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  • electrobaboon

    Like an evil lullabye

    juin 2014
  • vargqld

    Harry Potter soundtrack meets Pink Floyd?

    avril 2014
  • weirdosoheil

    makes me cry <3 <3 <3 <3

    août 2013
  • Arthur_Dent_42

    *emotionally destroyed and newborn*

    avril 2012
  • kikikirsche


    février 2012
  • filippeeters

    I get a Harry Potter vibe from the xylophone melodies, but I get a post-metal vibe too. Strange that it all fits...

    février 2012
  • deepest_sleep

    fuck yeah

    novembre 2011
  • BelbBlue

    Mainstream ❤ Arte Puro ❤

    septembre 2011
  • frasse9

    hmm lite segt va gääsp.........

    septembre 2011
  • needmymusictoda


    avril 2011
  • berry_dreams

    beautiful. can't stop listening to this track

    février 2011
  • Mac_Tonight

    I bought Hvarf/Heim two days ago. When I played this for the first time, I almost shat myself. Nothing has changed.

    février 2011
  • ThiDesRe

    Sigur Ros does Doom Metal. (2)

    décembre 2010
  • donkey_rubarb

    Had this turned up loud the first time I heard it during the first few seconds of the track then when it kicked with the louder rift, I practically pooped myself!

    novembre 2010
  • Saurioo

    I love this song

    novembre 2010
  • FauveTerror


    septembre 2010
  • inphanta

    Sigur Ros does Doom Metal.

    août 2010
  • armed_desire

    haha taylor, the first time i heard it i was like "oh cool, ambient stuff!", and turned it all the way up on my headphones. i think that one snare hit almost knocked me out cold. and it still does, metaphorically.

    juillet 2010
  • Russians

    i can't express how good this song actually is.

    mai 2010
  • taylor2008

    i remember when i first heard this song i thought "man..that's some pretty vibraphone / celeste playing.." then BAM

    avril 2010
  • 47AtlasTakesAim

    holy crap. when that first snare hits... YOWZAH!!!!!!!!!!

    mars 2010
  • nindzowka


    mars 2010
  • Quicksand227

    I ALWAYS crap my pants at 0:55. I know it is coming, but I never realize when it is playing, cause I'm sooo into the song! [2] :D

    janvier 2010
  • starzerostar

    i get a danny elfman/pink floyd vibe... one of my favorite sigur ros songs

    janvier 2010
  • ThoMiller

    I ALWAYS crap my pants at 0:55. I know it is coming, but I never realize when it is playing, cause I'm sooo into the song!

    décembre 2009
  • trikkydikkyy

    Sounds very Christmasy to begin with.

    décembre 2009
  • GothicArchangel

    Words cant describe this beauty

    octobre 2009
  • paper_swan

    if anyone here hasn't watched "heima" yet, i definetely recommend it!!

    octobre 2009
  • master-pony

    Í gær = Yesterday (

    octobre 2009
  • tinotriste


    septembre 2009
  • Vivnsect

    This song completely and utterly slays me.

    septembre 2009
  • magicksounds

    vonlenska or hopelandic is a made-up language (created by Sigur Rós) which the sound of the word is a meaning and a story to each individual

    juillet 2009
  • Audiotronica

    Ok guys... This song doesn't have any lyrics, they're all hopelandic. It's an invented language with no meaning.. Sorry to break it to you.

    mai 2009
  • jesuismymind

    can anybody tell me what the lyrics mean? i've been obsessing over this song for a weak now and i'd really like to know what jonsi's actually saying:))

    mai 2009
  • ashkaa

    i'm speechless... soo beautiful...

    mai 2009
  • knokel

    yay marimba?

    avril 2009
  • alineieie , Í Gær live. I really wanted to know what this song talks about... [2]

    avril 2009
  • Hrima

    such an amazing song.

    mars 2009
  • Clairefo


    mars 2009
  • janine76


    mars 2009
  • claudiopode


    février 2009
  • nefasonas

    oh my god, the guitar sounds so Gilmour-like

    février 2009
  • relequel

    I didn't really like this song at first; I thought it was a bit of filler but how wrong could I be. I saw the Heima trailer (the version with this song obviously) and I couldn't stop watching. Amazing and beautiful song, blows me away every time. I crapped myself at the drum first time I heard it too tbh.

    février 2009
  • Wraxe

    This is just amazing. Keep listening to it and it's still destroying me

    février 2009
  • nindzowka

    this music touches like no other....amazing band=)

    janvier 2009
  • SargeantD

    craig evanson......stfu

    janvier 2009
  • kei_go

    sounds like sleepy.ab

    janvier 2009
  • mrsamsa07

    this track is intense... drums blew me away

    janvier 2009
  • AugustoL

    I really wanted to know what this song talks about...

    décembre 2008
  • jafara

    Great song , Soul Touching .

    décembre 2008