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  • bmxcm

    the breakdown about 2mins in rips

    février 2013
  • Pheneks

    Is that a thrash riff I hear?... Oh wait.

    juin 2011
  • wlaXrbl

    PS: i just heard the as i lay dying song before and read the same comment. only as explanation. .... nevertheless: great song.. ultimate "breakdown" .. and i usually hate comments like "like the breakdown" .. but this one was really cool,. i like how unearth put feelings in every riff, solo, breakdown, and the whole structure of a song. MIESER SHIT!

    mai 2011
  • wlaXrbl

    funny thing, ezekiel, is, that i hear unearth radio at the moment .. you seem to have used a similar radio, because you wrote the same comment for another song, from as i lay dying. i bet you don't even know these albums. troll away.

    mai 2011
  • Ezekiel22

    Flawless album.

    février 2011
  • tru_dude

    iron-maidenish solos FTW

    juillet 2010
  • jungermark

    love these guys <3

    janvier 2010
  • mcmarkwitfries

    It's truth or consequences. Each wall built must fall. It's truth or consequences. THIS WALL WILL FALL!

    janvier 2010
  • riclagarto

    nu metal? damn.

    octobre 2009
  • Karaiskandar

    Nice one

    septembre 2009
  • robo042

    I, too, approve of this song.

    juillet 2009
  • dualdisaster

    I love the hidden track. It's the most listened song on my ipod. The beat is so simple yet metal.

    avril 2009