• Free 2 Month Subscription to Last.FM

    11 jan. 2007, 20h42m

    Hey guys!
    Last.FM sent me an email saying that if I filled out a 15 minute survery for them, I'd get a 2 month free subscription, so I figured 'why not?'. I didn't really expect one since it wasn't immediate, but I got it a few days after I filled it out. It's shiny<3 I'm just giving you all a heads up incase you didn't get an email!

    If you want one, all you gotta do is fill out the survey here:

    Email I got:

    "Hello from,

    We're doing a survey to find out what you think of - what you
    love, what you hate, and what features you'd like to have.

    To thank you for helping us out, you'll receive a two month
    subscription. Blue icon status, top-secret beta access, personal tag
    radio stations and much more.

    Click the link below to take the survey:

    Thank you!
    - Team

    Note: Estimated time to complete the survey is 15-20 minutes. All
    answers to the survey are confidential and will not be associated with
    your username in any way. You have been randomly selected to answer
    these questions. You will receive your free subscription shortly after
    you have completed the survey. Click for a full list of subscription
    benefits: (If you are already a
    subscriber, you'll receive an additional two months for free). PLEASE
    DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. Thanks again! "
  • Totally Chibi Forums - PLEASE READ!

    25 déc. 2006, 4h51m

    Please Check This Out =)

    Awhile ago, a forum I moderate went offline for awhile due to domain name issues. It's back up, at a different domain name and we're trying to bring it back to the glory it once was [and back at #1 on google search!]

    I don't know if any of you have ever heard of the website, Totally It's really popular among shoujo anime lovers.

    It's back! I'd love it if you checked it out, or signed up, if you were really interested =)
  • Shannon's Music in Googlisms

    23 jui. 2006, 3h04m

    Take your Top 10 Artists and find there Googlism.

    The All American Rejects is a great duo

    Sailor Moon is still spectacularly incompetant at fighting youma

    Simple Plan is not a diet

    Green Day is up to its old `shenanigans'

    blink-182 is suffering from the same problem as green day

    Straylight Run is to take lady 3jane's invitation to the villa

    Utada Hikaru is tha bomb diggy

    Aladdin is centrally located within 15 – 40 kms distance between 3 major ports in the uae

    Good Charlotte is nothing but a glorified garage band

    AFI is working to retain the critically important primary forests that remain
  • Thank you very much, all of you <3

    14 juin 2006, 22h57m

    When this group started out back in April of 2005, I didn't really think anyone would really join. Back then, Last.FM was and there really wasn't anyone here! :O Back in the day, I created this group out of pure fandom and love for the series and music Sailor Moon. I used to be number one on the charts and everything, and that prompted me to decide "Well, hey, I'll create a group dedicated to something that I like, and maybe other people who like it, will join too!" thats what I did.

    I actually ran around all over Last.FM (back then Audioscrobbler), searching for a Sailor Moon group I could join so I wouldn't have to make my own. When I couldn't find ANY, I made this one! The only group connected to Sailor Moon was some...singapore girls group. Had nothing to do with Sailor Moon, however, I can proudly say that this is the FIRST and LARGEST Sailor Moon group on Last.FM!!

    I remember for the first like, two months, positively no one joined, posted or did anything. I wasn't heartbroken, but I was relatively unimpressed with the progress. Then hallielujah joined and, soon following nickole joined aswell.

    I had actually, at one point, thought of deleting this group when no one joined it. But thanks to all of you guys, this group has grown WAY beyond what I thought it would get to.

    Like, I used to stare at the little icon that said "Your group must have atleast 15 members in order of have charts." and I was all "aww...that sucks."

    I know I periodically bombard your inboxs telling you all how much I love you guys, and I really mean it too. You guys rock, and I wanted to make sure you know it too. I'm really happy you all joined this group coz it means a lot to me.

    Normally I don't post journals, because normally, I don't have much to say. I'm just feeling really nostalgic right now. Haha >>; Ah, woe is me. My sweet sixteen is tomorrow, excited? Hell yes.

    Anyway, thanks for joining and thanks for being a member of the biggest Sailor Moon community on Last.FM!

    0t4ku (Shannon)
    Admin of The Sailor Moon Group
  • Test :P

    26 oct. 2005, 22h57m

    Testing the Journal feature...
    Is anyone else able to post a journal here?

    I have out permissions to all members of the group to accept/add entries to the journal section of the group. Do tell me whether it works or not ^^