• Best Album of the Fall - DEADSY Phantasmagore

    7 déc. 2006, 15h53m

    Phantasmagore was not my most anticipated release of the Fall, but it was a top 5...until I actually got the CD on the release date. Then it became the BEST CD of the Fall (compared to new releases by Mastodon, Deftones, Norma Jean, Exit By Name, Twelve Tribes).

    Phantasmagore is a strong, continuous album from beginning to end, although I did not expect this type of album to follow Commencement. This album is much more accessible, more 'rock' less 'goth', with half of it standing out strongly. It is an exciting listen, beginning to end.

    My favorite track is 'Asura'; my least favorite is 'Carrying Over' although not only is it the first single off the album now getting radio play, it also seems to be a fan favorite. Look for an acoustic version playing now on It's not a bad song by far, just a ballad, and I like my DEADSY heavy.

    Track-by-track rating (out of 5):
    1 - Razor Love - 5
    2 - Carrying Over - 3
    3 - Babes In Abyss - 5
    4 - Paint It Black - 4
    5 - Better Than You Know - 5
    6 - Book Of Black Dreams - 5
    7 - Asura - 5
    8 - The Last Story Ever - 4
    9 - Phantasmagore - 5
    10 - Time - 4
    11 - Health & Theory - 5

    And forget about comparisons to Orgy. On the surface they may sound the same, and even look the same, but Deadsy is by far the deeper, more original band.

    It could be argued that Phantasmagore is DEADSY's third album. They recorded an eponymous album that never saw the light of day due to record label issues. Many of the songs on that first, unreleased CD made it on to Commencement.

    6 déc. 2006, 23h52m

    Jucifer have debuted the first video for the track "Pontius of Palia" from their acclaimed new album If Thine Enemy Hunger exclusively on

    The video was shot with producer/director Marc Pilvinsky of Bare Ruined Films in the duo's hometown of Athens, GA. Pilvinsky previously lensed the band's "When She Goes Out" video from the I Name You Destroyer full-length.

    Additionally, JUCIFER has announced several more tour dates to their never-ending tour of North America. The band will be touring the Southern U.S. during the winter months, including stops in their native Georgia.

    JUCIFER Tour Dates:
    December 6 Asheville, NC Stella Blue (w/ Dead Girl, Opus Grey)
    December 14 Mount Pleasant, SC Village Tavern
    December 29 Savannah, GA The Jinx
    December 30 Charlotte, NC The Milestone
    January 4 Augusta, GA The Soul Bar
    January 6 Atlanta, GA The Star Bar
    January 9 Memphis, TN The HiTone
  • DEADSY Setlist from 11/19/2006 New Orleans Show

    2 déc. 2006, 3h52m

    Deadsy Setlist from 11/19/2006 New Orleans Show at the House of Blues (Deftones headlining)

    1 - Winners, Commencement
    2 - Asura, Phantasmagore
    3 - Flowing Glower, Commencement
    4 - Book Of Black Dreams Phantasmagore
    5 - Mansion World, Commencement
    6 - Carrying Over Phantasmagore
    7 - Key To Gramercy Park, Commencement
    8 - Tom Sawyer, Commencement

    1 déc. 2006, 15h05m


    The final track listing has been revealed for THE FAMILY VALUES TOUR 2006 CD and DVD which will be released December 26 on Firm Music. The CD and DVD (sold separately) will feature live tracks from Korn, Deftones, Stone Sour, Flyleaf, DIR EN GREY, 10 Years and Deadsy. The DVD takes viewers on-stage, backstage, behind-the-scenes and in the dressing room with exclusive concert footage, interviews and out-takes all in digital 5.1 Surround Sound. Other highlights include: one-of-a-kind duets, acoustic tracks and cover songs including a special appearance (CD only) from Richard Patrick (Army Of Anyone, Filter). These upcoming releases mark the fourth in the series (The Family Values Tour '98, The Family Values Tour '99 and The Family Values Tour '01).

