• My (updated) Musical Library...

    16 fév. 2008, 0h33m

    I did this several months ago... maybe even more than a year, so I thought it might be interesting to do it again. Now this only represents the music I listen too online, so it does not represent me as a whole, but a nice glimpse.

    TOTAL SONGS: 5590


    Sort by song title.

    First song: A.O.H. - Deitiphobia

    Last song: 2000 Light-Years Of Darkness - The Ark

    Sort by time.

    Shortest song: [22 second] My Silence, Your Ears - Seven Dynasties Of Glass Children

    Longest song: [16:59 min] Deliver Me From My Enemies - Diamanda Galas

    Sort by album.

    First album: "Gold" - ABBA

    Last album: "1967-1970" - The Beatles

    Sort by artist.

    First artist: a-ha

    Last artist: !!!

    First 5 songs to come on shuffle:
    1. "Crooked Teeth" - Death Cab for Cutie
    2. "Do Impossible Things" - Jens Lekman
    3. "Angel" - Pep Squad
    4. "Excited But Not Enough" - Midlake
    5. "It's Sick" - Daniel Amos

    "heart" how many songs come up? 92
    "death" how many songs come up? 44
    "love" how many songs come up? 282
    "you" how many songs come up? 599
    "shit" how many songs come up? 4
    "sex" how many songs come up? 10

    Most played track? "I'm So Happy" - 2nd Chapter Of Acts (35 times)
  • The Absolutely Guilty Part of Pleasure

    21 déc. 2006, 22h29m

    So, while I was going through my record collection today I realized that I have accumulated a very large amount of what would be considered cheesy, or throwaway, pop, especially of the 80s variety.

    I normally pride myself on my knowledge and love of talented, genuine and unique artists - but there is a whole section of music in my collection devoted to the mainstream trash that was shoved down our throats in the mid to late 80s, and even up until the mid 90s.

    I have everything, from 80s staples, The Bangles, a-ha and Amy Grant, to the Pet Shop Boys and Aqua - I have assembled a mass collection of forgettable pop (heck, I will even throw in Peter Gabriel and Michael W. Smith for good measure, only counting their 80s stuff, of course).

    Somewhere in the mid-90s I learned to hate top 40 pop, the manufactured, teen oriented shlock that was served up on a weekly basis (generally from TRL, and other teen oriented programs on MTV and various music stations around the world) - at some point in time I turned myself off completely to listening to all but independent music (various exceptions, but few and far between).....and yet here I have this huge collection of music I should hate, but absolutely love.

    It is the music I would dance around in my underwear to, the music I never play in front of people or never comment on when I see - a deep dark secret...but in my apartment, when i am alone...I pull out the records, turn on my player and just enjoy it (perfect cleaning music, by the way).

    I am absolutely guilty of listening to throw away schlock....and I love it.
  • Music Through The Years...

    25 oct. 2006, 5h39m

    On the drive home tonight I started thinking about all of my musical tastes, from where it started to what it is now... I thought it might be interesting to break it down, to watch how I added music to my library over the years, and to also show how my music taste has expanded over the years.

    So here it is, listed below are the influential bands per time period...some I stopped listening to after that period, others I still listen to, but by listing the main influences it might show you where I came from.

    Early 90s:
    DC Talk
    Audio Adrenaline
    2nd Chapter Of Acts
    Keith Green
    Mitch Miller

    Mid 90s:
    The Beatles
    Seven Day Jesus
    The Echoing Green
    Sixpence None the Richer

    Late 90s:
    Creed (yes, I admit it)
    Starflyer 59
    Joy Electric

    Marilyn Manson
    Fine China
    Denison Witmer

    Stabbing Westward

    Deep Mosey
    Trespassers William
    Page France

    Sail On Sailor
    Gary Lewis & The Playboys
    Tom Waits
    Wolfsheim this list does not include some of my biggest influences (Johnny Cash or David Bowie anyone?) or even bands that really made a huge impact in my life....for the most part it was created as a guide, to show people my growth and change in music as I grew up...

    Combine all of the above artists, and you will only have a glimpse as to where I came from.
  • Dance Your Way Home

    2 oct. 2006, 22h50m

    So I found a journal entry on that inspired me to make a mixtape of my own and post it on here....

    Some bands old, some bands new, some famous, some not....but all the tracks are brilliant.

    listen and enjoy.

    1. Her Space Holiday - A Match Made In Texas
    A band I know little of nothing about, I do know it is a solo act though, and brilliant.

