Raphael Saadiq - Vh1 Soul Stage Session to be aired 9/16 SPOILER ALERT


29 août 2008, 21h57m

Warning: Do not read this entry if you do not want to know about the Vh1 Soul Stage Session with Raphael Saadiq. I am sharing my personal experience!

Cover of Raphael Saadiq's album - image retrieved from www.amazon.com

Two weeks ago, I was playing on myspace and saw there was a contest for Raphael Saadiq fans to see him record the Vh1 Soul Session Series. I was surprised I was one of 5 winners but when I met other *winners* of the contests I found out they did not have to do the brain power that the other five of us did which were to answer questions from Raphael's myspace blog.

Though I was told to show up at the studios at 6:15 and to be there early, I arrived at 5:10 not to sure if there would already be a line. No one was there except for this one other young man named, Michael. Michael did not have a ticket but I let him know if they would allow him to accompany me then he was more than welcomed. Michael Flowers is an aspiring singer and a perfect gentleman. I was tickled when his eyes leaped out of his head when I let him know I was 34. He said, " you look much younger!" You know, Michael, is my best friend for life now!

Michael told me to go into the studio which I did and surprisingly, I saw Raphael Saadiq and he looked at me as if to say, "do I know you? or am I supposed to know you?" I was like oh...no, but I looked at him saying with my eyes, "I sweat your music and contributed to your fancy lifestyle!" But Raphael smiled and went back to his practice while I spoke to one of the video coordinators. She informed me that I had to wait outside but that it was fine for me to bring my friend which I am eternally grateful for.

Though we had to a wait a LOOONG time until 8:15PM, the audience members were eventually seated in the back. I did not realize that models or as I was told the pretty people were selected to sit in the front which was no problem with me for I wanted to see Raphael which I did but the dude in front of me was REALLY tall so I had to peak over his right and left shoulder to see Raphael a few times in his skinny canary colored suit. Yes, the man was wearing a yellow suit. Reminded me of Cab Calloway in Janet Jackson's video, "Alright!" See here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1RvAibZNmg I did not mind the discomfort in not seeing because Raphael's voice had me chair dancing and smiling all night. I was so happy! I could have been sitting in the way back with the appreciation of seeing Raphael. I am not too sure if the pretty people knew all of Raphael's songs but I tried to compose a set list of everything that he performed:

Here ya go: (songs from his entire catalog of work from Tony! Toni! Tone! days, Lucy Pearl, solo )

1. Love That Girl (from new album - The Way I See it)


2. Calling For Your Baby (duet with Rocia or Rosie? - she is a waitress that serves him at a restaurant that he frequents. She informed him that she is a singer and Raphael heard her voice and offered her the opportunity to work with him. She sang her part in Spanish which gave the song a Latin/Motown feel! Lovely!)

3. Lay Your Head on Your Pillow

4. It Never Rains in Southern California

5. Anniversary

6. That's All I Ask of You

7. Just Me & You
[From the Boyz N the Hood Soundtrack. Raphael shared he wrote the song in the bathroom of his mother's house. HE challenged us on the words and he said we had it ALL wrong but he said the names were a tribute to one of his favorite groups, New Edition!!]

[youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bOJ_1dRFaw [/youtube]

8. Dance Tonight (from Lucy Pearl's debut album. Dawn Robinson (formerly of En Vogue) is no longer affiliated with the group but the lady who sang her part was Erica Jerry (hope this is her correct name). Pretty impressive!)

9. Big Easy (from his new album, The Way I See It)

[youtube] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVtWuzGapUc [/youtube]

10. Skyy, Can You Feel Me (from Instant Vintage album)

Bonus tracks which may not make it but Raphael said he did this especially for us:

1. Still Ray (from Instant Vintage - if you do not have this album, I demand you get it!!)

2. Feels Good

Thank you thank you, VH1, for choosing me to attend. I had a wonderful time and I met some great people too!

By the way, if you live in New York City like me, do you know that on Time Warner Cable that we DO NOT HAVE Vh1 Soul so I have NO IDEA how I will be able to see this again? Thanks Time Warner for making me reconsider my service with you! I mean I pay over $150 for phone/internet/digital cable and DVR and you cannot provide Vh1 Soul? Hm...I may switch back to RCN (however I won't switch because the RCN customer service manager for my coop building is not nice and I refuse to help pay a salary to someone who is mean to me!!)

Raphael Saadiq

Dawn Robinson

Lucy Pearl

Tony Toni Tone


  • LittleZe

    Lucky U, Raphael Saadiq is the MAN.Can't wait for the new album. I would you him to produce Prince.

    30 août 2008, 20h30m
  • 2Serenity

    @littleze - that would be sorta dope if he produced Prince! 8) I would be inclined to buy the album!!!

    31 août 2008, 18h00m
  • shesgotcheek

    Oooh, that sounds like a great concert, especially the bonus tracks. I used to SWEAT "Feels Good" like crazy. And of course VH1 (*cough*MTV/Viacom*cough) would put models in the front. That's messed up.

    31 août 2008, 21h07m
  • shishhkarob

    that sounds awesome.

    13 sept. 2008, 22h02m
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