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  • zimdelinvasor

    The "Just hold on" gives me chills every time

    mai 2013
  • zimdelinvasor

    one of the most emotional songs ive ever heard.

    février 2013
  • tommyhaych

    Actually, I lie. She had Anorexia. If you view the SongMeanings page for this, someone replied to it............................ "I actually know the girl who this song was written about. She wrote a letter to them, and yes, she still is alive, and getting better. I don't know her personally, I have seen her but she is one of my bestfriend's close friend (almost family member) and she lived with my bestfriends family for a long time to get back on track. And so yeah. Just letting you all know. She was anorexic, not so sure anymore, haven't heard much of her since. "

    janvier 2011
  • tommyhaych

    Yep, this was based on a letter sent to Kris by a girl in Australia who had cancer. It turns out that she actually survived her ordeal as well!

    janvier 2011
  • marconarajos

    I wish there was something I could say to erase each and every page... I won't stand aside and listen to you give up :')

    août 2010
  • theusedrock94


    juillet 2010
  • anna_loves_rock

    juillet 2009
  • zaogirlo5

    It's about a fan with cancer that wrote to the band.

    juillet 2009
  • bonorom

    thats a get my girlfriend back song!

    avril 2009
  • pangarake


    mars 2009
  • Ri0T777

    not bad

    mars 2009
  • heart_stealin


    février 2009
  • labellife

    muito style esse som.

    juin 2008
  • StephenStradley

    beautiful song...

    avril 2008
  • ZeonTwilight

    @anace Damn it I do too...I just wish I knew who they were talking about, is it based on a real letter?

    février 2008
  • kincho9010

    excccccccc song

    novembre 2007
  • missvici0us

    this song makes me baaawl.

    juillet 2007
  • In_Your_Room

    such a sweet song.

    juillet 2007
  • anace

    I cry with this song every single time...

    janvier 2007