Atheism Is The New Religion

28 avr. 2012 | de

I am so tired of seeing posts on facebook rallying against “The Man” of religion.

Well NEWS FLASH: Atheism is a religion.

The thing is, Atheists have acquired a comfortable majority in the world and yet still, hypocritically, they PREACH their message to the masses.

EVERYONE agrees with you. So why are you flogging a dead horse? No one gives a shit about christ anymore, unless you live in the USA, which, alike, no one gives a shit about.

I am saying these callous things not because “I don’t agree with what you’re saying but I’ll defend your right to say it / Therefore I have a right to say whatever”, but on a deeper level to try and get it through to you pathetic fucking arseholes that you’re wearing a crown of swords and bellowing flames that don’t need kindling.

You HAVE THE MAJORITY of support, mainly on the internet, and yet…


When was the last time you were, seriously, without prejudice of hindsight or recollection, demeaned for not believing in god?

When was the last time I (who, as an Agnostic, acknowledge the possibility that god might exist) have had it shoved in my face that there is no god and any suggestion that there may be means “I’m unreasonable” ; “I’m insane” ; “I’m illogical”.

You know what, most of my friends are Atheists, fuck, most of the whole world is, and I love you all…

But it’s the PREACHING sort of Atheist I can’t stand. You’re the new religion. Take your mantle, take your martyrdom (We’re sooooo downtrodden by religion, maaan) and FUCK OFF.

Here endeth the rant.

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