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À propos de moi least

sometimes I participate in these groups & games:

Diversity + Knowledge group

I AM 84 OF 227 PLAYERS IN 2014-10 Game (-3.2308 POINTS)
  • SES%: 24.9395%
( Highest score was LindsayVL: 98.0767 % in SES.)
  • Variance: -0.226%
( Highest score was cricketantmusic: +1.8009% SES increased)
  • S+ Level is: 9.5804%
( 100% was AndyTithesis: 11607 new scrobbles)
  • A+ Level is: 3.0825%
( 100% was cricketantmusic: 3017 new artists)
  • TTS Level:8.2676%
( 100% was altblue: 1000000 Overall tracks)
  • TAC Level: 7.8816%
( 100% was efoja_87: 261610 Artists)
POINTS AWARDED (100 is the limit):
  • Per Total Artists Scrobbled (PTTS): 3
  • Per Total Artists Count (PTAC): 55
  • Per Smart Eclectic Score (PSES): 72
  • Per Artists Added (PA+): -25
  • Per Scrobbles Added (PS+): -11
  • Per Variance (PVAR+): -76
  • Per Compatibility with efoja_87 (P1stC): 12
  • Per Proximity to the Average SES (PCASE): -71
  • Per Monthly Taste (PMT): -36
  • Per Low Taste in Top Artist (PTPC): 58
  • Per Register date vs. Music (PRVM): 72
  • Per Monthly AEP (PMAEP): -75
  • LAST SCORE IS: -3.230769230769231
AimsterSkitz0rz in KBS!:
  • Rank: 121 of 227 Players.
  • Score: -379.67 Pts.
  • WINS: 0.
Top KBS! Player: amcrebelfan
Last Month I Played: 1112 Tracks, adding 93 New Artists in my library (MT: 11.957) My Top Artist is: Ramones with a taste of 0.5721%----------- Recent Loved Artist: Led Zeppelin AimsterSkitz0rz LastFm Level: 72
Group's average SES% is 16.708% (Average player is johnpaulgeorge1 with 16.8425% in SES%
Listen Unlistened Music!Join the group with at least 827.6 artists and 8276 Tracks scrobbled in your library ( SE CALCULATOR)


*I pretty much LOVE Anything MY friends @Geykido Comet Records
Put out:

ESL?!,* INTRO5PECT,* VLAD and the IMPALERS,* Holding on to Sound,* Pornshot,* Peelander-Z,* Toys That Kill,* Lipstick Pickups,* Kill the Scientist,* Jag Offs,* Jack Killed Jill,* Four Letter Words,* Fleshies,* Enemy You,* East Arcadia,* Deadman Walking,* Bobot Adrenaline,*
so check em out some of the people in the first few bands are old friends of mine the owners of the the label are old friends as well...they pretty much started it up right after high-school :D

I am interested in Art and Photography and I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic and Multimedia Design @DeVry University so thats why I am on this website so much. Music helps me focus and gives me inspiration....

Brain Lateralization Test ResultsRight Brain (62%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain.Left Brain (44%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain Are You Right or Left Brained?Personality Test by****

I love hearing something new that reminds me of something old...Cuz whats Old to You might be New to Me (or Vice Versa!) ;D

I have alot of play-lists it's too bad might not let you stream them :P so stopped making those and I am tagging my favorite's with the tag "skitz0rz" in hope I can make my own loved track radio


Without music, life would be a mistake....We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once... ~Nietzsche

Aimee Webb is one of the most eclectic people I've ever met! A true open brain. (</payg> McMullen)

My Eclectic score is currently


My super-eclectic score is currently



Generated on February 26 2014

I Looove all kinds of music depending on my mood or whomever I am entertaining

I am quite fascinated by the history and evolution of music

Besides the stuff in English I enjoy world music, African, Native American, tribal drums, middle eastern, Arab, Persian, Hindi singing and rhythm
and I love music from Asia.

I am quite fond of the Shuffle option, or a random mix on any player


Some OLD collage I made with visual representations of my growing musical eclecticism w/a collage of chicks I think are cool in the upper left corner (if you right click and select view image you can see it better)

I though I should put this up again

I like my own spotify radio

Gratuitous picture's of myself just because...

I have a sense of humor. You should get one ...It's the cool thing to do...

"I try not to get offended so easily. i either deserve it, and so i can take it. or i don't, and then i just don't have to. :P"
I am E a s i l y A m u s e d and I try not to take everything so seriously life's to short to get so bothered... :D

Sometimes I tumble

Soooo I take pictures:

I am a blend of SCOTTISH* WELSH* GERMAN*

*I lived in China for a year which had a big influence on me....


Favorite foods are: Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Indian and Italian *
Favorite drink Tea (especially a boba / bubble tea) *
Favorite candy Dark Chocolate

I love Chocolate so much I want to smell like it:

One of the things I love about Erte's illustrations besides the obvious awesomeness of his designs is that most of the girls have faces like mine :>) Not to many short up turned ski jump barbie nose's to be found if at all...

I like Collecting and decorating snail mail and other things with whimsical, cutesy-poo, childish, colorful, shiny, obnoxious stickers and I have lots of magazine scraps and this is a Collage I made for my best friend in CA. It represents Miami, Our mutual love for Vintage stuff, Historical Architecture (like Art Deco) and a few inside jokes...

This is the first RUFF EDGED collage I made on Photoshop cuz...I am a newb (yup the photo is of me (I was trying to look like a silent film star) The piece shows my love or Pop Art and Art Deco craziness :)

other playlists

The story of my silly user-name AimsterSkitz0rz:
Well I am a Geek! In high-school I was nicknamed Skittles because of how colorful I
dressed. Also I was always seen eating the candy. My real name is Aimee and one of my other nicknames is Aimster. So I combined both nicknames. I don't eat Skittles as much any more I'd rather have chocolate (it's healthier anyways)

Married since 8*9*2008

Yes that is Hello Kitty and Chewbacca as the wedding cake toppers I am all kinds of geeky :)

my Husbands Profile
It's mostly U2, Dance, Electronica, New Age and world music

Here is a link to MY OTHER LAST/FM Profile *It's Mostly Prehistoric "emo"*

So far I have submitted one design:

Last.FM Milestonesst track: (31 Jan 2014)
Jane Child - Don't Wanna Fall in Love
th track: (20 Feb 2010)
Niv Haramati - The Call
th track: (24 Aug 2010)
Toadies - Mister Love
th track: (25 Mar 2011)
Sunny Neji - Face Me
th track: (31 Jan 2012)
Kimbra - Good Intent
th track: (16 Nov 2012)
Abe Lyman's California Orchestra - Shake That Thing - Charleston
th track: (18 Jun 2013)
Public Image Ltd. - Careering
th track: (19 Dec 2013)
Trojan - Barrington Levy - Collie Weed
Generated on 31 Jan 2014
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