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11 nov. 2008, 20h33m

A journal entry to keep track of cool covers. Now as a playlist (New!).

Hello Spaceboy - Pagan's Mind
I was not aware of this David Bowie song (Hello Spaceboy) before I heard this version. Brilliant performance.

Metro - System of a Down
Berlin (Take My Breath Away-Berlin) did the original (Metro). Maybe it is the song as such that is awesome, not the cover. Alkaline Trio has covered it as well (Metro).

Lucretia My Reflection - Warrel Dane
Nevermore member Dane makes an awesome version of this Sisters of Mercy Floodland classic. That's an album to check out.

Better Off Dead - Anathema
O gosh, I forgot the best cover ever. This is a wonderful cover of Bad Religion. Michelle Richfield does the most impressing vocals I have ever heard. The original is a song I did not pay much attention to before I heard the cover, but I think that is significant for a cool cover. (Edit November 14th 2008)

Masters of War - Dragontears
The psychadelic Danes included this one on their latest recording. It is a cool cover of Bob Dylan's Masters of War from 1963. (Edit January 2nd 2009)

Summer Breeze - Type O Negative
I didn't knew this was a cover. Seals & Crofts (Summer Breeze) did the original and it is a completely different song. The cover is better in my opinion, but kudos to the song writers. (Edit January 30th 2009)

All Along the Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
Another one I didn't realize being a cover until years after I first heard the awesome cover. And another original by Bob Dylan (All Along the Watchtower) . (Edit January 30th 2009)

Subdivisions - Jacob Moon
A stunning cover (and performance) of one of my favourite Rush songs (Subdivisions).

(Edit February 3rd 2009)

Yellow Raven - Pain of Salvation
This was originally made by Scorpions on their Virgin Killer album in 1976 (Yellow Raven). I don't know which version I prefer, but the song itself is just amazing. The original cover of the original album is by the way a bit tasteless - but obviously the official cover at the moment. (Edit January 7th 2010)

I will extend this entry as soon as I come across other cool covers.

Any other suggestions?


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