    This past summer more than 400,000 wildly enthusiastic fans turned out for the 30 shows on THE FAMILY VALUES TOUR that was headlined and founded by Korn. Fans were able to see the premier rock acts of our time for an unheard of $10 lawn ticket. Kicking off with a sold-out show of 17,000 rocking fans at Nashville’s Starwood Amphitheatre, THE FAMILY VALUES TOUR set new attendance records.

    The full track listing for the CD and DVD is as follows:

    1. Korn – Right Now
    2. Korn – Coming Undone
    3. Flyleaf – I’m So Sick
    4. 10 Years – Wasteland
    5. Stone Sour - Through Glass
    6. Deftones – My Own Summer
    7. Dir en grey – Merciless Cult
    8. Stone Sour – Reborn
    9. 10 Years – Waking Up
    10. Flyleaf – Pride (In the name of Love) featuring Richard Patrick
    11. Dir en grey – Ryoujoku No Ame
    12. Korn – Shoots and Ladders/Wicked featuring Chino Moreno
    13. Deftones – Nosebleed
    14. Korn – Freak on a Leash featuring Corey Taylor
    15. Korn – Blind
    16. Deadsy – Carrying Over

    1. Deadsy – Carrying Over
    2. 10 Years – Waking Up
    3. 10 Years – The Autumn Effect
    4. Dir en grey – Kodoku Ni Shisu, Yuni Kodoku
    5. Dir en grey – The IID Empire
    6. Flyleaf – I’m So Sick
    7. Flyleaf – Something I Can Never Have
    8. Stone Sour – Reborn
    9. Stone Sour – Through Glass
    10. Deftones – My On Summer
    11. Deftones – Nosebleed
    12. Korn – Right Now
    13. Korn – Coming Undone
    14. Korn – Freak On A Leash
    15. Korn – Hollow Life
    16. Korn – Blind

    The first trek launched September 22, 1998 with a bill headlined by KORN and with performances from Rammstein, Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit and Orgy. 1999's line-up featured headliners Limp Bizkit, along with Filter, The Crystal Method, Primus, Staind, Mobb Deep, Ja Rule, and Method Man & Redman. KORN also made surprise appearances at a few dates. Beyond the live touring aspect, the debut outing of The Family Values Tour spawned a gold-certified live album and platinum-certified companion home video. This was followed in spring 2000 with the second live disc and long-form home video. The 2001 trek featured Stone Temple Pilots, Linkin Park, Staind, Static-X and Deadsy. In 1998, the Los Angeles Times noted that the tour "certainly proved to be one of the rock spectacles of the year," while the New York Daily News said it "created a bold new profile for hard guitar bands."
  • Blood, No Thunder

    10 nov. 2006, 18h03m

    An exchange between 2 Die-Hard Mastodon Fans regarding their new album, Blood Mountain.


