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  • Kuula

    Posthaste is FREE on his bandcamp site only for today!!! Get it while you can!! <3

    novembre 2013
  • Rayne07

    So c'moooooooooon get ooooon with iiiiit

    juin 2013
  • Kuula

    Bulldozzzer is his best album to date. <3

    novembre 2012
  • DonnieIsSerious

    Tenderest is the most beautiful thing to ever come out of his head.

    septembre 2012
  • DavMoreno

    Does anyone have the lyrics of the song of Val Emmich When Does The Pain Stop? Is that the disk is not as is and more than her hear I do not hear the letter that I am Spanish and my English is not that it is good. Would be very grateful because that is one of my favorite Aide Memoire

    mars 2012
  • Aerboi98

    Anyone else scrobbling 'Aide Memoire' under Val and not 'Val Emmich & the Veeries'?

    octobre 2011
  • azuka_ceci

    love his music!

    mai 2011
  • poehler

    I love the newest album, sad I didn't know about it until now. Write a bad song, Val Emmich, I dare you.

    mai 2011
  • rogueleader5

    Happy Birthday Val! =)

    mars 2011
  • ariannash

    ah love <3 saw you tonight and literally you are fantastic!

    janvier 2011
  • rogueleader5

    Congrats @anothersuicide. I'm wearing my t-shirt now! =D

    décembre 2010
  • anothersuicide

    I won Vals contest and got the whole discography plus a t-shirt, some stickers and a signed poster <3

    novembre 2010
  • Emi_lia

    I got my Val Emmich prize pack in the mail today :D

    octobre 2010
  • X__Truthiness

    The new album is amazing!

    octobre 2010
  • Emi_lia

    new album out on Tuesday :D

    septembre 2010
  • anothersuicide

    shit! he's so cute. I'd love to meet him one day.

    août 2010
  • rogueleader5

    Looking for a feeling you never knew you needed?

    août 2010
  • X__Truthiness

    Can't wait for the new album! ^_^

    août 2010
  • HellieCG

    "You've got a little dagger stuck inside my chest, you're a perfect myth built on a movie set" <3

    mai 2010
  • X__Truthiness

    I love his music! <33

    février 2010
  • kunis

    teach me to love you right <3

    février 2010
  • eee12323

    <3333333 :D

    décembre 2009
  • Rukia-Kuchiki

    oOGaniOo wrote: March 2009 OMG!! he looks like Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco YOU ARE TOTALLY RIGHT!

    décembre 2009
  • Freynow

    Get On With It sounds cool (:

    novembre 2009
  • rogueleader5

    <3 @ Val. =D

    octobre 2009
  • Helenetta


    juin 2009
  • VonGrimm

    классный чел)

    mai 2009
  • rustycage


    mai 2009
  • ScoochyMcNugget

    Val is a great musician! I've loved him for years now. Come back to Utah!!

    mars 2009
  • oOGaniOo

    OMG!! he looks like Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco

    mars 2009
  • sketchalley

    tear it up val

    janvier 2009
  • homersbabe

    You like Val Emmich?.......we do too, we rate him EQ check out the interview

    décembre 2008
  • MoonStone668

    I saw him on ugly betty last night and thought he sounded/looked vaguely like the singer from the Honorary Title so I had to look him up and he's not obviously, but now I like him!

    novembre 2008
  • VettrianoLove

    Emmich is one of the best musicians out right now. If you don't own his CDs, get them! I promise you won't regret it. :]

    octobre 2008
  • kody1234

    has little daggers leaked in full yet? I wanna listen to the rest of it before I go out and buy it!

    septembre 2008
  • jotten935

    I'm listening to little daggers right now. I really like it. "Got a Habit Now" is my favorite.

    septembre 2008
  • DackAttac

    I don't have much to go on at the moment, but I'm pretty sure this guy is awesome.

    septembre 2008
  • Meha7

    I can't wait for Little Daggers!!

    juillet 2008
  • UncensoredRocks

    We've got Val Emmich featured on Uncensored Interview this week! Go on and watch!

    juin 2008
  • JimHC

    Love Get on with it. i have all his cds. i am going to preorder his new one

    mai 2008
  • Piratelovah

    Anyone heard his new song Get On With It? It's really good.

    avril 2008
  • am13er

    high noon is the greatest song ever made.

    février 2008
  • pinkelephant11

    he's so cute!!

    janvier 2008
  • Piratelovah

    Vote 4 the new pics :)

    janvier 2008
  • S9DallasOz

    so, who's got the original Absolutely Still that was on Val's myspace before he re-recorded it for his most recent album, 'cause I want. now.

    octobre 2007
  • uravenu

    New Year's Resolution is my new favorite song.

    décembre 2006
  • kody1234

    can't stop listening to the new's fantastic!

    décembre 2006
  • inmytree

    Anyone pick up Sunlight Searchparty yet?

    novembre 2006
  • inmytree

    New album on Oct. 24!!!

    septembre 2006
  • inmytree

    recently discovered and much loved

    juillet 2006