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    30 avr. 2010, 21h29m par ehk2

  • Charts - 9/3-16/3/08

    16 mars 2008, 22h10m par Kapitankraut

    I'm wondering whether the script I use to generate tag clouds breaks down when a top-ten artist has no tags, or very few tags, as this was the only similarity I can find between last week and a fortnight ago. But then, there were some seriously big-name artists in here too. Shouldn't happen again, but since the guy who runs the script doesn't like responding to me, we're stuck where we are.

    10. Mariem Hassan
    If I remember rightly, her album "Deseos" was reviewed with the phrase "This is not beautiful music". It isn't, either. Mariem is from Western Sahara, and sings what could almost be classed as "desert blues" like other singers from Northwest Africa who don't sing rai. The difference is that her voice is very raw and quite challenging to listen to at first. A rewarding listen, though, as she's very talented.

    9. Windir
    On the subject of tough but rewarding listens, Valfar and co are definitely that. …
  • Charts - 24/2-2/3/08

    5 mars 2008, 7h17m par Kapitankraut

    Not quite sure what the tag cloud for this week looks like at the moment, since the script which I use to generate it doesn't seem to want to behave at the moment. I imagine I've nuked it by listening to a lot of acts with very small numbers of listeners, although I'll keep an eye out for it working sometime in the week. Amusingly, though, it says there isn't enough data - when I think it should actually say there's too much.

    10. Shiri Maimon
    The pneumatic Israeli representative at Eurovision 2005. I haven't yet formed an opinion about her most recent album, although it sounds pretty good so far.

    9. Windir
    One hell of a good viking metal act, and sadly one we'll never hear from again. Everyone who thinks they like the vikings needs to give Valfar and his friends a listen at least once in their lives.

    8. Telek
    I'd honestly never heard anything from Papua New Guinea, which is both embarrassing since the country's just north of Australia, but also rather par for the course…