    2. Suburban Kids with Biblical Names - Loop Duplicate My Heart
    One of my new favorite bands, for fans of Jens Lekman.

    3. The Fatales - Vanishing Act
    I dont know anything about these guys, just have a couple songs, but I really like it.

    4. niteDance - Honey Baby
    Seattle supergroup? with members of USE, Wonderful & Dolour...I think so.

    5. Gotu Kola - Pinned Up
    Seattle's favorite solo dude....dude...dude...

    6.Ohm's Law - Bride of The Ice
    A local (Portland, OR) band that really rocks....weird, but awesome.

    7. Scissor Sisters - Dont Feel Like Dancing
    What dance mixtape would be complete without this track? unfortunately it is the only good track on their new album....such a disappointment from a promising group.

    8. DearestAzazel - Pretty Little Heart
    Dance-able metal? oh hell yeah....

    9. The Ark - Clamour For Glamour
    Another Swedish band that makes me drool.

    10. Vanilla Ninja - Cool Vibes
    Did you know bands came out of Estonia? they do. and they rock.

    11. Fine China - Prosecute, Electrocute (Joy Electric Remix)
    Joy Electric and Fine China working together...what could be better?

    12. Chumbawamba - We Dont Want To Sing Along
    dont laugh! give them a try please....everything outside of Tubthumping has been amazing..

    13. Don Juan Dracula - Its The Bomb
    A band from norway.....this cold country is BRILLIANT.

    14. Shiny Toy Guns - Puttin' On The Ritz
    This remake is amazingly catchy...I love it.

    15. Apoptygma Berzerk - Cambodia
    Another band from Norway....hurray.

    16. His Name Is Alive - Here Forever, Always
    I love this group, you should too.

    17. Jaurim - I'm Sorry, I Hate You
    My favorite asian band EVER....and yeah, brilliant song title.

    18. Lady Mayhem - Her Eyes
    I think these guys actually broke up, which is sad.

    19. Bebel Gilberto - Aganjú?
    I love this. perfect ending.

    I will add a zip file with the Mp3s super soon.
  • My Music Library...well, my digital one anyway.

    15 sept. 2006, 4h57m

    So, my iTunes is not really representative of me as a whole, because I have tons of CDs and vinyl that I NEVER listen to on my computer, but I absolutely adore....but this is a sampling of my tastes.

    TOTAL SONGS: 4390


    Sort by song title.

    First song: - Philip Broadway

    Last song: Zwekke Toren - Seven Dynasties Of Glass Children

    Sort by time.

    Shortest song: [16 seconds] I'm Not Gay - Rob Manuel

    Longest song: [16:59 min] In A Gadda Da Vidda - Iron Butterfly

    Sort by album.

    First album: "...Are Taking Over!" - The Pink Spiders

    Last album: "You Window Is Burning" - 13 Ghosts

    Sort by artist.

    First artist: !!!

    Last artist: Zooey

    First 5 songs to come on shuffle:
    1. "Tiny European Cars" - Clem Snide
    2. "Every Day You've Been Away" - Bebel Gilberto
    3. "Incommunicado" - Harvey Danger
    4. "waka" - No Jazz
    5. "The End" - The Dandelion Method

    "heart" how many songs come up? 64
    "death" how many songs come up? 41
    "love" how many songs come up? 206
    "you" how many songs come up? 448
    "shit" how many songs come up? 5
    "sex" how many songs come up? 9

    Most played track? "My Worst Nightmare" - Fine China (17 times)
  • Feeling Extremely Experimental In a Pop World

    7 sept. 2006, 23h25m

    I have a problem.

    I absolutely adore pop music.

    No, not that top 40 bullshit that is mass produced and manufactured beyond belief. I like music that is beyond catchy and insanely good. The songs that get stuck in your head (and you like it)....I am talking about groups like the Talking Heads, or Jaurim, perhaps even Diamanda Galas and Soul-Junk would fall into the pop category in terms of sheer catchy-ness.

    In any case, I am a fan. There is just something about it all.

    So why is that a problem?

    I think it is because I cannot replicate it. I have a hard time justifying in , , , or just plain music.

    In my own project, Seven Dynasties Of Glass Children I have tried and tried to go for something and experimental without loosing that core. I have yet to find anything that resembles the style of music/vocals I do (if anyone knows a similiar artist or group PLEASE tell me), but I draw inspiration from Bjork, Johnny Cash, the Cold War Kids and again The Talking Heads and Diamanda Galas - basically anything that is remotely independent in style and execution.

