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  • evilfactor

    Am I the only one that finds this track gutbustingly hilarious?

    décembre 2011
  • ryanisnan

    @Zaratulah - For the album version, it is a girl. During live shows, the drummer sings it.

    février 2011
  • Bernkit

    FINALLY this hit my rotation! +

    février 2010
  • fm_bob

    great track - liking the mix of shouty and sublime vocals

    janvier 2010
  • -Ozer_on_ice-

    YOU'REGOINGTODANCENOWWHATISYOURNAME Definitely the coolest German drill sergeant around.

    novembre 2009
  • warrenwheel

    i'm pretty sure it is a girl singing, as it's mentioned in the artist description, Laura Barrett...however, when they're live, the drummer performs that part of the least, that's what they claimed at a recent show of theirs

    novembre 2009
  • Zaratulah

    Seen them do this live twice, ALWAYS GREAT. Ps. thats not a girl singing :P Its the drummer haha, I LOVE WOODHANDS!

    août 2009
  • rjdskits


    août 2009
  • pukh


    avril 2009
  • Alla_la_la


    décembre 2008
  • yeuxbleux

    what would I do if I had never randomly discovered this song. I don't know.

    novembre 2008
  • t_bone_tricia

    summer love

    juin 2008
  • typewriter_love

    Officially my FAVOURITE SONG EVER.

    avril 2008