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  • goldfishclowns

    Lo-fi, high creativity. Good stuff. They deserve more appreciation. [2]

    le mois dernier
  • Nimbie

    Wait, what they have 33 shouts [2]

    juillet 2014
  • Nimbie

    Today, I officially proclaim Tall Dwarfs the most underrated musical collective in the world.

    juillet 2014
  • rzilch

    Lo-fi, high creativity. Good stuff. They deserve more appreciation.

    décembre 2013
  • natdeath

    I can definitely relate with the lyrics. Absolutely brilliant.

    novembre 2013
  • johannez1

    Perfect little pop songs!

    juillet 2013
  • henri-Q

    I love the Tall Dwarfs

    avril 2013
  • ahmhappehplz

    what the fuck is wrong with the tags

    novembre 2012
  • brockginther


    novembre 2012
  • fio_stripes

    Love you.

    septembre 2012
  • Enokii

    Wait, what they have 23 shouts

    mai 2012
  • Enokii

    i wish i could find Fork Songs again

    mai 2012
  • botibol

    @brockginther : thanks, I've never listened Alec, and it's really worth it.

    juillet 2011
  • brockginther

    Alec Bathgate's solo stuff is wonderful, for the record. Disgustingly under-listened. Gold Lamé is amazing.

    juin 2011
  • _KevMusic_

    The best. The best. The best.

    janvier 2011
  • quetzallimusic

    like the birds that swim in the sea

    septembre 2010
  • Pryde

    Please vote for your favorite artists to get them promoted in The Australian and N.Z. Rock Artists League!!

    avril 2010
  • fromsoultosoul

    Новое открытие. Есть у кого ссылка на последний альбом?

    mars 2010
  • belovedsnail

    There's a tribute album available with some pretty amazing artists involved. All proceeds from the album go to assisting Chris Knox with recovery. Check it out here:

    février 2010
  • painterface

    that song "the slide" is awesome :)

    août 2009
  • -tgt-

    Tall Dwarfs' Chris Knox Recovering From Stroke

    juin 2009
  • -tgt-

    TD's rock! and jinsie, get some taste.

    juin 2009
  • LukeDotOrg

    no, not really... actually, not at all.

    mai 2009
  • Jinsie

    like beat happening. except they don't suck

    mars 2009
  • ryeriver

    Just the best.

    février 2009
  • the_flava

    random poo

    septembre 2008
  • panoptican


    juillet 2008
  • isakatana


    février 2008
  • JungleSlug

    I miss my days of living in Grey Lynn and frequent Tall Dwarfs/Chris Knox amusements! When are TD coming back to New York??

    décembre 2007
  • PoisonFrog

    In an alternate much wiser universe, The Tall Dwarfs are worshiped thoughout as one of the greatest most inspired and downright fun bands in the world. So many truely wonderful songs. They can make you laugh cry and think all within three minutes.

    novembre 2007
  • nanners1414


    avril 2007
  • nicolage

    awesome dwarfs!!

    mai 2006