    [10:20] 93octane: just
    [10:20] 93octane: don't
    [10:20] 93octane: get it
    [10:20] 93octane:
    [10:22] Jason: "at first I couldn't believe it myself but... Blood Mountain may be even better"
    [10:23] 93octane: :-?
    [10:23] Jason: maybe we're the problem lyell
    [10:23] Jason: are we too old?
    [10:24] 93octane: dunno
    [10:24] 93octane: seriously doubt it
    [10:25] 93octane: maybe we're too SIMPLE
    [10:25] Jason: yikes, not you, me maybe
    [10:26] 93octane: i think we like our brutality without subtlety
    [10:26] Jason: ya
    [10:26] Jason: blood many times have you listened to?
    [10:26] 93octane: 6 or 7
    [10:26] Jason: wow
    [10:26] Jason: still weird for you?
    [10:26] 93octane: ya
    [10:26] 93octane: some things are getting catchy
    [10:26] 93octane: but most of it is tedious
    [10:27] Jason: that's crazy, and it's a short album
    [10:27] 93octane: ya
    [10:32] Jason: Sleeping Giant is my fav
    [10:33] 93octane: the slower one?
    [10:33] Jason: ya
    [10:33] 93octane: This Mortal Soil is pretty interesting
    [10:34] Jason: sleeping giant is actually excellent, on par with anything on Leviathan
    [10:44] Jason: FREAKING WEIRD
    [10:44] Jason: Bladecatcher is off the hook weird
    [10:45] 93octane: LOL
    [10:45] Jason: dang dang dang, i hate hate hate this album
    [10:45] 93octane: dude, agreed
    [10:46] 93octane: what a complete letdown
    [10:46] Jason: it doesn't get better....hate hate bladecatcher, colony of birchmen is on now, and it SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS
    [10:47] 93octane: this album gives ORECK a run for its money
    [10:47] Jason: any semblance that it's going to rock gets turned on its head
    [10:47] Jason: LOL
    [10:47] 93octane: Colony of Birchmen starts off pretty good
    [10:47] Jason: ya it does
    [10:47] 93octane: but...
    [10:47] Jason: its freaking out there
    [10:48] Jason: there's parts that really rock but it gets destroyed by weirdness
    [10:48] Jason: you realize in about 2 months we're oging to love the album...LOL
    [10:48] Jason: no
    [10:48] 93octane: probably so, but we'll see
    [10:48] Jason: nevermind
    [10:49] 93octane: LOL i was giving you the benefit of the doubt there
    [10:49] Jason: LOL
    [10:49] 93octane: Where's another 'Island'???
    [10:49] Jason: nowhere
    [10:50] 93octane: Where's another 'Blood and Thunder'???
    [10:50] Jason: nowhere
    [10:50] 93octane: where are these COLOSSAL rock songs that define them?
    [10:50] Jason: NOWHERE
    [10:50] 93octane: NOWHERE
    [10:51] Jason: like i say though i think Sleeping Giant is exceptional, it's not on par with the best songs from leviathan but it's good enough to have been on that album in my opinion
    [10:51] 93octane: what about Circle of Cysquatch?
    [10:51] Jason: Hunters of the Sky is ok
    [10:51] 93octane: starts good
    [10:51] 93octane: almost all of them start good
    [10:51] Jason: ya Circle of Cysquatch is ok
    [10:52] Jason: i'm on Hand of Stone
    [10:52] 93octane: then they slide into a landfill of wierdness
    [10:52] Jason: YA
    [10:52] 93octane: "Blood Landfill" would have been a better title
    [10:52] Jason: the weird robot vocals is just WEIRd
    [10:52] Jason: LOL
    [10:52] 93octane: robots are not metal
    [10:52] Jason: bloodricuted
    [10:52] Jason: lol
    [10:52] 93octane: "Blood We Hate Our Fans"
    [10:52] Jason: LOL
    [10:53] 93octane: "Blood Just Kidding We're Not Really Metal"
    [10:53] Jason: WOW
    [10:53] Jason: LOL
    [10:53] Jason: "Blood Trivium Kicks Our Ass"
    [10:54] 93octane: ROFL
    [10:55] 93octane: "Blood Our First 2 Albums Were Just Cuz We Were Sharkin Ya"
    [10:55] 93octane: oh bladecatcher has to go
    [10:55] Jason: OH IT HAS TO GOOOO
    [10:55] Jason: worst on the album
    [10:55] 93octane: "Blood Ha Ha We're Really The Mars Volta In Disguise"
    [10:55] Jason: the album makes me want to go listen to the Deftones
    [10:58] 93octane: WHERE'S THE FREAKING 'PHYSETER CATADON'?!?!?!??!?!
    [10:59] Jason: GONE GONE GONE
    [10:59] Jason: hand of stone is ok
    [10:59] 93octane: Crystal Skull is the only song i want to hear
    [10:59] 93octane: i boycott the rest
