How to NOT do a compilation album


13 mars 2009, 12h19m

Ok, I went shopping and noticed these compilation packets, that were just 8€. They have 5 CDs and all of them have 20 songs in a CD, so 100 songs a pack. I thought, what the heck, these have a pretty nice cost to song ratio, Only 8cent a song.

So I bought 100 Anthems Garage and 100 Anthems Hard Anthems

At home I figured out very soon why they were so cheap. Ok, normally when you have a compilation CD, you get radio versions of the songs. 7 minute song that is shortened to 3-4 minutes, having the main parts, leads stuff like that. No intros or outros (or not long ones atleast). And this is how it should be done.

The people at Apace Music have been REALLY smart. They have taken the 7-9 minute songs and put them in like that, fading the song out once it gets near the 4 minute limit.

Ok, if you have listened to full hard house tracks, you know very well when the song actually starts and has the main melodies and everything kicked in. Let's take one of the more mainstream songs... Access (KY Jellybabies Remix) by DJ Misjah & DJ Tim. It is 8:42 long. First 1:18 is practically just kick and percussions. Then comes the bass, and we have this kick+bass until 1:44, when the lead buildup starts. This keeps on going until 3:32 when there is the breakdown. Breakdown/buildup lasts all the way until 4:25, and then the main melody kicks in.
So, if this song was on this album, it would have never gotten on the main melody. This is the problem with this album. I mean, you have about 2:30 of intro, then 1 minute of breakdown and about 30 seconds of the actual thing which gets faded out abruptly. That is just WRONG. Epic FAIL.

How can anyone really be that stupid that they will just practically put the intros of the songs in the album. No one does anything with the intros if they don't get the real thing too! Not even a DJ could use a song like this unless he wants to loop some percussions.

This thing is the same with the garage album, although not that bad. But the worse thing on that one is that even the songs get cut out! I mean, it would be very nice to hear all of the stuff the singer sings.

These feel more like those preview clips you get at internet so you can hear the first part of the song and then download the complete tune if you like it. I guess I have to do that...


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