Music sourvey: Banda A to Z


15 oct. 2009, 16h22m

... because apparently I have too much time on my hands (not)


Name a song that starts with the letter _ and then answer these questions:

1) A At the Dawn I Wept - Silentium
2) B Bright Eyes - Blind Guardian
3) C Chasing the Dragon - Epica
4) D Dante's Prayer - Loreena McKennitt
5) E Ecos - Tears Of Moonlight
6) F False Sleepwalker - Darzamat
7) G Ghost Love Score - Nightwish
8) H Heaven and Hell - Black Sabbath
9) I Imaginary - Evanescence
10) J Joining You - Alanis Morissette
11) K Kevin's Telescope - The Gathering
12) L Leaden Legacy - After Forever
13) M Memento Mori - Kamelot
14) N Next 100 Years - Bon Jovi
15) O Open Your Eyes -Stream of Passion
16) P Per Aspera Ad Astra - Haggard
17) Q Quemarropa - Aterciopelados
18) R Read My Mind - The Killers
19) S Schakal - Lacrimosa
20) T Tale of the Sea Maid - Leaves' Eyes
21) U Unspoken - Lacuna Coil
22) V Venus - Theatre of Tragedy
23) W Waiting Silence - Angra
24) X Xavier - Paradise Lost
25) Y Your Rain - Exilia
26) Z Zero - The Smashing Punpkins

1) When did you hear 10 for the first time? : 2000 when I bought her unplugged. Amazing album.

2) Song # 5, does it remind you of someone? : No. Ok yes but not important :p

3) A part of the song # 1 you really like : The Acoustic guitar that repeats itself literally throughout the whole song is freaking amazing. But when the electric guitar comes in it's just pure eargasm.

4) Dedicate # 15 to someone : Hm, a dear friend of childhood I guess

5) What do you feel when you listen to song #11? : I feel satisfied. It makes me calm and pleased. I adore that song ^^

6) Who sings song # 7? : Tarja Turunen

7) Did you hear with someone song # 17? : Uhm, yeah, a couple of friends making some works for the uni and in front of the chimney relaxing, drinkin wine haha.

8) Have you ever danced to # 18? : Uhm, yeah! hahaha. Don't ask

9) Do you have # 8 on your iPod, mp3, mp4, etc? :
What kind of a question is that. OF COURSE!

10) Do you own the disc of # 3? : I do. mwahaha

11) Dedicate song # 6 to someone : xD to dedicate this song to someone is... weird...

12) # 19 makes you reflect on... : I don't know german. But the music vibe makes me think of loneliness and to be forsaken.

13) Name another song by the artist of # 20 : Twilight Sun. One of my favourite songs ^^

14) Have you heard # 4 at a concert? : Haha. No.

15) Refrain of # 13: Hm. It's never really the same. But I guess:

"I am the god in my own history
The master of the game
I may believe if she would come to me
And whisper out my name"

16) Singer of # 12: Floor Jansen

17) Last track you heard from # 9's album :
D: I don't remember for the life of me. My last breath I think? Whisper? I dunno.

18) The last place where you heard # 18 : two days ago in the car

19) With whom would you like to hear # 16? : I cannot think of anyone. I supposse friends if I had friends who like my music. But I listened to it with a crowd of 90.000 people at a festival :p does that count? jeje

20) Year of release of song # 2 : 1995. Wow, I was 8 D:

21) Write a part of the lyrics of song # 25 :

"I've been right, maybe I've been wrong
Hiding all the mistakes, hiding what is gone
Talking to the black clouds
Talking to the sky
Everything's so easy
Melancholy day"

22) What do you like about song # 21? : Lacuna Coil melodies are always amazing, and mixed with this sort of bombastic sound is really great. The voices work great and the guitars are present, which is something special since some bands think that bombastic means to put the guitars farrr behind all the ridiculous instrumentation.

23) Do you like the song or the artist of # 26? : very much indeeeed. I don't love them inmensely, though.

24) Do you hear # 23 every day? : Not every day, but I do love it.

25) Who made you listen to # 25? : I guess I read in a forum that the band was great and I ended up with this song.


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