• October 2010

    6 oct. 2010, 1h04m

    New acquisitions:
    Lighterthief - 3 recent EPs (digital)
    David Sylvian - Sleepwalkers
    British Sea Power - Zeus EP (digital)
    V/A - Twistable, Turnable Man - A Tribute To Shel Silverstein
    Dirty Ray - Big World For A Little Man
    Sally Timms - Somebody's Rocking My Dreamboat... (digital)

    Devo - Something For Everybody: fun, much better than expected but hardly necessary.
    Trolleyvox - Leap Of Folly / The Karaoke Meltdown: solid indie, very similar to The Bads, nothing that makes me want to give it another listen.
    Chrome Hoof - Crush Depth: Really interesting Cabaret Voltaire meets Foetus but gets tiresome after a few tracks (though first two are really good)
    David Sylvian - The Good Son vs. The Only Daughter: Remix album, doesn't improve on originals or otherwise produce interesting versions
    Dandy Warhols - Best Of The Capitol Years: First half is damn good, then not so much; I should check out their first 3 albums
    Stars - The Five Ghosts: Good anthemic 21st century synth pop, especially "Fixed", but there's that "I'd rather listen to the original" feeling again
    Weakerthans - Live At Burton Cummings Theater: anthemic indie rock that's good for a song or two but way too samey over an album; the vocals are the weak link, sounding like John Vanderslice or Eef Barzelay and lacking an interesting dimension
    Bilders - Let's Play: Old kiwi equivalent of Robert Pollard
    Billy MacKenzie - Best Of Post-Perhaps: Lots of piano and voice ballads, without Billy's voice I wouldn't be interested
    Blondie - The Platinum Collection: The early hits are all I need
    The Who - BBC Sessions: Good stuff
    John Doe And The Sadies - Country Club: Solid but would prefer a best-of John Doe's solo work
    Love - Forever Changes: I can understand how different this sounded at the time but aside from a couple of cuts I wasn't engaged
    Lou Reed - Between Thought And Expression box set: Much more entertaining than I expected but I still prefer John Cale across the board
    Modern English - Soundtrack: Surprisingly good considering they haven't done anything decent since the mid-80s
    Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - The Tyanny Of Distance: Joe Jackson fronting The Replacements? Not nearly as interesting as that could be. I just don't get the hype.
  • September 2010

    7 sept. 2010, 23h08m

    New acquisitions:
    Tours - Album Of The Year... (That Never Was)
    V/A - Avon Calling 2
    Jon Langford - Old Devils
    Street Chant - Means
    Brian Dewan - Words Of Wisdom
    XTC - Live At Rockpalast '82 (digital)
    Black Watch - Led Zeppelin V
    Surf City - Kudos (digital)
    The Twilight Sad - The Wrong Car EP (digital)
    Grinderman - Heathen Child EP (digital)
    Grinderman - Grinderman 2
    Killing Joke - Absolute Dissent (digital)
    V/A - The Great Fire Of London (digital)
    The Replacements - B-Sides And Rarities (digital)
    Pine - Books And Magazines (digital)

    Autolux - Future Perfect: Solid indie rock, nothing new (reminds me a fuzzier AC Acoustics) but enjoyable, might grow on me ("Here Comes Everybody" is the best track)
    Blonde Redhead - 23: Ditto (title track is by far the best)
    Mclusky - Mclusky Do Dallas: Dumb fun modern punk.
    Posies - Dream All Day (Best Of): Growing on me, but I still prefer Tommy Keene for this sort of thing
    Ulrich Schnauss - A Strangely Isolated Place: Pleasant (mostly) instrumentals; pass.
    Sunnyboys - This Is Real disc 1: Solid but the best stuff is on compilations I already have.
    V/A - Real Cool Time Revisited: 80s Swedish garage punk, some great bits but gets tiresome taking as a whole
    For Against - Best Of: Nope, still don't love 'em but I like them a bit more
    Paul Westerberg - B-Sides & Rarities: Some nice covers and a few solid cuts
    The Fall - all the 90s tracks I don't have on other compilations, plucked a few out to add to said compilations
  • August 2010

    4 août 2010, 23h24m

    New acquisitions:
    Wire - Send Ultimate (digital)
    Freur - EPs (digital)
    Channel 3 - The Best Of Channel 3 (digital)
    Versus - On The Ones And Threes
    Versus - Numerous compilation and 7" tracks (digital)
    Roxy Music - Live @ Musikladen TV (digital)
    Perfect Disaster - Perfect Disaster & EPs (digital)
    Stan Ridgway - Neon Mirage
    Cathal Coughlan - Rancho Tetrahedron (digital)
    Die! Die! Die! - Form
    Lloyd Cole - Broken Record & bonus disc

