• Join the KSDT GROUP

    28 nov. 2005, 5h29m

    I don't even care if you go to UCSD or not, please join the group. We need about 8 more people to get a chart going.

    thank you

    I will go now.
  • My show starts tomorrow

    10 oct. 2005, 6h47m

    Ok, I have a radio show called Back of the Stack that will premiere monday night between the hours of 12-2 Am. Well, it's technically tuesday, but that will confuse us all...

    I'll play some music that I like--maybe some you'll like as well.
    Give a rundown of all the upcoming indie films and concerts.
    Some DVD picks for the week.
    And every now and then, harpoon the lastest Conservative sitting duck.
    Back of the Stack
    12-2 AM

    Tune in, and you'll be quite amazed by my far-reaching wisdom of all things art and entertainment--or even bored. You'll just have to listen to know for sure.

    It should be a great time. You have no reason to miss it.