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  • davidbowiegirl

    Great song

    décembre 2013
  • thecurefan99

    This song will most likely be stuck in my head for weeks.

    mars 2013
  • Heysupman


    octobre 2012
  • gamersgene

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this song is not for you lovers!! wooOOooOOOooo!!!

    mars 2012
  • NoMelody

    so sad they could not keep that high level of quality...

    février 2012
  • teaandgrace

    Why are all their songs so amazing?!

    novembre 2011
  • rayo1318


    janvier 2011
  • sweetieh

    I lov it <3

    novembre 2010
  • johnnyroenyc

    Da Beat goes on $ on ! yes- yes !

    septembre 2010
  • loadminik88

    do it do it real good [2]

    juillet 2010
  • PaulineNeufeld

    makes me move my body

    juin 2010
  • ploftkaploft

    This is a nice song. The beat gets boring after a while, it starts sounding unnatural. I would point fingers at too much sound edition, the cancer of modern Rock'n Roll.

    juin 2010
  • Stabelini


    juin 2010
  • wibee

    great song like it!

    mai 2010
  • PippiImPopo

    i love it about all

    mai 2010
  • leekpie

    Love this track, and this band.

    mai 2010
  • greengeo

    they are Ahmazing in concert

    mars 2010
  • Strike_MeDead

    this is my song, the last thing I need to know is that some people have no taste and dont like it

    mars 2010
  • swiflymistaken

    This song sucks!

    mars 2010
  • URAQT_hott

    My favorite The Sounds song. So damn catchy! :)

    mars 2010
  • Kim_Jong-il


    février 2010
  • TheAristocrat0

    i wish the sounds were on warped tour when I went =/

    janvier 2010
  • HadaNight


    janvier 2010
  • llineq

    looooooveeeeeeee k3

    janvier 2010
  • delmarco

    This song is not for lovers... Great!

    décembre 2009
  • aminals

    ahh this reminds me of a party last year including food scattered all over the floor, drunk skateboarding in a living room with a bottle of liquor in the hand and some random idiot showing his privates on cam. good times

    novembre 2009


    novembre 2009
  • peanuthead94

    Thisi s the best song by themm..

    novembre 2009
  • G-rufty

    Best Song ever

    novembre 2009
  • berndhaess

    geht gut ab

    novembre 2009
  • joljaO

    tony the beat xd. that song is great, fanrtastic and i love it and the sounds ;D

    octobre 2009
  • a13xTM

    i loveee this song & the sounds

    octobre 2009
  • BeanusP

    great song x)

    octobre 2009
  • pseudospork

    love this. and i wanna fuck that guy.

    octobre 2009
  • ercafecito


    septembre 2009
  • Mikolajk

    the Rex The Dog remix makes this sooo mcuh better!

    septembre 2009
  • anna-am-see

    this is my ringtone, just love it!

    août 2009
  • JudiInTheSky

    very dancy. I <3 it

    août 2009
  • breeannarose

    dont stop push it now and i will give it all to you!

    août 2009
  • two10degrees

    So gooooood live :)

    juillet 2009
  • onlykaren

    "don't stop, push it now, and I will give it all to you" :D this song is great!

    juillet 2009
  • jeffstevens199

    dance baby....

    juillet 2009
  • MuschiBeatzZ

    ayyyy :) bestes leid der welt <3

    juin 2009
  • Lizashen

    arrw <33

    juin 2009
  • radiofire17

    hey! lets kick it!

    mai 2009
  • kidrexino

    buena influenza!!!! juju,...

    mai 2009
  • furbul

    this song is not for your loveeeeers uuuuuuuuu don't stop push it nooooooow ;)))))))))

    mai 2009
  • Edison2810

    WoW, brilliant!

    mai 2009
  • Rafiboy

    Love The Sounds!!!!

    mai 2009
  • emmaforman

    love it

    avril 2009