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  • halo_dm2

    Lost in Music (1984 Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers remix) LOOKING

    janvier 2015
  • iTylor

    What's up with the scrobble charts?

    juillet 2014
  • Haalf

    muito amor por We Are Family

    juin 2014
  • Lucastrike


    février 2014
  • pitrafilla

    lost in music...:)

    janvier 2014
  • Amrabart

    Pretty Baby is, and always will be, my jam

    janvier 2014
  • UnfortunatelyGr

    I really like all of their albums, from the earliest Jackson 5-esque ones to the mid-'80s (granted, I think they might have done a few more since then). The All American Girls album has rank alongside the first few Change albums as one of the best Chic imitations ever.

    août 2013
  • rick-roll

    better than spicegirls

    juillet 2013
  • ShirleyMorgan

    I bought the longest version of We Are Family on iTunes and used it in a non-commercial video of a family party celebrating a college graduation and birthday. Facebook blocked the video and said I had no proof that I had permission to use the music. I thought you could use music you purchase personally as long as it is not used in a commercial manner.

    mai 2013
  • ilyAK84

    ❤ •♪♫•*¨*• .♬ Thinking Of You ❤ •♪♫•*¨*• .♬

    mai 2013
  • wangyu199x

    got to love somebody!

    avril 2013
  • LarkCGN

    I am a big fan, but they are so past their prime. Seen them in Germany and their backing band was bloody awful and their costumes... gosh, if only Nile Rodgers played with them.

    mars 2013
  • UnfortunatelyGr

    One of my favourite girl groups...

    janvier 2013
  • stuartdgray

    Nile Rodgers talks about writing his first book 'Le Freak', making music with Daft Punk and his musical upbringing.

    juin 2012
  • brooklyn1nyc


    juin 2012
  • Azzyk

    Thinking Of You - I love this song. Whole "We Are Family" album is fucking epic.

    mai 2012
  • RussellChap

    'We Are Family' is an excellent album easily the equal of any by Chic (with the exception of Risqué), which really isn't that much of a surprise :-D

    mai 2012
  • ShiningStar911

    Lost In Music <33333333333333333333

    mai 2012
  • TStryder

    He's the Greatest Dancer ♪

    mai 2012
  • post13scriptum Tribute To "Sister Slege"

    novembre 2011
  • toco-tucan

    Can't stop to listen...

    octobre 2011
  • tondeman

    yes, epic stuff on Oprah

    septembre 2011
  • Daydream74

    Halston, Gucci, Fiorucci

    juillet 2011
  • Muzzy_Olorea

    Did anyone else see them on Oprah last week? Awesome <3.

    avril 2011
  • AnnikaFIN

    Sisteeeers!!! Let's have some fun!

    février 2011
  • DelaRed23

    Lost In Music!

    février 2011
  • poppa7


    janvier 2011
  • dtrince

    the "Greatest" of girl groups around...

    octobre 2010
  • GuilhermeVogue

    we are family ♥

    septembre 2010
  • AnnikaFIN

    Pretty baby))

    août 2010
  • X__Truthiness

    He's the greatest dancer Oh-what-wow That I've ever seen ... Love That Song [2]

    mai 2010
  • jonasminduim

    "lost in music" is THE disco anthem. so underrated.

    avril 2010
  • LiamGallagher

    i still love sister sledge

    mars 2010
  • LiamGallagher

    i love sister sledge

    février 2010
  • No3made

    "thinking of you" is so sexy!!

    janvier 2010
  • toco-tucan

    God Bless Nile & Bernie [2]

    octobre 2009
  • panterman

    god bless Nile and Bernie

    octobre 2009
  • factorylashes

    Just bought this brilliant album '12" Dance- The Definitive Collection' and I don't buy albums anymore!;1;-1;-1;202&sku=249769 Thought you guys might appreciate it ('He's The Greatest Dancer' is on CD 1 together with other greats like Chic, Cheryl Lyn, The Trammps, etc, etc) and rattles through many of the greatest 12" Dance singles of our time. Ah the memories!

    octobre 2009
  • AnupJPatel

    "WE ARE FAMIILYYY!" i love this song, it reminds me of the days when me and my family used to drive up north and have big picnics..

    septembre 2009
  • MusiQ3985

    "Love Don't You Go Through No Changes On Me" and "Mama Never Told Me" are superb. It's great to see them so high in the stats despite them not being streamable [2]

    septembre 2009
  • Tr1xx

    "Love Don't You Go Through No Changes On Me" and "Mama Never Told Me" are superb. It's great to see them so high in the stats despite them not being streamable

    août 2009
  • cesarc1989

    He's the greatest dancer Oh-what-wow That I've ever seen ... Love That Song

    mai 2009
  • orionvideo

    great SISTER!

    avril 2009
  • lllTannerlll

    shiny baby

    avril 2009
  • petuniababi

    the original was one of my fave disco tracks

    mars 2009
  • mamochka76

    I love this group!

    mars 2009
  • KittySpears

    Hêllðððððððð Èvêr¥ðñê.......... ÄÐÐ Mê þlêå§ê

    février 2009
  • EmmaKSpence

    Yes thats right It. Is. All. About. The. HAIR! - Very Cool!

    février 2009
  • Nebijoki

    We are family Get up ev'rybody and sing ;]]

    février 2009
  • FairyGirlie

    lost in music sister sledge

    décembre 2008