9 mars 2011, 5h45m

    The thought is enough to make me pee myself, though I never wanted to be one of those "weird" fans. But I've never been to one of his concerts before, and I've loved him since I was 5.

    So imagine me, when my mom (who is extremely bad at showing her love) said that I could spend the $325 (and on top of that is poor) to get a front row ticket.

    Being a FOJG (Friends of Josh Groban) member, I had access to the very first presale. And being that tickets are ridiculously priced at the area I was looking to get, not many people were buying them there.
    At the strike of 10AM Wednesday morning (when they were supposed to go on sale) I refreshed at LEAST 100 times until 10:07 when they finally went on sale.

    I am a fast typer.
    I am a huge Josh Groban fan.
    I was going to get a ticket if it killed me (though of course, I would have to die AFTER ((or at)) the concert).

    I am now the proud owner of a ROW ONE, SECTION TWO, SEAT 6 (front row center!) ticket to see Josh Groban at the HP Pavilion in San Jose on August 23rd 2011, or at least, I will be once I get to will call.

    With everything seriously crappy that's going on, this is enough to hold me over.

    Josh Groban, YOU RAISE ME UP. <3