• Yellow Ostrich, Pattern is Movement

    17 mars 2014, 0h31m

    Sat 15 Mar – Yellow Ostrich, Pattern is Movement

    Pub Rock is a teeny tiny little venue, but half of it is still a bar, so that's nice. The back of the room has TVs so that you can see the stage, but the only downside was that if anyone looks directly into the camera, they turn into zombies. The opener, Pattern is Movement, were exceedingly dull and boring. Even though it is just a drummer and a keyboarder/singer, they had little to offer in terms of "music". The singer covered a D'Angelo song complete with falsetto, but it wasn't nearly enough. I really can't appreciate live music if it sounds like gibberish.

    Alex Shaaf was sitting at the table next to us throughout the opening performance, and I was very tempted to try and sneak a quick selfie with him, but he was talking with some people, and I didn't want to seem rude. But I thought it was cool that he was just chilling until it was his turn. Speaking of, Yellow Ostrich soundcheck'd and then left the stage, and that's just a horrible way to stall for time. If you're already on the stage, then stay there. (This is also the reason I hate encores.) Alex was full of energy and was pretty vibrant, but I couldn't get over how melancholy the bass player was. Poor guy. They played a great mix of songs, but I regret not listening to their new album Cosmos more before the show. I had a hard time getting into the music because I couldn't really sing along. But I garner enjoyment through osmosis, and the crowd was thoroughly excited. My only disappointment was that they didn't sing Morgan Freeman's Selected Filmography because that song is the tits.
  • Darwin Deez, Caged Animals, Sun Bones

    19 sept. 2013, 18h58m

    Wed 18 Sep – Darwin Deez, Caged Animals

    This was my first time at the The Rhythm Room, and I think it's a very nice venue. The bar is pretty close to the stage, and it's pretty small, which makes for more intimate shows. The under-21 crowd was much bigger, so the over-21 section was removed and my sister and I hung out at the bar while the Sun Bones played. I can't say I liked their music, but I will say they were doing it right. Three of the four members sang with their own unique styles, and the fourth one played both washboard and tambourine. He was thrashing about, running back and fourth around the room. So, if you can't be good, be different.

    Then my sister's friend arrived, and we went to get drinks. She had seen Caged Animals before and was less than impressed by them. I agreed. The songs weren't terrible, I even kind of liked Teflon Heart, but the girl who played keyboards couldn't sing worth two shits. She just made piercing yells. Stop that. Nobody wants that.

    Also, throughout this time, Darwin was milling about the room, taking pictures and dancing with people. I rarely see musicians who are willing to do that, and it makes me love him even more. We moved back by the stage, and while we weren't as close as I wanted to be, it was a small crowd, so no biggie. The guys in Darwin Deez have little dance vignettes which are super fun to watch. Darwin loves to riff during his songs, and tell stories and make the crowd sing along. He's a crowd-pleaser for sure. I couldn't help but admire his lyrics, especially Constellations. I wonder if he would ever do an acoustic set.
  • Kisses, yellow minute, Factories

    20 mai 2013, 19h45m

    Sun 19 May – Kisses, Factories, Yellow Minute

    We got there for doors open and the place was barren. It looked like a romantic restaurant on a Tuesday morning. I heard at least seven Minus the Bear songs play which was pretty interesting. Factories came on and they were neither enjoyable nor talented. Or, to put it another way, they were at the wrong show. If they opened for me, I would not give them the courtesy of saying they were good. But hey, at least I was still sitting down.

    Next up were yellow minute. I got their album you+you+you+you=me for free a few years back and never really listened to them, but they did well. The lead singer was /quite/ the dancer. Backup slash secondary singer was somewhat bland but that's okay. I'm listening to that album now and it's nice. Crazy Concert Lady™ kept forcing my older sister Erin to dance with her, which might have been funny for me but was probably traumatic for her. :/

    Despite being on my feet for ten hours before the show, I was on them yet again, but for good reason. Kisses took center stage. Kisses is Jesse, Zinzi and drummer. Jesse is as close as you'll get to seeing Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off serenade you, and Zinzi is a glowing combination of Zooey Deschanel and Katy Goodman. (I thought the drummer looked like Charlie Bartlett, but Erin disagreed.) The show was fantastic, and I loved singing along with every fucking song. Well, heh, I wasn't sure about some of the lyrics, but it's forgivable.

    I'm pretty bummed that I didn't get a picture with them and that they didn't have a shirt in my size, but it was a great night, and I'm happy I went. Erin and I call Kisses "the pioneers of trop pop", which is tropical pop for all you layfolk, and their performance brought those words to a vivacious realization. Love long, everyone.
  • Starfucker & Painted Palms

    12 jan. 2012, 0h14m

    Tue 10 Jan – Starfucker, Painted Palms

    It was a 16 and up show, and I had the unfortunate fortune to be just shy of 21, so my concert companion (who was over 21) and I had to hang out with throngs of 'little kids', as I unaffectionately called them. Painted Palms opened, but I had never heard any of their music. They were decent, but I couldn't help but laugh at the stoic figure of the drummer. The lead singer also had a gnarly pedostache, which creeped the hell out of me.

    Starfucker --- oh, and they start kept getting pushed back, which is not something I appreciated. So Starfucker started out with a song I knew, which was cool, but all the little kids were on drugs or something because it was a madhouse in there. I'm also fairly sure that they played some songs twice, which was odd. I also forgot to tell my companion that they like wearing drag. Oops. They also had more instruments than I expected. Three guitars, three keyboards, four singers, three percussionists and a drummer. While they didn't play Julius quite as amazingly as I was hoping, they rocked the shit out of Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second and Girls Just Want To Have Fun. It was a very memorable show, and I'd definitely go see them again.