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19 mars 2012 | de

The Silences

I saw the strangest scenes slip into the sounds of the silences you strain to keep…
Go on and let it out, because your silences are loud.

Animal Instinct

See the stars shine like streetlights
In a sea of city lit blue, I lay with you.
As the animals we loved break out to hunt
In the town we knew, I’ll hunt with you.

The night’s my lover, I’m a dreamer
There’s no light to guide my way now.
So turn the lights off and lay yourself down
Let your instincts take control.

See wasted time fall through my fingers
With the target in sight, I’ll make you mine.
Do you feel the heat dripping off my skin?
You can’t compete, so fall in so deep.

Pull your breath from the air
Change your name and cut your hair
But nothing here is gonna change
Until you let go, pick up the pace.

I Hate the Party Scene

One more minute and I’ll lose my head
I just wanna make a night to forget
Go on inhale it in then let it out
Or you’re gonna mess it all up again.

So give it all you’ve got
Baby, give it all now
Before I lose my head.

She’s got me lost and caught in my madness
So we’ll just take it to my mattress
Two minutes in and we’ll rehearse our lines
Then she says it like a sinner but moves
Like an actress.

Two minutes later and I’m heading out
'Cause I don't wanna be here if you'll scream and shout
But back it up a second ‘cause I can’t pretend
That I wont be messed up until the bitter end.

'Cause when I speak it she will sweat it
But now I’m getting tongue tied
And if you mean it then I’ll get it
And I’ll believe it like it’s no lie
It’s like an art, what’s in the past
And it’s all we will forget here
I’m out of fashion, never happened
Wear me out before she’s got me.

Come Back to You

I wish your eyes would glow the same as they did before today
And darling, you know they will
And every time you take it in your stride 
it’s like I would have died without you by my side.

And somehow you’re always right.

That’s when I left you tonight at the window getting colder
I think I said too much
And then I tried your front door, called your number
You were by the window
And all along you knew I’d come back to you.

I wish your eyes would catch alight,
Like paper lanterns in the night.
Oh you know they will shine bright.
Yeah I’m a train wreck, a big mess,
What I like is you don’t think less of me, at all.

And somehow we’ll take the fall.

Make or break, you know I’m sorry.
Is it too late to come back crawling now?

Worlds Away

She told me she loves me, tonight
She whispered pretty little lies
She told me she loves me, alright
'Cause every night we'd fly up high.

She’s so pretty when she dresses like that
It brings this funny feeling back
That I’d never felt before
At least not until she came along.

If it helps, I’ll keep your picture
I wont forget ya, only miss ya
'Cause under the vineyard stars we'd proven
We’d kiss under city lights again
If it helps, I’ll keep your smile for a while
And pray that you’ll let me in
And we can smile for a while.

She said catch me, throw out a line
None of that shy business this time
You wouldn’t build a house on shifting sand
So why would you found love on regret?

Yeah, we can smile for a while.

Words Like Weapons

Go on girl, lie as you do
While I’m burning all my pictures of you
And I know that you know you want to
Fly your white flag, but I’m not done with you
So turn your back, walk out again
But don’t come back, don’t hold your breath
You call me up again
Your game’s done like you knew
That there’s no way I’d give a fuck about you.

Intoxicate me like you know
Tomorrow I’ll feel the hangover
Aggravate me, let it flow
Let it out ‘til your heart explodes
Get out of my head
We turn and I’m spinning again
Get out of my head
Like you do
'Cause I can play dirty too.

Go on girl, make me a mistake
Guess I figured you would a little late
But did I go and speak too soon?
'Cause my biggest mistake was always you
You say you hate my attitude
I won’t take that shit from you
When it’s all you ever do
I’ll gather nerves to say
Your lonely haze will be my glory days.

It’s gotta be real
It’s like a front line singing in harmony
I wanna feel real
So load your words, let ‘em loose inside.



Getting Older

In a way we all became
Just breakable things
But there’s beauty in the way
That our souls cling to anything.

Why did we run from the city lights?
I’m growing nostalgic of the interstate nights
But we’ll do it all again.

So say hello my friend
And we’ll go on and on and on
Until we seek the end
That’s never found and never lost
So would you say you’re happy
If this town was all you saw?
Count every breath as you can
While we’re still young and we’ll live it up
So say so long my friend
And we’ll go on.

Well, I woke up feeling older
In such a lonely home
And I asked myself if life could
Ever be the same again.

Why did we run from the bright lights?
I’m growing nostalgic of the interstate flights
But we’ll do it all again.

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Taken from the EP Suits & Suites - The Sleeping Lions, out 20/3/12.

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