Top 5 Feb 26-Mar 5


6 mars 2006, 2h29m

Quite a week, quite a week. Many new discoveries. Like The Apples In Stereo. Yeah, top 5 this week because past 5 i didn't listen to a lot of musak.

1. Sufjan Stevens (-)
Ah, my god. Genius. Seven Swans is terrific, it really displays his versitility as an instrumentalist, but Illinois is his masterpiece. Brilliant, intelligent lyrics reign on that album. Seriously, listen to the end of Come On! Feel the Illinoise!

2. (tie) The New Pornographers (+4)
I really can't decide which I like better, Twin Cinemas or The Electric Version. Twin Cinemas is more meaningful and makes you think, but The Electric Version just has this undeniable sense of fun that makes you want to dance around and jam on an air guitar. Yeah, I'm so hardcore.

2. (tie) Modest Mouse (-)
Sad Sappy Sucker is unlike any of their works. In a good way though. I keep going back to it merely because it is different. Kinda shallow, but hey, it's a good album anyway.

4. Arctic Monkeys (-)
They're unfortunately shallow, and they sound exactly like every other post-punk band to release an album in the last six months. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor is good fluff for a while, though.

5. The Blood Brothers (+3)
The Blood Brothers are, quite simply, my favorite metal band. Guitarmy just about sums up all the emotions on Burn, Piano Island, Burn.


  • Purple.Turtle5J

    Good top five... Sufjan, The New Pornographers and Modest Mouse are all awesome. I totally agree with your Arctic Monkeys comments but they've found their way into my top ten this week as well... they appear to be shallow but fun. We'll see how long they last.

    6 mars 2006, 2h33m
  • MrModernRock

    Its interesting to note that Sad Sappy Sucker is essentially Modest Mouse's true debut album.

    6 mars 2006, 4h11m
  • TheLocu5t

    Hahahaha. The blood brothers are metal? You must be fucking kidding me.

    6 mars 2006, 5h52m
  • pdenz

    I'm going to agree with TheLocu5t and ask why the Blood Brothers are metal. Eh? I kind of like Dancefloor, but meh on them as a whole.

    27 mars 2006, 1h11m
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