• Jazz-hop chart (work in progress)

    6 jan. 2013, 23h38m par celer2008

    Hi everyone!

    I'm trying to create a comprehensive jazz-hop chart, one that will be a good map to the whole sub-genre. Because I'm only one person, I'm having trouble finding everything there is out there, and even more trouble correctly categorizing stuff. I would appreciate it greatly if you would check your libraries and music collections and pick out what you think is jazz-hop and, if not on this list already, leave the "artist - album" in the comments. This would greatly speed up finishing this chart. Also, if you feel that specific albums from the uncategorized definitely belong on the chart, leave a comment. And, if you own jazz-hop from your local city or area, please share it with the rest of the world :)

    The aim or idea of all of this is to have exactly 10 albums in each (sub)category. When I have collected and categorized everything, I will make a "chart" - a huge image file with all the album covers in rows and columns under every category. And, in due time, also dl link codes. …