCEuropeRick AstleyToolA Perfect CircleMuseRob ZombieHIMDragonForceManowarApocalypticaChildren of BodomIsisCoheed and CambriaASHES dIVIDEOpethDead By SunrisePuscifer3 Doors DownDaughtryThree Days GraceStone SourSeetherBreaking Benjaminblink-182My Chemical RomanceThe Dillinger Escape PlanJudas PriestBlack Label SocietyTheory of a DeadmanDepeche ModeGreen DayU2The KillersFranz FerdinandKings of LeonThe KillsDaft PunkVelvet RevolverGuns 'N' RosesGorillazBlack Rebel Motorcycle ClubThe ProdigyThe Smashing Pumpkins30 Seconds to MarsThe CultRage Against the Machine
  • The Death Of Music?

    17 avr. 2010, 14h58m

    This is a fairy tale & it starts like this: Once upon a time, pop singers were actual singers. But then it all went to shit...

    It's been over a decade since my 1st encounter with Auto-Tune (from now on I shall refer to it as AT). Back then I just thought that Believe by Cher sounded kinda funny. She always had a weird, manly voice, which got even weirder as she aged and probably underwent hormone treatments in her quest to look like the lovechild of Michael Jackson and Jocelyn Wildenstein. Anyway, Believe sounds pretty Stephen Hawking-ish.

    Because I never really cared about mainstream pop music, for a long time I didn't even notice how AT spread like a virus. It's pretty freakin' hilarious that a digital tool that was initially created to MAKE VOCALS SOUND BETTER is now used to MAKE VOCALS SOUND LIKE SHIT.
    The robot lung/Stephen Hawking effect is only acceptable for Daft Punk (they dress like robots anyway). It is deeply WRONG to hear such sounds coming from a creature that looks like a human, moves like a human and yet sounds like a friggin' speech synthesizer. I mean, computers in sci-fi movies usually sound more lifelike than most of today's pop "hits"!

    Of course a lot of ATd songs are very successful. Because in this fucked-up world with its fucked-up set of values, idiocy and bullshit = success. Because the vast majority of today's youth is borderline retarded and worships celebrities who are equally vapid, dumb, superficial and untalented, devoid of ANY and ALL traits that make human beings special and valuable among the creatures on this planet.

    Since walking around without pants on or having an unnaturally enormous ass is worthy of fame, songs without real human emotions, without any substance or meaning storm the charts, mass-produced by record labels that are more and more like the food industry-selling well-flavored cheap stuff that fills your stomach, fattens you up but doesn't provide enough nutrients and always leaves you hungry for more.

    AT lets rappers "sing" and makes "singers" who can't sing seem like they can actually "sing". And because artistic value doesn't matter these days, the charts are again & again topped by songs that are unbearably atrocious to anyone who actually has an ear for music or at least half a brain. Fans of mainstream bullshit usually argue that it's "catchy". NO, FUCKHEADS. The Beatles is catchy. TiK ToK is WORTHLESS SONIC GARBAGE.

    Below are a few examples of AT "goodness". Compare these to the great hits of past eras. The end of the 00's and the beginning of the new decade has all been about the likes of Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Susan Boyle ...the bestsellers of today. Then there are the "producers". Timbaland, T-Pain, RedOne & co., who are pretty much nailing down the coffin lid.

    I used to like Sugababes. They represented pop music at its best, with songs like this:

    ...and now they've turned into this:

    Big hits from the past couple of years. Basically a "who can make a more annoying song" contest. Oh, and AT up the wazoo.
    This woman cannot sing. Period. Yet she's a "music" star. I thought singers were supposed to s- oh wait, this is the age of anti-music we're living in.

    Kanye West can sing too... sort of.

    ...this creature is, liek, the biggest thing in music right now.

    No words can describe how awful Ke$ha is, in every way that it's possible to be awful.

    This POS wins the non-existing award for "best-looking video for a shitty song". Black Eyed Peas SUCK.

    Bonus: this is what everyone's favorite little girlboy wonder sounds like without AT.

    Compare those... masterpieces to a pop hit of the 90's, by Madonna (who also began to majorly suck with Hard Candy). What does it have that today's pop sensations lack? Well, let's see... Good lyrics, a decent vocals performance & a kickass, genuinely creative video.

    & a pop hit from the 80's by Eurythmics, a timeless classic in every way. Now here's a singer with attitude, a badass look & truly powerful pipes.

    There you go. Judging by current trends, the suckiness will not end, it will only get worse. is going down the drain as well, I with more & more pop poop achieving immense play counts and Lady GaGa regularly finishing just behind The Beatles on the weekly charts. There is no escaping this. It's everywhere and almost impossible to ignore, no matter how hard you might try.

    The shitstorm is upon us...


    MetallicaChris CornellAudioslaveSoundgardenNine Inch NailsSlayerNightwishRadioheadIron MaidenBlack SabbathOzzy OsbourneRammsteinKMFDMThe BeatlesBritney SpearsFoo FightersLinkin ParkNirvanaMarilyn MansonAdam LambertMadonnaImmortalDream TheaterCarlos SantanaAC/DCEuropeRick AstleyToolA Perfect CircleMuseRob ZombieHIMDragonForceManowarApocalypticaChildren of BodomIsisCoheed and CambriaASHES dIVIDEOpethDead By SunrisePuscifer3 Doors DownDaughtryThree Days GraceStone SourSeetherBreaking Benjaminblink-182My Chemical RomanceThe Dillinger Escape PlanJudas PriestBlack Label SocietyTheory of a DeadmanDepeche ModeGreen DayU2The KillersFranz FerdinandKings of LeonThe KillsDaft PunkVelvet RevolverGuns 'N' RosesGorillazBlack Rebel Motorcycle ClubThe ProdigyThe Smashing Pumpkins30 Seconds to MarsThe CultRage Against the MachineEminemKylie Minogue
  • Biggest Piece Of Fucking Shit In Music History (& That's Saying A Lot)

    18 jan. 2010, 23h48m

  • The Many Faces Of Chad Kroeger

    13 jan. 2010, 0h07m

  • My Top Songs From My Top 10

    10 jan. 2010, 0h15m

    In this here journal entry I list my most-played song from each of the artists in my Top 10.