    I was really inspired to do the music I have done because of reading all about experimental and artists and groups. They gave me hope that something was a bit weirder then the basic rockers. Heck, when I was 13 I wanted to record an entire album of voices (but Bjork & Diamanda both beat me to it). Of course by the time I actually started exploring experimental and noise groups I noticed just how un-original most of them were.... basically grindcore for the masses, or slowed down folk (yeah I know). I did find the group Boys (a girl and guy group from London/Paris, I think) and that was exciting...but it was about it.

    So I dont know what I am looking for...but I know it is out there. I just have to find it.


    (ps. if you want to check out my project -
  • Someone With Similiar Interests?

    23 jui. 2006, 16h50m

    I find it sad, very sad.

    I keep trying to make friends, and some people have absolutely amazing taste in music, they love all the right bands and labels, they know their musical history - all of this is amazing, but then I bring up some band that does not fit into that spectrum and the person I was impressed with rejects the band absolutely - just because it doesnt fit!

    I am not a picky-music person, in fact I love all kinds of bad rock, cheesy pop and obscene rap - but it is the variety I love!

    For example:

    I go into a record store to buy an album by Starflyer 59, and while I am there I pick up something by Sixpence None the Richer and Low, just the basics you know. So I am in there buying those albums and I meet someone picking up the latest Mazzy Star and The Cardigans albums, so we talk, similiar interests united! We discuss shoegazing and post-pop, and the movement to get into something dreamy. We discuss our love of these bands and the music they create - then I make the first mistake.

    I pick up an album by Mindless Self Indulgence.

    Not a big deal in my mind, but my new shoegazer friend is horror-filled with the thought of me picking up some industrial flavored noise....I explain the talent behind it and hope that person understands...

    ...then I go and pick up an album from Chumbawamba and that completely throws my poor friend into spasms. "Oh no! not that tubthumpin band!!!!", yes, it is that band, but they are so much more, they are classic pop and genius of mass media. I love them!

    ...but dont get me started on what happens when I proceed to buy albums from Led Zeppelin, Atmosphere , the talking heads and Joy Electric.

    Eventually the straw is broken, and that person may retain their friendship with me, but I have taken a seat on the "bad tate" bus, I am no longer a cool cat with great music taste, I was, but I started expanding my knowledge and got kicked back.

    When did having variety suddenly become icky? isnt it ok to like more then one style of music (and no, country & western do not count as two!).

    Johnny Cash anyone?
    how about some good ol' DC Talk?
    Perhaps even some Boomtown Rats?
    Or Dixie Chicks?

    I am so tired of narrow minded indie/hipster wannabe music critics.

    Give it a rest kids.
  • mainstream?

    25 juin 2006, 8h05m

    1. List your top 10 artists and amount of listeners to each.

    1. Jared Colinger = 4
    2. Starflyer 59 = 5,210
    3. Map = 263
    4. Blessid Union Of Souls = 10,114
    5. The World/Inferno Friendship Society = 3,044
    5. Pacifico = 162
    7. Trespassers William = 4,205
    8. Led Zepplin = 221,671
    9. Death Cab for Cutie = 214,314
    10. Chumbawamba = 27,188

    2. Add up the listeners:
    = 486,175

    3. Divide by 10:
    = 48,617.5

    4. The average listener on listens to:
    1. Red Hot Chili Peppers = 293,005
    2. Radiohead = 323,174
    3. The Beatles = 307,256
    4. Coldplay = 317,048
    5. Death Cab for Cutie = 214,314
    6. Green Day = 277,374
    7. System of a Down = 233,108
    8. Muse = 191,037
    9. Nirvana = 258,083
    10. Metallica = 226,303

    All those bands added up and divided by 10 equal: 264070.2

    5. Take your score and divide by average: 0.1841

    18% mainstream

    I probably did not do that right, but I followed the damn nah.
  • Hurray for music!

    25 juin 2006, 7h39m

    Interesting idea, this here....but at the same time, not sure if it will really help me, especially because iTunes is such a small collection of my music, and not even my favorite artists (like Starflyer 59 orDavid Bowie) are properly represented here, because I own all their albums, I dont think about having them on my computer.

    At the same time, I really enjoy my unreleased material from Dolour and Pacifico, especially because the Pacifico stuff wont be unreleased for long. hurray for record labels!

    So yeah, my collections, my loves, my music. I might enjoy this.