"What does your taste in music tell you?"


17 jan. 2007, 22h18m

As a shameless plug from Lord-Gwaihir's appropriate journal, I'll just start following these instructions:

Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle.
Say the following questions aloud and press play. Use the song titles as your answers.

Of course, I'll adjust them to just skipping to the next song, since pressing play repeatedly would only let me stay on a single song. :P </nitpick>

So, onwards, to the questions!

  • How does the world see me? - Soylent Green
    Weeeeeeeell. Okay.

  • Will I have a happy life? - Slaget Vid Blödsalv
    Guess not, then.

  • What do my friends really think of me? - Circle of Life
    ... now this selection is SUCH a bummer.

  • Do people secretly lust after me? - Veitstanz
    Here I was, expecting Closer to pop up...

  • How can I make myself happy? - [Black Widow
    Seems like a good idea. Maybe.

  • What should I do with my life? - Sign Up
    Now that is a spot-on reply from my taste in music if I ever saw one.

  • Why should life be full of so much pain? - Jungle High (Our House Remix)
    Coo. Guess my music isn't emo enough.

  • How can I maximize my pleasure during sex? - Nothing Else Matters
    Well of course, what the fuck do you think I'll do during sex, write a bloody book?

  • Will I ever have children? - Hurt Before
    Now THIS is bloody hilarious.

  • Will I die happy? - Die Ratten
    Nope, doesn't quite fit. I was pining for Everytime I Die.

  • What is some good advice for me? - Charlie Razzamatazz
    BOOOORING. There'd've been so many good replies for that.

  • What is happiness? - Wishmaster
    No comment.

  • What is my favorite fetish? - Johann Sebastian Bach - Orchestersuite Nr. 1 (C-Dur): Ouverture
    Well, I like classical music, but that hardly qualifies as a fetish, now, does it?

  • How will I be remembered? - Godhead's Lament
    People wailing in terror at the wake I leave in other people's lives. Now that sounds bloody appropriate.


  • Kroeti

    how can i make myself happy? ejaculatio praecox by J.B.O. xD so good... ^^

    21 déc. 2007, 22h18m
  • mendacium

    How does the world see me? Dinge von denen (die Ärzte) DIE passende Antwort dieses Spiels.

    18 août 2008, 21h59m
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