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  • Matt_Sick

    one of the best SOILWORK tracks

    septembre 2014
  • SansCosm8

    This chorus gets stuck in my head all the time.

    novembre 2011
  • nospr

    If only their newer albums were as good as Stabbing the Drama!

    juin 2011
  • Metality

    I fucking love this song. It's pretty intense, and that chorus is catchy and wonderful.

    mars 2011
  • nazcapilot

    Stabbing the Drama is my favourite Soilwork album to date. It's just an incredible release. I'm glad I got the American version with Wherever Thorns May Grow. It's just incredible. I LOVE it!

    février 2011
  • superfreakygeek

    It's nice. But Steelbath Suicide it is not. Sigh. Why did they sell out? They were my HEROES.

    février 2011
  • Tiagosector

    Insane song. [4]

    janvier 2011
  • kirigoe

    the late guitar grooves are awesome

    août 2010
  • X-Romantic

    Yeeeh! Insane

    juillet 2010
  • AndreDias164

    Insane song. [3]

    juillet 2010
  • nospr

    best song from album

    juin 2010
  • Metality

    They crave for a soulaching deessiii-iiire!

    novembre 2009
  • Vermilion7145

    my fav. from Soilwork

    mai 2009
  • locust01

    my mates always goin on about this band!! now i finally listen to them, they ain't that bad r they!!!

    avril 2009
  • Flamby68

    So powerful !

    mars 2009
  • Zladke2i

    Insane song. [2]

    mars 2009
  • elena1323


    mars 2009
  • DieSonate

    О,еще одну группу открыла!здорово!!

    mars 2009
  • geek_princess


    mars 2009
  • bassscreamer

    xcelent work on the drums

    mars 2009
  • worthlesslife4m

    it flaws away ..slowly..to crash back again and again and again

    mars 2009
  • nospr

    Insane song.

    février 2009
  • Sharp-Ton


    février 2009
  • Daithipj

    Soilwork has such talent in abundance that a mediocre song like this still sounds great.

    avril 2008
  • wmeyers


    mars 2008
  • tezzzy

    Soilwork \m/ Amazing song, but not their best :)

    mars 2008
  • squidgehog


    janvier 2008
  • Joey1Joey

    yeah.....really good song да....реально хорошая песня

    janvier 2008
  • flash_flo


    décembre 2007
  • versionfiv

    melodic metal

    décembre 2007
  • divineguest

    i would hardly class this melodic DEATH metal

    novembre 2007
  • xnoidorx

    Нереально великолепная песня. Одна из лучших у Soilwork. Интересно почему не сняли клип на эту песню, ведь это одна из самых хитовых песен с альбома 2005-ого года!?! Прекрасно сыгранна, высокая техника исполнения, высокий мелод

    janvier 2007
  • kalian

    almost best the only one that's better - the crestfallen

    novembre 2006
  • prowerkawaii

    best song off StD

    juin 2006