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  • HayleighRayment

    Oh yes uuuia I wish I knew

    octobre 2014
  • StickyMike

    I enjoy THE OTHER.

    janvier 2013
  • migz623

    My favorite "The Other" song.

    septembre 2012
  • Jayskull7


    juillet 2012
  • mishakokos94


    avril 2012
  • Famous_Monsters

    Beware of ghouls! BBEEEEWWWWAAAAARRRREEEEE...(2)

    novembre 2011
  • yoink84

    i get this song stuck in my head all the time!

    juillet 2011
  • HairyDwarf-xD

    this may seem strange, but i don't think the misfits are the best horror punk-band... just saying :)

    juillet 2011
  • Famous_Monsters

    cool song!!

    mai 2011
  • saskueuchiha

    is aqn o k band not great but still ok

    mai 2011
  • Blume4

    warum müsst ihr solche Bands immer mit Misfits vergleichen? ja Misfits is the best, aber gebt anderen Bands auch mal ne Chance

    janvier 2011
  • reaganyouth77

    ok tune

    janvier 2011
  • liondog19d

    Hell yes. This is another shining example of HOW IT IS DONE.

    décembre 2010
  • onlyelisha

    My favorite song by them

    décembre 2010
  • SourDaisy

    Well, at least you weren't shot. xD

    novembre 2010
  • ShoutyBang

    it`s acheap version of the amazing misfits !

    novembre 2010
  • EBMcoolcat

    I like them better than the Misfits. ( prepares to be shot)

    octobre 2010
  • Rotten_Roller

    Pitcher? Cheers! o_O

    juillet 2010
  • skank_pit

    this sounds like graves era misfits. not so great. great advice though! Bewaaaa-aaaa-aarre!!!!

    juin 2010
  • HelloMyke


    avril 2010
  • FreeMHZ

    avril 2010
  • key2thexin

    they aren't really spooky but they are fun horror punk

    mars 2010
  • Voudeauxchild

    Too melodic to be spooky...that's a matter of opinion. Nothing says spooky has to sound like sh*t.

    mars 2010
  • DrunkenGypsyNo9

    They´re just awesome live! Hell yeah, Hell Nights rocked! The Other are one of the BEST Horrorpunk Bands I´ve ever heard.

    janvier 2010
  • joaquinsdad

    too melodic to be spooky

    janvier 2010
  • shiratasa

    Super ich liebe die band!

    octobre 2009
  • Tex_Willer

    saw then live in A-dam... was o.k. - and definitely NOT as good as the Misfits... and... in my humble opinion, even though Michale Graves is really fucked up and a stupid, politically confused SOB, he still has the best voice I´ve ever heard...

    septembre 2009
  • MyCell_Proust

    fette band,gute liveshow...

    juin 2009
  • key2thexin

    this song reminds me of Michale Graves Misfits

    mai 2009
  • khoas

    great band..and song.

    mai 2009
  • AWAMaster

    coole sache!

    mai 2009
  • onkanen


    avril 2009
  • CaptainCoolGuy


    mars 2009
  • yaz_par

    ke kabon esta esta la rola

    mars 2009
  • mattyo44


    février 2009
  • defecto

    que buena onda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!www.fotolog.com/d_e_f_e_c_t_o

    février 2009
  • ArronJ

    i love The Other! We Are Who We Eat is one of the best Horror Punk albums i've ever heard.

    janvier 2009
  • dream-warrior

    hey, I love michale graves >.>

    janvier 2009
  • sifoni


    janvier 2009
  • lackeyagogo

    With the Michael Graves Misfits, it wasn't the music. It was the fact that they kept the name "Misfits", this rocks in its own right.

    décembre 2008
  • johansk

    Obviously they are are "inspired" by Misfits, as long as a band like this can put of a good rock show then I approve... I like

    octobre 2008
  • MarkofTheBeasst

    does the band's name mean "the other misfits rip-off"? sounds like michael graves misfits which mean crap!

    octobre 2008