    Innocence Mission - My Room In The Trees: Nice, more of the same as their last album
    Ingrid Chavez & David Sylvian - Little Girls With 99 Lives EP: a pair of dull unreleased tracks and demos of 4 Sylvian b-sides. Meh.
    Factory Floor - Singles etc: Some good bits when they started out as a post-punk band but mostly sound collages these days
    LoneLady - Nerve Up / Singles: A good post-punk sound but something just doesn't grab me.
  • July 2010

    1 jui. 2010, 19h24m

    New acquisitions:
    The Mutts - Life In Dirt / I Us We You: Solid punky Stooges stuff (digital)
    Devo - Singles etc: self-made comp of random non-LP and later material (digital)
    Dave Couse - Alonewalk
    V/A - Les Filles Du Crepuscule
    Dolly Mixture - Everything And More 3CD box set
    Julian Cope - Floored Genius 2 expanded edition
    Andy Prieboy - Don't Tell That Guy Anything EP (digital)
    Robyn Hitchcock & Steve Wynn - Live 2010 (digital)

    Quick sample of 3 Spanish bands recommended to me (Los Planetas - Una Semana En El Motor De Un Autobús / Surfin Bichos - La Luz En Tus Entrañas / Chu Cho - Tejido De Felicidad), nice hard indie rock but not compelling
    Devo - Pioneers Who Got Scalped: Boy, that second disc is mostly AWFUL.
    The Disappears - Singles / Live: Good, shouty vocals over driving guitars, worth coming back to later
    Customs - Enter The Characters: Northern Europeans doing second-rate Interpol? Oh hells no!
    V/A - Lethal Weapons: Australian pub rock comp with Boys Next Door, has it's moments ("Three Glorious Years") but overall not that great.
    V/A - Missing Link's Inner Sanctum: Odd Aussie compilation from the dawn of punk, quite the mixed bag
    A-Frames - 333: Only sampled side A of the triple-LP set of demos and outtakes. I'll stick with their first two fantastic albums.
    Oingo Boingo - bits on compilations I don't have, nothing grabbed me.
  • June 2010

    3 juin 2010, 1h42m

    New Acquisitions:
    Pernice Brothers - Goodbye, Killer (digital)
    Innocence Mission - Street Map EP (digital)
    Fiat Lux - Fac Ut Vivas (digital)
    Killing Joke In Excelsis EP (digital)
    Tender Trap - Dansette Dansette
    The Dream Syndicate - The Medicine Show (reissue)

    Adrian Borland - Harmony & Destruction Demos
    Depreciation Guild - Spirit Youth: Like Pale Saints meets Field Mice
    Beauty Pill - The Cigarette Girl From The Future EP: title track is by far the best
    Broken Bells - Broken Bells: Sounds like... the lead singer of the Shins and the Dangermouse guy (the point is - nothing more than who they already are)
    Morning Benders - Big Echo: Sounds like... The Shins.
    Wanda Jackson - Queen Of Rockabilly / Wanda Rocks: The best stuff is great
    Robert Pollard - Best Of Robert Pollard: 15 solo tracks from his catalogue of 1,000,000 - passed his sell-by date sadly
    Mick Karn - Selected / The Collector's Edition: two complimentary best-ofs, good stuff but his instrumental work never grabbed me
    Dom Mariani - Popsided Guitar (Anthology): the best bits are great but a bit too much guitar heroics overall

    Robyn Hitchcock solo
  • May 2010

    8 mai 2010, 2h50m

    New acquisitions:
    Justin Currie - The Great War
    John Foxx - Metratronic (2CD+DVD)
    TV21 - Snakes & Ladders
    White Rose Transmission - Spiders In The Mind Web
    V/A - Arch Hill 10th Anniversary (digital)
    Stereolab - 1997 John Peel Session (digital)
    V/A - Auteur Labels - Independent Project Records
    Kimberley Rew - The Bible Of Bop
    Robyn Hitchcock - Live at McCabe's, 1994 (digital)
    Robyn Hitchcock - Live at Somerville Theatre, 2008 (digital)
    TV Smith - Sparkle In The Mud
    TV Smith - Live At The NVA

    Adam & The Ants - Antbox: second disc has the heart of his stuff, later material is pretty bad
    Disco Inferno - DI Go Pop: Liked it much more than I did years ago, still not completely sold
    V/A - ILX Play Wire: Excellent DIY set of Wire covers
    Waves - Shock Horror!: Has it's moments
    V/A - A Real Cool Time: Swedish garage rock comp from the 80s, a mixed bag and a bit samey
    Adrian Borland - Brittle Heaven Demos: His weakest solo album, these don't make much of an improvement, and the outtakes are worse than the proper album tracks.