    Apocalyptica: I Don't Care (feat. Adam Gontier)
    Actually, this is far from being Apoc's best song, but it's freakin' catchy and I ridiculously overplayed the damn thing. Here's the video, which is extremely well done, IMO.

    Nine Inch Nails: The Great Below
    Honestly... seriously... this is the most beautiful song ever written. I have nothing else to say.

    Metallica: The Day That Never Comes
    I'm not an elitist metalfag, so I can freely admit to liking the hell out of Death Magnetic without losing any kvltness. It's a great album and this song is awesome. The video ain't too shabby either.

    Depeche Mode: Wrong
    It's been a while since DeMo delivered something this brutal, powerful, dark and honest. A song that just grabs you by the balls/tits and doesn't let go.

    Rammstein: Pussy
    Yes. It is my most-played track R+ at the moment. Both the song & the video are fucking hilarious and addictive. Prudes and purists, GTFO!
    The censored vid, 'cause Youtube isn't hardcore enough for the real thing:

    Eicca Toppinen: Alone In The Dark
    Currently 6th on my overall charts, soon to be topped by Muse. I listened to him a lot because his solo album (the soundtrack for a Finnish movie) is stunning, and because he's the founder of Apocalyptica. If you're not familiar with his work, here's my most-played song from Eicca:

    Muse: Undisclosed Desires
    Oh the sexiness. It's almost too much to bear...

    Clint Mansell: Together We Will Live Forever
    The Fountain is one of the most beautiful movies ever made, with a soundtrack to match. Goosebumps, tears, bitter/sweet memories...

    Linkin Park: The Little Things Give You Away
    If you can listen to this song and still mock LP, it's time you pulled your head outta your ass. These guys are talented as hell and they've released so many fantastic songs. So what if they're popular? The fact that a band like LP achieves huge mainstream success calls for celebration, not retarded whining and trolling!
    Here's an incredible live performance from their live DVD, Road to Revolution.

    Tool: Triad
    The most epic instrumental metal track ever. Sorry Orion, this one kicks your ass. Awesomeness beyond words. I worship this song.
  • Another year over, a new one just begun...

    1 jan. 2010, 22h45m

    Whew. It seems like it was only yesterday when I welcomed 2009, and now it's over. While it might've been shitty in many ways, it has certainly been an amazing year in music & movies.

    My Top 5 Albums of 2009:

    5: Editors - In This Light and on This Evening (this band also became the revelation of the year for me)

    4: Depeche Mode - Sounds of the Universe

    3: Muse - The Resistance

    2: Rammstein - Liebe ist für alle da

    1: Puscifer - C Is For (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) (yeah, it's an EP not a full album, but still, it's mind-blowing once you get past the funny/stupid cover, and The Humbling River is the song of the year for me)

    Honorable mention: the self-titled debut by Karin Dreijer's project, Fever Ray

    Low points of 2009:

    5: The infamous Kanye West moment at the VMAs, but not for the reasons you might think: yes, he did act like an ass (is he capable of anything else, BTW?) but 2 far more awful things happened that night - Beyoncé was seriously nominated for a major award and Taylor Swift WON. A trophy. Taylor Swift. For being "the best" in something. Yeah.

    4: This person who calls herself Lady Gaga (because Lady Coochie Coochie Coo would've been too complicated) has brainwashed the masses into believing that what she does is somehow more than fluffy pink dance pop with stupid-ass lyrics and she is being praised because she is more "talented" than Britney Spears which is pretty much the equivalent of saying she's smarter than a chicken because she doesn't shit on the dinnertable, whereas a chicken would definitely shit on the dinnertable if it had the opportunity to do so.

    3: Susan Boyle sold HOW MANY ALBUMS???

    2: The downward spiral (no pun intended) of Marilyn Manson. This was not a good year for him, to put it mildly. Not only did his new album The High End Of Low flop enormously, his music failed to impress and his childish, incoherent ramblings were ridiculed in magazines and webzines all around the world and he's a few pounds away from morphing into Boy George. How the mighty fall...

    1: Ex-Prince Of Darkness Trent Reznor had an apparent mental meltdown/severe midlife crisis & subsequently he went on a fundraising rampage which ended in failure and he also had a freakishly brief engagement to an obscure female who is more proficient at gold-digging than a hermit from Alaska, followed by a sudden wedding where he looked extremely uncomfortable in a waistcoat & tie.

    Dishonorable mention: reunions up the wazoo, by the likes of Creed, Limp Bizkit & blink-182. They were truly missed and the world is better place now that they're back. Or something like that.

    Releases I'm looking forward to in 2010:

    The Deluxe reissue of The Fragile + new Nine Inch Nails material
    New albums by Apocalyptica & Linkin Park
    Possible new material from A Perfect Circle; a fresh Tool release would be amazing, but for now that's just wishful thinking on my part.

    Now excuse me, I gotta go & throw up from a pink hearts overdose.