• Song of the week VI

    29 mars 2010, 20h48m par insane3

    If you are reminded of Flogging Molly while you are listening to the following song, you don't have to call yourself a keen observer of the Folk Punk because the similiarities are pretty obvious:

    The Bloody Irish Boys - Drunk Tonight

    As my love for Irish Folk music, and especially it's merger with Punk Rock was revived by the Blood And Whiskey show in February, The Bloody Irish Boys have been one of the bands that came to my attention again. That's why their song Drunk Tonight from their 2005 release Drunk Rock now has become the song of the week. A wonderful Folk Punk song by a group that describes itself as "a drinking group with a music problem". And that's basically what the song is about.

    If you want to listen to the song in a good quality, go to their website and download it:

    Man, I'm in the mood for a Guinness now...