    Public Image Ltd
    Massive Attack
    Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
  • April 2010

    2 avr. 2010, 2h19m

    New acquisitions:
    The Wheat Pool - Township
    The Wheat Pool - Hauntario
    Penetration - The Feeling (digital single)
    Lush - Black Session 6-28-1994 (digital)
    Patrick Duff - The Mad Straight Road (digital)
    Robyn Hitchcock - Live At McCabe's, 9-95 (digital)

    LiLiPUT - Live Recordings, TV-Clips & Roadmovie: first half is mediocre sound quality, second is much better
    Bob Mould - Best Of 2000-2009: Homemade comp of his recent work, which is bad when he uses a vocoder and feels recycled when it's otherwise solid
    Pere Ubu - Datapanik In The Year Zero: Borrowed the box from the library again
    Gadgets - Blue Album: Magazine crossed with Three Johns, but not as engaging
    Big Star - Beale Street Green: Fun boot of demos and rehearsals
    Jerry Lee Lewis - Classic 8CD box set borrowed from library
    Frightened Rabbit - The Winter Of Mixed Drinks: good but Twilight Sad does this better with more oomph
    New Pornographers - Together: I love Neko's tracks the best
    Veil Veil Vanish - Change In The Neon Light: Good, kinda like The Cure with an indie-kid singing
    Adam & The Ants - Complete Radio One Recordings: Early punky stuff
  • March 2010

    2 mars 2010, 3h56m

    New acquisitions:
    Archie Bronson Outfit - Coconut
    Wild Beasts - Limbo, Panto
    Lloyd Cole - Black Session 93 & 93 (digital)
    The Fall - Your Future Our Clutter (digital)
    Stephen Fellows - Myspace Demos (digital)
    Wir/Erasure - "Figures And Crumbs", a 1995 collaboration that I competely missed! (digital)
    Jason & The Scorchers - Halcyon Times - added about half to my Scorchers playlist (digital)
    Andy Prieboy - Higher Ground / Who Am I (digital single)
    Tender Trap - Fireworks / Grand National (digital single)
    Viv Albertine - Flesh EP
    Robert Forster & Adele Pickvance - The True Story Of Butterfish (digital single)
    Method Actors - This Is Still It
    Wir - Vien EP
    Magnetic Fields - Singles & Rarities (digital)
    Black Tambourine - bonus tracks from reissue of 'Complete Recordings' (digital)
    Associates - Perhaps Demos (digital)
    Robyn Hitchcock - Propellor Time

    Talk Talk - Laughing Stock: I just don't get the hype. It's nice and all but really...\
    Wilderness - Vessel States: Not as compelling as their debut
    Curve - Public Fruit / Radio Sessions: Fun, though I prefer Laika's mood and Bleach's vocals
    Jeff The Brotherhood - Heavy Days: "Bone Jam" is by far the best track on here
    Ruby Suns - Fight Softly: Odd world-beat electronica, definitely not my thing but there's something quite good about this
    Colin Newman - Voice EP: Good electronica but I miss his, er, voice!
    Alex Chilton - Bach's Bottom / Like Flies On Sherbert: Nope, still not working for me
    Big Star - Beatle Street Breakdown: Great radio session, nth generation sound
    Future Bible Heroes - Lonely Days EP: Magnetic Fields are still preferred
    Magnificent 7s - Modern bluegrass, some very good bits

    Robyn Hitchcock performed *1* song before the opening of the new "Neil Young: Trunk Show" film
  • February 2010

    3 fév. 2010, 20h39m

    New acquisitions:
    Mission Of Burma - Snapshot (digital-only live album)
    A-Frames - A-Frames
    A-Frames - A-Frames 2
    Peter Blegvad - Live In Brooklyn, 1992 (digital - excellent radio broadcast)
    Dimmer - There My Dear
    Family Cat - Peel Sessions (digital)
    Dimmer - Degrees Of Existence
    Buggles - Adventures In Modern Recording bonus tracks (digital)
    The Neats - 1981-84 The Ace of Hearts Years (CDr)
    Wilderness - Wilderness (digital)
    Wild Beasts - Two Dancers
    Little Richard - The Georgia Peach

