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  • Virtual45

    his best album it blows beautiful struggle away.

    novembre 2014
  • dgk3188

    Talib's best album IMO...(solo that is) Reflection Eternal and Blackstar are both better

    juin 2011
  • bkelleher

    How are the tags still this fucked up?

    janvier 2011
  • MCIS

    great album even though i can't stand "rush", but i only start at "get by" instead ;)

    janvier 2011
  • mindskillz

    I love Talib Kweli, he is one of the best progressive hip hop artists of all time imo. Here is a good article about this album and the track listing

    juin 2010
  • Toriyamafan

    i dont like it, beatiful struggle is better...

    octobre 2009
  • forward2zion

    i agree!!

    août 2009
  • golfmade

    His best album IMHO.

    juillet 2009
  • AfroJones42

    Like the title says, great album.

    juillet 2009
  • _stubbs_

    what the hell is up with this track list?

    juin 2009
  • sesrho

    tight album!

    mars 2009
  • Lil_Westy

    the best his album!...

    janvier 2009
  • kazotaja

    who the ef wrote that tracklist? i'm not ruining my track names.

    janvier 2009
  • Dance08

    Feel the russssh !!!

    janvier 2009
  • tko_clembo

    amazing album, get by is a banger

    septembre 2008
  • Pistol999

    yeah, Kweli's best album.

    juillet 2008
  • pamento

    I'm pretty sure that "gr8 ish" is a compliment.

    juin 2008
  • rumbite

    "gr8 ish"??? you kidding me? this has gotta be one of the best albums from one of the best artists out there ... get off your high horse and listen to some real music

    juin 2008
  • U_Never_Know

    Agreed on this being his best.

    août 2007
  • Cobra717

    Talib's best album by far.

    avril 2007
  • apathetick

    gr8 ish

    janvier 2007