• How many slow songs in a live set is too many?

    29 jui. 2008, 3h07m par cjmarsicano

    Sun 27 Jul – 3 Doors Down, Staind, Hinder

    My butt has been dragging all day, and I blame the day before.

    Yesterday my fiancee Tara and I went to see 3 Doors Down, Staind, and Hinder at Hersheypark Stadium. 3DD are Tara's favorite band and given that we'd met so many different people in the past couple of years, Tara was determined to meet them, or at least their lead singer Brad Arnold. She joined their fan club awhile back and got some tips from another member from the area who'd already met some of them a few times. We met up with Tara's friend from the fan club board, Terri and hung out with them across the street from the gate where various vehicles had been going in and out. One of the girls there said she'd already seen one of the 3DD guitar players go for a ride on his motorcycle. To make a long story short, after about an hour and 45 minutes, we noticed Brad Arnold heading back to the stadium with his girlfriend so Terri called him over and asked if he could stop for a picture. …