• Project updates for June 2009

    3 juin 2009, 2h53m par The_Forgotton

    After finishing two albums and an EP in a month, I've decided to take a break from Caustic Reverie and explore some other songwriting outlets. I've had some talks of collaborating with Seamus from Swimmingpool The Band, so I'd like to do something later this month or possibly in July. In the meantime, I've been working on getting the older albums released on CD, and everything from Absent through Fissure is now available at my Kunaki store for $6.00 each.

    I've started a new noise-based project called Shufflebrain. The album in progress is entitled Experiments in a Holographic Universe and I'll be uploading each of the experiments as they are completed. Some tracks are harsh noise based, others are drifting, noisy soundscapes.

    For those in the mood for music with a more traditional rock instrumentation, Rotten Hot Fog is the name of yet another project. The first track was written for a contest to pen a song about a random wikipedia article. …