    Erase Errata - Nightlife: still not quite into it as much as their first two
    Pigbros - Singles etc: earliest EP is best but "Hedonist Hat" stands out as their best track
    Rokia Traore - Tchamantche: Nice African music
    Serena Maneesh - Serena Maneesh: A bit wet kiss to My Bloody Valentine; great moments but not as consistently engaging
    Los Lobos - 4 CD box set from the library: Surprisingly enjoyable when they're not doing their basic alt-rock formula
    Joy Formidable - A Balloon Called Moaning: Pretty good, may revisit in the future
    V/A - Elvis Is Dead And Living In Brazil: Suggested Brazilian post-punk compilation, not as fun as "Sexual Life Of The Savages" and "Nao Wave"
    A-Frames - Black Forest: They slowed things down and lost the thrill
    King Crimson - Homemade comp of first 4 albums: Goods bits, wanky bits, "Court Of The Crimson King" is a pretty awesome song
    Dimmer - I Believe You Are A Star / You've Got To Hear The Music: first two albums with more of an electro-funk feel have their moments but miss the target otherwise
    Dog Faced Hermans - Human Fly / Every Day Timebomb: Some good bits (and good horns!) but too cacophonous overall
    Raymilland - Quick listen to a few tracks indicated a good post-punk sound with bizarre warped vocals
    Film School - Hideout: Lots of great influences but pulling it all together it still lacks a certain urgency
    The Duke Spirit - Cuts Across The Land (US, UK & promo variations): Just one of those bands that sounds pretty good but not quite good enough to make me pull the trigger
    Rowland S Howard - suggested best-of post-Birthday Party: some good bits, "Pop Crimes" in particular, but his best work by far is with Nick
    Wolfhounds - Essential: Good but not great, with some moments of brilliance like "Me"
    R.E.M. - Live At Olympia: Very good but live albums just don't move me anymore
    French - But Even So What? / Singles etc: No progression from previous album and poor lyrics
    Deerhunter - Microcastle: Nice sound, unengaging vocals, hit a few high points
    Fad Gadget - Fireside Favorites / Incontinent: Best tracks are the singles
    Working For A Nuclear Free City - Businessmen & Ghosts: Like Power Of Dreams, Doves and Campag Velocet in a blender - very good sound, secondary vocals/lyrics
    Pussy Galore - Dial M For Motherf*cker: About half solid and half mutant-blues-jam band, I prefer Beasts Of Bourbon for this type of thing
    V/A - Homework 101: Some fun bits of US DIY, lots of stuff that just ran past me, a Homework Greatest Hits would be welcome
    Pale Saints - Slow Buildings: Yup, good reason I passed this by back in the day. The "Fine Friend" single is still the best cut.
  • January 2010

    6 jan. 2010, 19h56m

    2010 is starting off with a handful of digital tracks - 2 from a Jon Langford compilation, 2 from a Newtown Neurotics demo album and 1 from Oskar that guest-stars Astrid Williamson. Only the latter amounts to anything.

    New acquisitions:
    Plus Minus - Thrown Into The Fire EP (JP tour only, 6 excellent tracks)
    V/A - Terrace Industry (4 CD box set of the best from Aussie post-punk label M Squared)
    These New Puritans - Hidden
    Jason Pegg (from Clearlake) - Jason Pegg (digital)
    Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back

    Hotels - Where Hearts Go Broke: good but lots of spot-the-influence (this track sounds like Siouxsie, this one like Joy Division, etc).
    Alex Chilton - Live At CBGBs 1978: Fun, good companion to _Live In London_.
    Au Pairs - Sense & Sensuality (remaster/remix): Better than the original release but still not critical, especially as the best tracks appear in better form on the BBC compilation.
    V/A - We Went And Recorded It Anyway: underground punk & power pop from the late 70s US. Fun but lacking something found in the UK scene.
    Six By Seven - Peel Sessions; damn good energetic guitar rock when they're on, noodly drone rock when they're off
    M83 - Before The Dawn Heals Us: Soundscapy, a few energetic tracks, but otherwise puts me to sleep
    Mahogany - Connectivity: Not bad, big Stereolab/goth vibe, some awesome tracks like "Supervitesse" but the last third put me to sleep.
    Voom - Hello Are You There: The NZ equivalent of Baby Bird, uncannily similar voice and style. Nice, but then I've already got Baby Bird.
    Stephen Duffy/Lilac Time - Memory & Desire: I prefer his Lilac Time material to his solo stuff.
    Robyn Hitchcock - Fegmania! Demos: Can't really hear much of a difference aside from a few longer versions of b-sides
    Magnetic Fields - Realism: Not sure on this one, could be a grower but for now I'm putting it aside.
    Hurricane Bells - Tonight Is The Ghost: Side project from Longwave frontman, nice but ultimately uninteresting.
    Pigbros - Peel Sessions: Pretty good, a bit samey