4000th track: Dark Tranquillity – Damage Done


6 nov. 2010, 21h00m

th track: (01 Jul 2010)
Dark TranquillityDamage Done
(Damage Done, 2002)

It seems these days are getting shorter
Derails my train of thought

What said in hand was done
Chased unforgiveness down these corridors
Locked down the basis for the willing form
A trail far from strayed
The damage done

A year ago, I used to listen only to “not extreme” metal and other moderate stuff, until someone kept trolling me with some metalcore/melodeath stuff that I mostly didn't like. Though somehow I wondered whether there are some extreme metal bands out there who would suit my taste, so I tried out a set of well-known bands per genre, among them Dark Tranquillity. I wouldn't even call them “extreme” today, as there are no offensive lyrics and the music really isn't “cacophonous”, but certainly they have become one of my very favourite bands within the past months.
Damage Done was the first album I bought then and the only one I listened frequently by the 4000 mark here, so it should be one track off it. As I enjoyed this album as a whole – I didn't find a weak track nor an outstanding favourite –, I just chose the title track as a representative. It's got one interesting message, telling about life being “fast” and thus being bound to decisions which may cause damage not to be adjusted easily. Basically our path is leading us to a fork where we have to decide how to progress, without the option to turn back, at times, and there's not always enough time to consider or predict the consequences of the choice beforehand – and then the damage will be done.


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