White Lion: Perfect balance between time and strength


26 avr. 2008, 4h46m

White Lion was amazing! The production sucked and yet they managed to save the night anyway. Quite an accomplishment considering the awful ambient of the party, the annoying publicity forced between songs, the absolute lack of anything even remotely decent to drink and the ugly screen with Rockaxis advertising...

I had the worst week ever, was with a cold that got me hallucinating because of the fever, tons of work that couldn't be delayed and 5 days to make an audiovisual note about the cementeries nº 1 and 2 of Valparaíso and their importance for Chile as a treasure of culture, history and art.
Therefore yesterday night I was exhausted and it certainly wasn't nice to discover that White Lion weren't going to play at 22:00 as announced. Due to my lack of energy and the whole crappy environment the waiting was a torture, I was ready to grab my things and head home when the band finally took the stage. My lil devil was fuming and it seemed as if He'd be having the worst time of his life and it was truly reasonable. I wasn't in much better mood or shape. Seriously, I'm a journalist so I know how it works, but if one pays a ticket to see a band one shouldn't be drowned with advertisings no matter who produced the show nor how grateful one may be to have the chance to see the band, it just isn't right.

I'm not a tolerant person, I can be bitchy and annoying, extremely hard to please and stubborn [almost to spoiltness] and when something bothers me there's no way back. So when the band showed up I was standing arms crossed in my chest, lips shut tight and a bored frown expecting the worst.
I've never been a big fan of White Lion, I always thought they were good enough but not even near orgasmic, I liked the classic songs like Til Death Do Us Apart, Wait and Lady of the Valley, but I didn't know of memory each single one of their tracks. Yet when I heard they were coming I just couldn't resist, as I said, They're not one of my favourite bands but I still liked them enough and I wasn't willing to give up the chance to see them live 20 years later, so I checked out the new album and got the ticket curious yet unaware of what should I expect.
Considering the production and my annoyance by the time they started playing I expected the worst, yet I didn`t even got a chance to complain or twist my lips for they started off with such energy and strength that I just stood shocked arguing with my pride that forced me to remain motionless and suspicious.
By the second song I started stomping my feet softly in the humid flood and by the third I was already moving my hips and fighting the smile plastered on my face.
The band sounds a thousand times better live than in studio, it's completely different, the music's powerful and the attitude should make proud the devils of rock & roll.
Mike sings great, his voice steady and strong nailed without effort all the right tones and his stage pressence was overwhelming, he moved around with confidence and guided the audience through the show with his charisma and energy throwing now and then just the perfect lines to spice the people up.
I always respected White Lion because they're one of the very few bands I like with social conscience, or at least one of the only ones that's not afraid to make that clear.
Also I was surprised to see how well they all looked, back in their days of glory it always seemed to me they tried really hard to achieve the whole glam, hair metal style thingie, but never got it quite right, well, now they do.
I was impressed with the guitar player, I really wasn't expecting to see the original line up but didn't know who was at the band actually, besides Mike, and I thought the guy at guitars was really good and he had some magnetism, reminded me a lot of Richie Kotzen when younger, but better.
The show was perfect, they played all the classic songs everyone wanted to hear, introduced Return Of The Pride and even took the time to play a cover.
The encore was perfect, really intense and emotive. By that moment I was in awe and wishing the concert would never end.
It was an incredible experience and I was deliciously surprised, now I see the band in a completely different way and will never say again that they're boring.

Now I heard MIYAVI`s coming and I can't believe it, I mean, this truly is an insane country... That kind of thing can only happen here. And even though I don't like much the kid as a singer he was one hell of a guitar player back in Due le quartz and that's gotta mean something. Besides is not everyday one gets to see a jap artist playing live.


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