• The Sacred Quest for the Perfect Pop Song

    11 mars 2007, 15h04m par multiverse

    Have you ever find yourself searchin' for a specific type of music? Maybe for a distinctive sound that makes you feel in a special way? Or maybe you’ve been in a quest for the perfect album?

    Well, I think it’s always an eternal search. There’s no such thing as the perfect album, or in this case for the perfect pop song. Nevertheless, it’s the path that you traveled and not the end of it what makes sense. It’s in that path that you discover all sorts of new music and songs that become part of your precious treasure of emotions, melodies and memories.

    So, in my personal sacred quest for the perfect pop song I’ve found several tracks that belong to my own Olympus. And I want to share the pop tunes that have made me feel closer to that unreachable place where the perfect pop song lays.

    I don’t want to enter in a discussion about what it’s pop or not, so I just want to list the songs I’ve found in this quest and let you judge what criteria defines pop:

    God Only Knows
    The Day Brings