00s party girl soundtrack 10 estrellas 80s groove a vocal-centric aesthetic abstract hip-hop akajou alta classe ambient apocalyptic tango avant-garde bbc sound of 2009 beautiful minimal heavenly electronica billboard top 20 blissful sleep boss beat calm party music casio attack chick rock chills and butterflies chills up and down my spine classic club misfits cold rainy november day contemporary classical cool weird damned good dance dance dance dancing on table tops definitely good for the health downtempo drinking tune easy listening electrocool enjoooy it experimental extensive vamping female vocalists frelectro french grooves grown folk soul hang out dance happy vocals holy melon horstaxe ilikethisalot immaculate lyrics in the evening indie pop sweden indietronica jazz vocal classic lesbian sex light remix like drowning peacefully micro acid my black lovely ladies my electro feelings my party is better than yours neon space never skip new mod new wave new wavepost-punk revival nu-wave orgasms panting snare pass the feeling peerless pop rock qualities post punk post-punk post-punk revival proto-punk psychotaze riot electro romantic classical sexy smile advice so vivrant songs that put me in a good mood songs to listen to late at night spin spin spin springtime-jazz story telling striving to get higher summer swedish indie swedish talents sweet teen issues tells my story thats hot joints timeless to be continued tweaked unconscionably good voice tempo well done pace wicked electronic stuff wow i really really looooove this song and want to listen to it all the time