• Operation: Witness The Epicness That Is GZA.. FAILED

    14 mars 2011, 1h31m

    Wed 9 Mar – GZA/Genius

    I've never been so squashed in my life up in the front row, the assholes were out in force that night. In all my experiences of enjoying live music in Vancouver, and I've seen a lot, big venues, small venues... I've always been up front row, and abuse / moshing just comes with the territory. But that night was a different story, maybe it was the very LONG wait for the big man that made everyone go crazy. You couldn't even take a minute to look at GZA and listen because you were trying fight off the waves of abusive crowd squashing.

    Anyways it seemed like a great performance on GZA's part, I'll just have to try again for the next solo show.
  • A Match Made In Heaven...

    5 mai 2009, 4h52m

    Sun 3 May – Ladytron, The Faint

    Yesterday my dream became reality,The Faint and Ladytron... LIVE TOGETHER! About this time last year in May I saw Ladytron with Datarock it was a great show, Ladytron blew me away, Datarock were funny, not my cup of tea. Last night The Faint totally rocked my very body to the core, I've always held them and Ladytron dear to my heart, two of my favourite groups. To see them play together was brilliant. A night to remember. The Faint played two of favourtie songs too Worked Up So Sexual and Dropkick the Punks! It was pretty surreal to see Dapose standing right in front me playing I Disappear as he tweaks his pedals on his beautiful pedal broad laying right in front of me. Todd and the boys just pwned. I love them.

    As for Ladytron same as last time, orgasmic and elegant. Helen and Mira looking as beautiful as ever. I wish they would've turned Daniel's guitar fucking up, I know it not the focal point of the music but it is on Witching Hour, so it needs to be front and center, I found that was the only thing that bugged me. A night I'll never forget as my ears and are still ringing. <3