    [10:59] 93octane: screw this album
    [10:59] Jason: LOL
    [10:59] 93octane: seriously, i can;t take it
    [10:59] 93octane: i want to skip every song
    [11:00] Jason: dooood, go listen to Leviathan right after this album, WOW
    [11:00] Jason: NO COMPARISON
    [11:00] 93octane: at all!
    [11:00] 93octane: why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why?
    [11:00] Jason: they got a little overconfident i think
    [11:00] Jason: this mortal soil is excellent
    [11:01] Jason: but still has weirdness
    [11:01] Jason: mastodon is cashing in all the credit they had from their fans
    [11:01] 93octane: :-T
    [11:02] Jason: it's like St. Anger for Metallica fans
    [11:02] Jason: LOL
    [11:02] Jason: lyell is pissed
    [11:02] 93octane:
    [11:02] Jason: seriously
    [11:04] 93octane: Iron Tusk
    [11:05] Jason: did you hear the fan letter at the end of the album?
    [11:05] 93octane: no
    [11:05] 93octane: that last track messed up my itunes
    [11:05] 93octane: since the rest of the album sucked, i just deleted it\
    [11:05] Jason: at 21 min
    [11:05] Jason: LOL
    [11:05] 93octane: seriously
    [11:06] 93octane: i was out of patience
    [11:06] Jason: NYCE
    [11:06] 93octane: didn't knw about it until i read on pitchforlk
    [11:06] Jason: Blood & Thunder is the cure for that album
    [11:06] 93octane: yes
    [11:06] 93octane: i guess the new album's name really should have been "Blood, No Thunder"
    [11:07] Jason: YES YES YES
    [11:07] Jason: write
    [11:07] 93octane: blood from my bleeding ears
    [11:07] Jason: lol
    [11:09] 93octane: this could be the "Lastodon" album i ever buy from them
    [11:09] 93octane: ROFL
    [11:09] Jason: Another review...."Blood Mountain is flat-out amazing. If anything, it is another leap forward, both experimentaly and melodically."
    [11:09] Jason: LOL
    [11:09] 93octane: SHEESH!
    [11:09] 93octane: what album did these critics get? and why didn;t we get THEIR copy?!?!?!
    [11:09] Jason: fan reviews are through the roof as well
    [11:09] 93octane: WHAT?!?!?!
    [11:10] Jason:
    [11:11] Jason: DOOD, only 1 out of 25 gave them less than all 5 stars
    [11:12] Jason: it must be us
    [11:12] 93octane: i don't know. i'm just stumped
    [11:12] 93octane: ""Capillarian Crest" is quite awesome. With occasional riffs, somewhat melodic guitar leads, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink drumming, and a strong, grumbling bass line, the listener is unsure where to focus his or her attention."
    [11:13] 93octane: WHY is that GOOD? That sounds BAD to me...
    [11:13] Jason: after blood mountain, any comparisons to metallica are completely unfounded and absurd....they should not be mentioned in the same breath in my opinion
    [11:14] Jason: another one "With Blood Mountain, Mastodon have completed a three-album arc that most young bands can only dream of, culminating in a record that’s as thrilling as it is multifaceted, as melodic as it is bludgeoning, and with a major label giving the band complete artistic control, allowing them the freedom to go at their own speed (which is often full throttle), they’ve flourished, having subsequently reached their own artistic summit. Where to go next is a significant question ("Keep climbing!” as Gary Snyder once said), but for now, there’s no better thing to do than to stand proudly, and admire the view. "
    [11:15] Jason: and from your fav mag RS ""Bladecatcher" merits an Air Guitar Hall of Fame nomination"
    [11:16] Jason: it's like the twilight zone
    [11:16] 93octane: completely
    [11:17] 93octane: i'd rather listen to deadsy[
    [11:17] Jason: NYCE
    [11:17] Jason: deadsy's new album KILLS
    [11:19] Jason: a review more in line with what we're thinking
    [11:22] 93octane: i agree with this statement - "It's a beautiful mess, to be sure, and perhaps its wackiness is the sound of a band at play."
    [11:23] 93octane: same site gave new Trivium D+ ROFL
    [11:24] Jason: WHACKED OUT
    [11:24] 93octane: i do not really like the new trivium
    [11:24] 93octane: but it makes more sense than "Blood Confusion of the Masses"


    Coda - We are still big fans of Mastodon. =)