2011: The Annual


22 déc. 2011, 21h42m


01. Coldplay
02. Baths (NEW)
03. James Blake (NEW)
04. M83 (NEW)
05. Sigur Rós
06. The Script
07. Bon Iver (NEW)
08. Lior (NEW)
09. Snow Patrol
10. Tom Waits (NEW)
11. Gold Panda (NEW)
12. Radiohead
13. De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig
14. Jamie Woon (NEW)
15. Bibio (NEW)
16. Daft Punk
17. Keane
18. The Middle East (NEW)
19. Owl City
20. Chicane


01. Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall (may)
2011 was the return of Coldplay. I listened a lot of Coldplay in the past but the last few years, I was kind of done with it. When this song came out, I started to play all the songs again and again, I rediscovered it all and it made clear that this is still my favourite band.
02. The Script - If You Ever Come Back (may)
Just a random song from a random band, that was my feeling when I first listened this. But the guitar loop grew so much on me and I still kept playing it for a long time, that it made it to the number two of this year.
03. The Middle East - Fool's Gold (september)
I found this song on Last.FM, it's full of passion and sweetness. I love this song very much. It was like six months on my playlist. The highest 'soft song' of this year, for me. Thanks Last.FM
04. Baths - Plea (june)
A newcomer this year, who achieved great succes. I've never played an album so much as his debut album Cerulean. This is my anthem of 2011.
05. Baths - (june)
Another fantastic song from Baths. His whole album is in my top 100 of 2011. Not a single artists ever achieved that. If Baths had more released songs, he definately would be the number one artist of 2011.
06. Baths - Hall (june)
This song is the ultimate expression of being happy. If you listen one of these song, please listen to this one. It's so experimental, but so cheerful too. At first play, you have something like 'what'? But after three plays it's extremely addictive, I promise. I think, if I hear this song when I'm like seventy years old, I'll feel pure nostalgia.
07. Baths - Aminals (june)
Yes, it's another song from Baths and yes, it's correctly spelled. This is the first song I heard from Baths. I discovered him because of Gold Panda. This song had to grow on me and it did. After a month I decided to buy the album and I will never ever regret that.
08. Lior - This Old Love (february)
There was this moment, when I was cycling back to home, from school. I never listen radio on my mobile phone, but at that time I was. I heard this wonderful song from an artist I hadn't heard of before. Reminds me of early 2011.
09. Sigur Rós - Gítardjamm (re-entry)
I liked this song in 2010, but I loved this song in 2011. Only a voice and some strings. No drums, no lyrics. Pure bliss. If you've never heard of this song, you definately should listen it.
10. Tom Waits - If I Have to Go (march)
This is the most heartbreaking song of 2011, for me. That distorted old voice, with that piano breaks my heart every time. Wow.
11. Star Slinger - May I Walk With You? (july)
This little song is just a sample and a beat. But it was so addictive to me that it made it to my number 11 of 2011.
12. Marit Larsen - Vår Beste Dag (february)
I love Nordic languages. I also love Marit Larsen. Usually she sings in English, but for once she sang in Norwegian and I loved it. It was a long time in my top 5, but in the last months it dropped till number 13.
13. Lior - Lost In You (april)
The second one from Lior. A beautiful singer-songwriter song with some middle eastern influences. Beautiful.
14. Coldplay - Moving to Mars (may)
This one was not on Mylo Xyloto, but was released as a part of the Every Teardrop is a Waterfall EP. A song I really expected from Coldplay. Perfect.
15. Owl City - Alligator Sky (april)
This one is all about my summer holidays. Lying in the sun on a boat at the lake of Garda in Italy, with this song in my ears at full quality. All things bright and beautiful. These are perfect moments.
16. Baths - Departure (june)
And another one from Baths. The final track from the album. Tedious, but lovely.
17. Jóhann Jóhannsson - The Sun's Gone Dim and the Sky's Turned Black (june)
A classical song, with a modern twist. A beautiful symphony with tearing vocals. Breaks my heart.
18. Coldplay - Up in Flames (october)
My favourite song from Mylo Xyloto. After Every Teardop is a Waterfall, the most played of the album.
19. Coldplay - U.F.O./artist] - U.F.O.
And we have this one, comes just a few plays after Up in Flames. Has the same melody as the song Mylo Xyloto and is also my melody of 2011.
20. Gold Panda - You
The beginning of all my sample based music of 2011. Found this via Last.FM by Nathan Fake. Contains only one world in the whole track: 'You'


01. Baths - Cerulean (june)
02. Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto (october)
03. M83 - Hurry Up, We're Dreaming (october)
04. James Blake - James Blake (february)
05. The Script - Science & Faith (re-entry)
06. Baths - Pop Music / False B-Sides (august)
07. Jamie Woon - Mirrorwriting (march)
08. De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig - De Lachende Derde (re-entry)
09. Bon Iver - Bon Iver (july)
10. The Middle East - The Recordings Of The Middle East (september)


Best Act: Coldplay
Best Newcomer: Baths
Most Inspirational Artist: Baths
Best Live Act: M83
Best Dutch Act: De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig
2011 Award: Baths
Most Promising Act for 2012: Active Child

Best New Genre:

Best Song: Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
Most Inspirational Song: Baths - Hall
Best Dutch Song: Spinvis - Overvecht
Best Non-English song: Marit Larsen - Vår Besten Dag
Summer 2011 Anthem: Don Omar - Danza Kuduro
Best Christmas Song: Smith & Burrows - When The Thames Froze
Best Music Video: Youth Lagoon - Montana (http://youtu.be/8IKPT30jOJw'
Best Cover: James Blake - A Case of You
Best Lyric: 'Oh you, use your heart as a weapon. And it hurts like heaven.' (Coldplay - Hurts Like Heaven)


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