Frivolurium (PRT013/PRTLP002)

20 nov. 2011 | de


Artwork : Amandine Urruty & Nicolas Barrome

This album will soon be released on 12" vinyl :

pre-order it on Bandcamp !

15 tracks album + 2 bonus tracks + 11 tracks (vinyl version)

Digital Album Tracklist :

  1. Clorscrov Skulbek
  2. Waterfall Rag +

    lyrics :
    My Daddy never heard they sell
    New paper sweet for my
    Bubutt I think he needs to drain
    And that stinky smell
    I know mama can't do it
    Because, women smell like ocean
    And I got two options for me
    I mean to stand or lie down
    And stools winking at me
    (It) Can be relaxing to you
    But even when I walk
    The streets are hard to get in through

    (I know that) he can change I think that he can change I mean that
    He can roll I mean that he can roll I know
    He can change (I think that) he can change I mean that
    He can change the toilet paper
    I can't change I know that I can't change but baby
    I can roll (you know that) I can roll
    1/I make a waterfall each time I'm in the water closed
    2/I roll I twist I burble
    end/I make a waterfall I roll I twist I burble I roll I twist I burble each time
    I make a waterfall I'm in the water closed

    Now with an original sense
    This Crapy paper gave me
    New Dimensions to feel
    (I) mean no surprise from behind
    New ear, new eye, new tongue, new cognitive feels
    (And) certain extralucid powers
    My third browned eye made me
    Know who lies to me
    (It) can be surprising to you
    But I know who's the one,
    To who the smell's relating to

  3. Don't Step on my Romp (extended version)
  4. Splooshy il Chiocciolo +

    features on :
    Deletation 2 compilation by Delete records

    lyrics :
    Hi ! I'm Splooshy from my soul
    I'm Splooshy for my chicks
    and I can glide all over you and
    I am slippin' in your armpit
    I'm gliding on your neck
    I'm sledgin' into your desire

    Look how sexy is this snail,
    I'm so horny like a fingernail

    I am gliding in your hair
    I'm gliding and you wear
    a helmet of my moisty juice and
    you, definitely possessed
    I'm sledging on your breast
    turn round around and climb your nipple
    I am sliding down and whoosh
    I'm sledging through your bush
    into you my suckers are discharging their sploosh

  5. Crossing of the Peoployz +

    features on :
    Jouet Pop compilation by Winter records

  6. Frivolous Cha Cha
  7. Don't Step on mi Retozo
  8. Raggypso +

    features on :
    Froots Juice compilation by Invitro records

  9. Have to Find some Paper +

    lyrics :
    on the road i have to find some paper

  10. Ritoump Poump Poump
  11. Don't Step on my Foreskin
  12. Waltz of the Peoployz +

    features on :
    Music For Toys #4 compilation

  13. Kloum Koum Chtoum +

    features on :
    A Hippytronic Ballad compilation by Plynt records

  14. Bright Side of Life +

    features on :
    Movie Ruiners compilation by Ego Twister

  15. Don't Step on my Yosteta
bonus :

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