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  • moainateacup

    OMG I can't belive I haven't shouted on this song! It's great!

    février 2013
  • chillindylan007

    I get way to hype during this

    novembre 2012
  • KommisarK

    Everybody dies frustrated and sad and that is beautiful

    octobre 2012
  • farfafarf

    The words I'm saying now mean nothing more than "meow" to an animal.

    février 2012
  • god_of_monkeys

    APOSTROPHE T NEED ThiS TORTUREEEEA!@#$%^&^%$%^&*^%$#$%^&*&^%$#$%^&*&^%

    septembre 2011
  • god_of_monkeys


    août 2011
  • CandlewickPiano

    Why is this song so catchy??????

    juillet 2011
  • doctorjmo

    they comin'!!

    juillet 2011
  • scalamalx


    juillet 2011
  • Cox_of_Seagulls

    Perfect pop song.

    juin 2011
  • pawpawt

    Cool Tune.

    mai 2011
  • JDG36

    * MEOW *

    mai 2011
  • branchong

    one of my favorite TMBG tracks

    mars 2011
  • josephw

    love this song... perfect...

    février 2011
  • Noisyturtle

    when you are alone you are the cat you are the phone you are an animal

    février 2011
  • JDG36

    ' T .......... I need this torture

    janvier 2011
  • CandlewickPiano


    décembre 2010
  • branchong

    so good :D

    décembre 2010
  • JDG36

    is it just me or do they give a shout out to Deputy Dog?

    novembre 2010
  • jolkow

    Everybody dies frustrated and sad and that is beautiful.

    octobre 2010
  • ladysubrosa

    and i don't get around how you get around!

    octobre 2010
  • karmapocalypse

    no one in the world ever gets what they want, and that is beautiful

    octobre 2010
  • OneDrunkWalking

    @pingpong_fiasco: Canada is weird like that. You cant even bring cannabis over the border, even though everybody uses it on both sides, and the words "Canada" and "cannabis" share 2 out of 3 syllables.... Believe me I tried ; )

    octobre 2010
  • doctorjmo

    minimum wage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    juillet 2010
  • Sordidpeach

    So happy my library finally decided to play this one. The cassette tape I had was starting to get distorted from over play.

    juin 2010
  • SpiderJeruslm

    Wow, a correctly labeled TMBG song! That's a first... Great song! Wake up and smell the catfood!

    juin 2010
  • palecitrus

    Remember this from 'The Chart Show' on Channel Four. Sought out all TMBG other stuff thereafter. Fabulous!

    avril 2010
  • xMuffinMuffinx

    makes me flail my arms all over the place

    mars 2010
  • ElMoppo

    Great. I love it. :D :)

    février 2010
  • Fauxfoe

    This is the song that got me into these guys in the first place. Something like 15 years later I'm still head over heals in love. Yay nerds!

    janvier 2010
  • pingpong_fiasco

    I remember bringing this CD across the American border into Canada, and being questioned about it - seriously!

    octobre 2009
  • happymf


    août 2009
  • Raskolnikowa

    great song, reminds me of years long gone by...

    juillet 2009
  • Kholdstare89

    Damn, I love this song.

    juin 2009
  • mecbirdhouse

    Music for English nerds :)

    juin 2009
  • ukulelelab

    great song

    juin 2009
  • polkasaurusrex


    juin 2009
  • happymf

    The Shitty Wizards were here.

    mai 2009
  • manque69

    ...and now my kids Love them, with the children's albums.

    mai 2009
  • alcopop

    i love this song.

    février 2009
  • Chris_near_PDX

    What would a bunch of nerds doing the pogo dance look like? That's what this song is...

    février 2009
  • digitalxsunrise

    holy crap, i love this song!

    novembre 2008
  • cattrelc

    finally saw them live after years of loving them. If possible, i like them even more now :)

    octobre 2008
  • Andre91195

    One of the best music videos ever.

    septembre 2008
  • rubick3

    I remember the first time I saw this on 120 minutes. I still enjoy listening to it.

    avril 2008
  • pixiepatty

    very good lyrics and amazing song!

    février 2008
  • dennysmenu


    janvier 2008
  • SenorAnderson

    No one in the world Ever gets what they want And that is beautiful Everybody dies Frustrated and sad And that is beautiful

    décembre 2007
  • naughtymoose

    D, world Destruction. Over and Overture. N do I Need Apostrophe T need this Torture. Clever as fuck.

    novembre 2007
  • mr77

    one of the most important songs ever written

    octobre 2007