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From their debut 12" 'Subway Tracks Volume One' (released in 2001 on Butter) via their 2005 album Empty Head (especially the majestic opening track, 'Testing') up to their terrific single of last year, 'Simplex', Subway have always impressed with the consistent quality of their releases. They were drawing upon kosmische and krautrock influences long before it became fashionable to do so, fusing them with IDM, disco and Detroit techno sensibilities to create a very graceful, tremulous kind of "post-dance" music. Subway II nods to old masters Cluster, Kraftwerk, Harmonia, Juan Atkins, Baldelli, Moroder et al, but there's a maturity and overriding sense of restraint that immediately sets Subway (the duo of Michael Kirkman and Alan James) apart from the neo-cosmic pretenders. It was recorded at home in East London using an array of old analogue equipment, something which comes across in the tactile, timeless quality of the recordings. Its a meditative if not melancholy record, one which isn't really dancefloor-aimed but nonetheless has insistent rhythm at its heart. It is, in short, fantastic. There's a reason why Subway count Hot Chip, Carl Craig, DFA and Hot Chip among their fans; whether you're an old fan or completely new to their sound, make sure you wrap your lugs around Subway II